Brooks (surname)

Brooks (surname)

Brooks is a surname that was thought by the early twentieth century to have been derived from the condition of residing near a stream (or brook).cite book | title = Origin and History of the Name of Brooks: With Biographies of All the Most Noted Persons of that Name
origyear = 1905 | date = 2007-06-06 | accessdate = 2008-01-10
url = | format = PDF | language = English
series = The Crescent Family Record
publisher = American Publishers' Association | location = Chicago, Illinois (United States)
quote = The name of Brooks is said to have derived from residence near a stream.
] The Hundred Rolls, a late thirteenth century census of England and part of Wales, contains many uses of "Broke" and variants "Brock" and "Brok" as a surname. The word "brook" derives from the Old English "broc" and appears in the Medieval predecessors of "Brooks" such as "Ate-Broc" and "Atte-Broc".cite web
url= |title= brook |last= Harper|first= Douglas
year= 2001 |month= November |accessdate= 2007-01-10 |work= Online Etymology Dictionary
] cite encyclopedia
encyclopedia =Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language | title = brook
edition = 1989 ed. | year = 1989 | accessdate = 2008-01-10 | id = ISBN 051768781X | pages = 189
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] The surname arrived in North America from England in the mid-seventeenth century. The surname is also moderately common among Ashkenazi Jews in Anglophone countries.

The surname Brooks is shared by many notable people.


* Aaron Brooks (American football) (b. 1976), American football quarterback
* Aaron Brooks (basketball) (b. 1985), American Basketball player
* Ahmad Brooks (b. 1984), American football linebacker
* Albert Brooks (b. 1947), actor, comedian, and director
* Alfred Johnson Brooks (1890–1967), Canadian politician
* Allan Brooks (1869–1946), Canadian bird artist
* Allette Brooks (fl.1996–2001), American folk singer
* Anne Rose Brooks (b. 1963), American actress
* Anthony Brooks (1922–2007), British undercover agent
* Avery Brooks (b. 1948), American film/TV actor


* Barney Brooks, American physician
* Barrett Brooks, American football player
* Beverley Brooks, British actress, later Pamela Harmsworth, Viscountess Rothermere
* Bill Brooks (b. 19??), American former baseball and basketball coach
* Bruce Brooks (b. 1950), American author
* Bryant Butler Brooks, American politician


* Caroline St John-Brooks, British journalist and academic
* Charles Brooks, Jr. (1942–1982), American convicted murderer and the first person executed by lethal injection in the United States
* Charles Timothy Brooks, (1813–1883), American translator (from German), poet and Unitarian minister
* Charles F. Broooks, American meteorologist, founder of Mt. Washington Observatory
* Charles William Shirley Brooks (1816–1874), English journalist and novelist
* Charles W. Brooks, American politician
* Charlie Brooks (b. 1981), Welsh actress
* Chris Brooks, British radio presenter
* Cindy Brooks, American model
* Cleanth Brooks (1906–1994), American literary critic
* Constance "Connie" Brooks (see "Our Miss Brooks"), a fictional English language teacher
* Conrad Brooks (b. 1931), American actor


* Dallas Brooks, Australian general and politician
* Darin Brooks, American actor
* David Brooks, one of several people including
**David Brooks, conservative commentator for "The New York Times" and other publications.
**David Brooks, (1756-1838), US politician
**David Brooks patented insulator for telegraph lines in 1867.
**David Allen Brooks, film and television actor.
**David Brooks, accomplice of serial killer Dean Corll
**David Brooks, Australian poet
* Deanna Brooks, American model
* Derrick Brooks (b. 1973), American professional football player
* Dick Brooks, American racing driver
* Dolores "LaLa" Brooks (b. 1947), former member of the girl group The Crystals
* Donald Brooks, American fashion designer
* Donnie Brooks (b. 1936), American pop music singer


* Edward Brooks (circa 1883 – 19??), British World War I Victoria Cross recipient
* Edward Schroeder Brooks (1867-1957), US Congressman from Pennsylvania
* Elisabeth Brooks, Canadian actress
* Elkie Brooks (b. 1945), British singer


* Foster Brooks, American comedian
* Frank Brooks, American baseball player
* Fred Brooks (b. 1931), American software engineer and computer scientist


* Garth Brooks (b. 1962), American musician
* Geoffrey Michael Brooks, British writer
* Geraldine Brooks, American actress
* Geraldine Brooks, Australian writer
* Glenn Brooks, Canadian politician
* Golden Brooks, American actress
* Greg Brooks, Canadian chef
* Guy Brooks, American fiddle player
* Gwendolyn Brooks, (1917–2000), award-winning African American woman poet


* Hadda Brooks, American pianist
* Harold Brooks-Baker, American journalist
* Harold E. Brooks, American atmospheric scientist
* Harriet Brooks, Canadian physicist
* Harry Brooks, American composer
* Harvey Brooks, American bassist
* Herb Brooks, American ice hockey coach
* Horatio G. Brooks, American rail engineer
* Hubie Brooks, American baseball player


* J. Twing Brooks (1884–1956), U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania
* Jack Brooks, one of several people including
**Jack Brooks, English pro skateboarder
**Jack Brooks (1912–1971), a British-American lyricist
**Jack Brooks (born 1922), U.S. Congressman
* James Brooks, one of several people including
**James Brooks (Bishop) (1512–1560)
**James Brooks (Whig), 19th century American politician from New York
**James Brooks (painter) (1906–1992)
**James Brooks (American football player) (born 1958)
**James L. Brooks (born 1940), Hollywood producer, writer and film director
* Jamie Brooks, British musician
* Jason Brooks, American actor
* Jean Brooks, American actress
* John Brooks (1752–1825), a governor of Massachusetts
* John Brooks Jr. (1783–1813), United States Marine Corps officer
* Juanita Brooks, American writer


* Kimberly Brooks, American actress
* Kix Brooks, American musician from Brooks & Dunn


* Larry Brooks, American football player
* Lela Brooks, Canadian skater
* Lonnie Brooks, American blues musician
* Louise Brooks, American actress


* Maria Gowen Brooks, American poet
* Mark Brooks, one of several people including
**Mark Brooks, golfer
* Maurice Brooks, American naturalist
* Max Brooks, American humorist
* Mehcad Brooks, American actor
* Mel Brooks (b. 1926), American actor, writer director, and theatrical producer
* Meredith Brooks (b. 1958), American musician


* Nan Brooks, American illustrator
* Nathan C. Brooks, American educator
* Ned Brooks, American broadcaster
* Neil Brooks, Australian swimmer
* Nicholas Brooks, American singer
* Noah Brooks, American journalist


* Oliver Brooks, British soldier
* Overton Brooks, American politician


* Pattie Brooks, American singer
* Phil Brooks, American wrestler
* Philip John Brooks, British folk musician
* Phillips Brooks, American Episcopalian bishop and writer
* Preston Brooks, American politician


* Ralph G. Brooks, American politician
* Ramy Brooks, American dog racer
* Randy Brooks, see Randy Brooks (disambiguation)
* Ray Brooks (actor), English actor
* Rich Brooks, American football coach
* Richard Brooks (1912–1992), American film writer, director and producer
* Richard Brooks (b. 1962), American actor
* Robert Brooks (born 1970), former NFL football player
* Robert Edward Brooks (born 1966), British wrestler known as Robbie Brookside
* Rodney Brooks (b. 1954), director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
* Romaine Brooks, American painter

* Samuel Brooks, Manchester (UK) businessman
* Scott Brooks, American basketball player
* Shane Brooks, Australian computer scientist
* Shelton Brooks, American popular music composer
* Siobhan Brooks, American sociologist and activist
* Stacy Brooks, public critic of the Church of Scientology
* Stephen Brooks, American academic
* Steve Brooks (singer), American folk musician
* Steve Brooks (jockey), American Hall of Fame jockey


* Terry Brooks (b. 1944), American author
* Theodore Marley "Ham" Brooks, fictional character from "Doc Savage"
* Tina Brooks, American jazz saxophonist
* Tom Brooks, Australian cricketer
* Tony Brooks, British racing driver
* Travis Brooks, Australian field hockey player


* Van Wyck Brooks, American writer
* Vincent Brooks, US Army brigadier


* Walter R. Brooks, American children's writer
* Wiley Brooks, breatharian
* William Brooks of Blackburn, British cotton supplier
* Sir William Cunliffe Brooks, 1st Baronet, British lawyer and politician
* William Edwin Brooks, English ornithologist who lived in India and Canada
* William Keith Brooks, American zoologist
* William L. Brooks, American outlaw
* William Robert Brooks, American astronomer
* William T. H. Brooks, American Civil War major general

ee also

*Baron Crawshaw, family name Brooks


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