Machine Robo Rescue

Machine Robo Rescue
Machine Robo Rescue
(Shutsugeki! Mashin Robo Resukyū)
Genre Adventure, Mecha
TV anime
Directed by Hideki Sonoda
Studio Sunrise
Network TV Tokyo
Original run January 8, 2003January 3, 2004
Episodes 53
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Machine Robo Rescue (出撃!マシンロボレスキュー Shutsugeki! Mashin Robo Resukyū?) was a Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise and the most recent Machine Robo series to date. A total of 51 episodes and a two-episode special were aired on TV Tokyo from January 8, 2003 to January 3, 2004. The series was inspired by the Machine Robo toyline from Bandai.



In the future, age is not a factor in determining whether an individual can perform a certain task, only special talent and training. The Machine Robo Rescue (MRR) organization has been established so that robots and children can become partners and rescue people from danger. Twelve children with various abilities have been selected and introduced as part of the Robo Rescue program. Life as one of the children chosen as part of the MRR has just started for Taiyou Oozora. Difficult training lies ahead for the MRR team in order for them to protect many people's lives.


The twelve children are divided into three teams according to their particular field of rescue. These Machine Robos together with their Robo Masters (RM) can unite with various Support Robos but only with the permission of their RMs which can be transmitted through their K-Boy cellphone communicators.

Red Wings

The Red Wings were the first of MRR's rescue teams. They were designated as experts on fire and aerial rescues. The team's color is red and their symbol an open hand. Their emblem shows wings on either side of a diamond shape. This team is headed by Instructor Miyajima.


Taiyō Ōzora (大空 太陽 Ōzora Taiyō?)

Voiced by: Sayaka Aida

Robo Master of Jet Robo and Shuttle Robo, Taiyo is an aerial rescue specialist. A "survival natural", granted the ability to survive and sense danger, Taiyou is an orphan following a plane crash that killed his parents four years before he joined MRR and which he survived. He was the only survivor rescued by the Rescue Red robot. He is the leader of the Red Wings team along with Ace, usually reckless and likes to tackle problems head-on. Sometimes, he relies too much on his ability which costs him the rescue. Later in the series, he was assigned to a place called Sabah for International Hyper Rescue located in Africa. He has a pet dog called Bone.

Arias "Ace" Honō (エリアス 炎 Ariasu Honō?)

Voiced by: Naomi Shindō

Robo Master of Fire Robo and a fire fighting and prevention specialist, his father is a fireman and expert on situations involving fire disasters. Ace is the type of person who is knowledgeable, acts like he wants to do everything by himself and lets his teammates rely on him. At the start of the series, he is usually seen competing with Makoto, Daichi, and most of all Taiyou. He also volunteered to be one of the instructors of the next MRR generation.

Kai Kitazawa (北沢 海 Kitazawa Kai?)

Voiced by: Chihiro Kusaka

Co-pilot of the Red Wings' Wing-Liner transport he acts as backup for Red Wings together with Rin and the pair help their team mates during rescues. He is somewhat smart guy who knows a lot and is usually calm among the Red Wings. Later in the series, he and Jay were both assigned to space for International Hyper Rescue, where they live in a satellite.

Rin Haruka (遥 鈴 Haruka Rin?)

Voiced by: Kumiko Higa

Main pilot of Wing-Liner; proxy Red Wings Robo-Master; mountain rescue specialist. Her parents are Chinese. She is the only person who isn't acrophobic among the members when it comes to practice. She provides backup for the Red Wings together with Kai. After the experimental Gura Gorros were used in a particular rescue mission,(later renamed the Gura Gorro Rescue Squad), she became the robo master of the three Gura Gorros. She was assigned to Paris for International Hyper Rescue. She has a crush on Taiyoh, which she does not want Taiyou to know of.

Blue Sirens

The Blue Sirens were the second rescue team of MRR. This team handles police situations, road accidents and situations involving the capture of criminals. The team's color is blue and the team's symbol is a peace sign made with the hand. The team emblem has police lights at the top, an olive branch on either side, and a black tire in the middle. The Blue Sirens are headed by Instructor Sasaki.


Makoto Aikawa (愛川 誠 Aikawa Makoto?)

Voiced by: Chihiro Kusaka

Robo Master of Police Robo, Makoto is a combat natural from a family of police officers. He's very strict with his teammates sometimes and is usually called the "cold guy" because oif his upright manner and his following of the rules to the letter. Later on in the series, he leaves Machine Robo Rescue to gain more experience in rescue and being a policeman. He also took the Police Robo and the Bike Robos with him.

Susumu Utada (歌田 進 Utada Susumu?)

Voiced by: Masato Amada

Robo Master of Gyro Robo along with his twin brother Tsuyoshi, mechanic and engineering specialist. Being Tsuyoshi's twin, Susumu knows exactly what his brother is thinking and doing at all times. Susumu is the machinery expert among the twins. Later, both he and his brother are assigned to New York for International Hyper Rescue.

Tsuyoshi Utada (歌田 強 Utada Tsuyoshi?)

Voiced by: Masato Amada

Robo Master of Gyro Robo along with twin brother Susumu, mechanic and engineering specialist. Being Susumu's twin, Tsuyoshi knows exactly what his brother is thinking and doing at all times. Later, both he and his brother are assigned to New York for International Hyper Rescue.

Alice Beckham (アリス・ベッカム Arisu Bekkamu?)

Voiced by: Yukana

Main pilot of the Blue Sirens' Siren-Galley transport. She is a former child actress and now the MRR public relations liaison. The main backup for the Blue Sirens, she has a crush on Makoto, proven when she got jealous when Makoto went on a date with Aki. She also volunteered to be one of the instructors of the next MRR generation.

Yellow Gears

The last rescue team of MRR. Their specialty is extreme rescue situations involving earthquakes, debris, building collapses and underwater rescues. The team's color is yellow and the team's symbol is a closed hand. The team emblem has two gears on either side of an embedded plate. They are headed by Instructor Marie.


Daichi Hayami (速水 大地 Haiyami Daichi?)

Voiced by: Risa Hayamizu

Robo Master of Drill Robo, Daichi has high spatial awareness, which allows him to accurately estimate distance and dimension by just looking at a distance or object. He is usually shy and his stomach hurts before a rescue. He left Machine Robo Rescue later in the series to help Professor Suidoubashi in developing the new Machine Robos. He also owns the company where the new parts for Machine Robos are built hence Professor Suidoubashi addressing him as "Company President".

Shō Ashikawa (芦川ショウ Ashikawa Shō?)

Voiced by: Kumiko Higa

Robo Master of Submarine Robo, Sho is a sea and underwater rescue specialist and the best swimmer among the members. They are the happy group of MRR, with Sho and Ken, making people laugh and smile so as to forget their problems and believe in the quote "Laughter can Save the World." He also volunteered to be one of the instructors of the next MRR generation.

Sayuri Suizenji (水前寺 小百合 Suizenji Sayuri?)

Voiced by: Akiko Kimura

Main pilot of the Yellow Gears' Gear-Dump transport and medical specialist. She is a "therapy natural", which gives her the ability to instill calm to anyone she talks to although this ability is not mentioned until episode 44. She is the main backup of the Yellow Gears along with Ken. She later leaves MMR to develop laws to make International Hyper Rescue more responsive.

Ken Minami (美波ケン Minami Ken?)

Voiced by: Megumi Matsumoto

Co-pilot of the Gear Dump and proxy Yellow Gears Robo-Master. He is one of the backups for the Yellow Gears together with Sayuri. He sometimes acts in a feminine manner. He later becomes the official doctor for the next MRR generation.

MRR Stealth

This team was formed by Jay and V Stealth Robo and specializes in air, land and space combat. The team's color is violet and the team's symbol is V. The team emblem is the same with the emblem of V Stealth Robo, featuring a simple drawing of the vehicle mode of V Stealth Robo with lightning striking it.


Jay (ジェイ Jei?)

Voiced by: Hisafumi Oda

Real name Junior. Robo Master of V Stealth Robo and formerly an agent of Disaster for Kaiser-G until reformed and accepted into the MRR. He is a combat specialist and also a "survivor natural" like Taiyou. His past is unknown but it is believed he was involved in space exploration when he was a baby. He was the only survivor from an accident that happened in space where he was sent out in an escape pod and found by an exploration team. He was sent to an orphanage then captured by the Disasters. He was brainwashed and trained to be a warrior. Later on in the series, he and Kai were both assigned to space for International Hyper Rescue.

MRR Staff and other characters

Musashi Miyajima (宮島 武蔵 Miyajima Musashi?)

Voiced by: Hiromi Sugino

One of the Instructors of Machine Robo Rescue, he has a hard headed attitude but sometimes a good heart. He is in charge of the Red Wings.

Kohshirō Sasaki (佐々木 古志郎 Sasaki Kohshirō?)

Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu

The second Instructor of Machine Robo rescue. He is a calm, cool guy but can become upset when trainees get into trouble. He is in charge of the Blue Sirens.

Marie Bitō (尾藤 マリー Bitō Marie?)

Voiced by: Yukana

The third and only female instructor of Machine Robo Rescue, she is the daughter of founder Brad Bitō and always calls her father "Chief" sometimes. She is in charge of the Yellow Gears.

Brad Bitō (尾藤 ブラッド Bitō Brad?)

Voiced by: Kazuhiro Nakata

The founder of MRR, he is one of the developers of the Machine Robos along with Tôru Suidôbashi. He was also involved in the creation of Kaiser-G and the subsequent disaster it caused.

Tōru Suidōbashi (水道橋 徹 Suidōbashi Tōru?)

Voiced by: Hidenao Horie

The main developer of the Machine Robos. He and Brad worked together and founded MRR after the Stealth Robo activation incident.

Bone (ボン Bone?)

Voiced by: Naoki Yanagi

Taiyou's pet dog and a pure bred Saint Bernard. He is also a survivor of the same plane crash that killed Taiyou's parents.


The Antagonist Group in the series. They were led by Kaiser-G and interfered with the activities of MRR.

Col. Hazard

Voiced by: Kenji Nojima

Kaiser-G's right hand man, he is a psychopath who wants to create more disaster and bring chaos to humans. He was defeated by the MRR before Kaiser-G was fully activated. His appearance reassembles one of the villains of Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God


Voiced by: Kazuhiro Nakata

The Leader of the Disasters and the one who adopted Jay as a baby. He is a powerful supercomputer created by Brad Bitou that went berserk several years later. His goal is to create the worst disaster on the planet through an asteroid crashing into the Earth. He was ultimately defeated by Taiyoh, Jay, Machine Commander Robo V and Shuttle Robo.


Machine Robo

The Machine Robos were special AI-Operated units of the MRR created by Brad Bitou and Tôru Suidôbashi for rescue purposes. Each of the Machine Robos has a special job in handling different rescue situations. Each Machine Robo can use the Zone Tenkai (lit. Zone Expand) command to entrap the Disaster unit so the rest of the MRR can proceed with their rescue duties. In order to change to hyper mode, the Robo Master gives the voice command "(name of Leader Robo (Jet, Police, Drill, etc.)) Robo! Hyper Mode! Gattai Hajime!" This translates to "(name of Leader Robo (Jet, Police, Drill, etc.)) Robo! Hyper Mode! Begin Fusion!" While working for the Disasters, Jay uses the command "Stealth Robo! Hyper Mode! Gattai Kaishin!" to have Stealth Robo change to hyper mode. This translates to "Stealth Robo! Hyper Mode! Commence Fusion!" In hyper mode, a machine robo's most powerful attack is the Finger Flash.

MR-01L Jet Robo/MR-S01L Shuttle Robo

Robo Master: Taiyoh Ohzora

Taiyoh's Machine Robo Partner, he is one of the special Machine Robos built for aerial rescues and sometimes helps put out fires along with the Sky Robos. In Vehicle Mode, he resembles a jet while he resembles blue Jet when in Robo Mode. When he was defeated by Stealth Robo out in space and crash landed on earth, he was remodeled for space rescues to beat Stealth Robo and to perform space rescues, he became Shuttle Robo and the Sky Robos became Space Robos. After Shuttle Robo's first mission in episodes 24-26, both Jet Robo and Shuttle Robo were used interchangeably depending on the situation at hand. At Taiyo's command, Jet Robo can combine with the Sky Robos to form Hyper Jet Robo or Shuttle Robo can combine with the Space Robos to become Hyper Shuttle Robo. His special attacks are Jet Puncher as Jet Robo and Shuttle Puncher and Beam Anchor as Shuttle Robo.

Jet Robo's Design is possibly based on Blue Jet from Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.

MR-04L Fire Robo

Robo Master: Arias "Ace" Honoh

Ace's Machine Robo Partner, he specializes on putting out fires. In vehicle mode, he resembles a fire truck. In robo mode, he carries two water guns that put out certain fires. In hyper mode, both water guns are mounted on his shoulders. He has the ability to put out fires with water and foam and is the only robo leader with females as his supporter robos. Ace gives the command to Fire Robo and the Aider Robos to combine to become Hyper Fire Robo. His special attack is Hydro Splasher.

MR-05L Police Robo

Robo Master: Makoto Aikawa

Makoto's Machine Robo Partner, he is an expert on the road and in capturing criminals. He has a strong sense of justice and knows what is wrong and what is right. In vehicle mode, he resembles a police car. In hyper mode, his chest area looks like Supercar Robo. When Makoto gives the command, Police Robo and the Bike Robos combine to form Hyper Police Robo. His special attack is Back Fire.

MR-02L Gyro Robo

Robo Master: Susumu and Tsuyoshi Utada

Susumu and Tsuyoshi's Machine Robo Partner, he also has a strong sense of Justice like Police but a bit too much. He was sent to MRR after the New York incident. He is sometimes cocky and the only robo with two robo masters. In vehicle mode, he resembles a Gyro Jet. In robo mode, the gyro wings became arms which he also uses for flying. When either or both Susumu and Tsuyoshi gave the command, Gyro Robo and the helicopter robos combine to form Hyper Gyro Robo. His special attack is Gyro Shooter.

MR-03L Drill Robo

Robo Master: Daichi Hayami

Daichi's Machine Robo Partner, he is the oddball of the group. Sometimes acting like a Kabuki performer, he is specially designed to drill through the earth and perform extreme rescue operations. In one episode, it is revealed that he wasn't built for underwater conditions. He is, in fact, the strongest among the robos leader. In vehicle mode, he resembles a Drill Tank. In robo mode, he somehow has a strange resemblance to Rod Drill. Daichi gives him the command and the Dozer Robos to form Hyper Drill Robo. His special attack is Drill Attack.

Just like Jet Robo, his design may also be based on Rod Drill from Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.

MR-06L Submarine Robo

Robo Master: Shoh Ashikawa

Sho's Machine Robo Partner, he is a Machine Robo who specializes in Underwater Rescues. He has a cool, laid-back personality and can understand the animals of the ocean, which he really loves. In vehicle mode, he resembles a submarine/powerboat hybrid. In robo and hyper modes, he is like Police Robo except for the different features and design. When Sho gives the command, Submarine Robo and the Aqua Robos combine together to form Hyper Submarine Robo. His special attack is Bubble Smash.

MR-00L Stealth Robo/MR-V00L V-Stealth Robo

Robo Master: Jay

He was the original Machine Robo who all subsequent Machine Robos are based on. Once when activated, he almost destroyed the facility so he was deactivated until the Disasters got hold of him and Jay chose him to be his Robo Master. Originally, Stealth Robo was colored purple in vehicle, robo and hyper modes and can unleash powerful beam blasts and missiles when he is Hyper Stealth Robo. But after Jay left the Disasters, the MRR remodeled him to become V-Stealth Robo, now colored white with purple accents. He may have the same ability as Stealth Robo but the four Tank Robos that combine with it were replaced with a special booster wing pack that combines with V-Stealth Robo to form Hyper V-Stealth Robo. This is because the four tank robos were destroyed by BL Hyper Drill Robo while he was holding the almost collapsing tower. Hyper Stealth Robo's special attack is Burst Tempest.


TMR-01WL Wing Liner

Pilots: Rin Haruka, Kai Kitazawa

The transport unit of the Red Wings, it carries Fire Robo and the Aider Robos to their chosen destinations. It resembles a giant monorail train in vehicle mode and is launched from the launchpad in front of the base. However, when Rin and Kai manually activate its robo mode, it becomes Wing Liner Robo. This manual activation is rather tiring. It is the tallest of the transporters when in robo mode.

TMR-02SG Siren Galley

Pilots: Alice Beckham

Blue Siren's Transport unit. It resembles an armored van in vehicle mode and is launched from the launchpad in front of the base. However, when Alice and either Susumu or Tsuyoshi manually activates its robo mode, the galley becomes Siren Galley Robo. This manual activation is rather tiring.

TMR-03GD Gear Dump

Pilots: Sayuri Suizenji, Ken Minami

Yellow Gear's Transport unit. It is the shortest of all the transporters of the MRR. It is launched from the launchpad in front of the base and resembles a dump truck in vehicle mode. When Sayuri and Ken manually activate its robo mode however, it becomes Gear Dump Robo. This manual activation is rather tiring.

TMR-04MC Machine Commander

The last transporter of the MRR, it is composed of three units: the TMR-04MC1 Red Commander, TMR-04MC2 Blue Commander and TMR-04MC3 Yellow Commander. A leader robo from each team goes inside their team's respective commander and all three commanders combine into Machine Commander, which is launched from the slinger catapult at the back of the base. If necessary, the launch of Machine Commander, including operation of the slinger catapult, can be done manually, as shown in episode 32. This is very tiring for those operating the catapult. If needed, Machine Commander can change into Machine Commander Robo while it has a leader robo loaded in each commander. The command for this is "Machine Commander! Leader Gattai Hajime!" (lit. "Machine Commander! Leader Combine begin!"). Machine Commander Robo can release the leaders it contains, although it is unknown how many can be released at one time. Machine Commander Robo can combine with V-Stealth Robo to become Machine Commander Robo V. His special attacks are Mighty Flash as Machine Commander Robo and Sprinkler Shield and Dual Tornado as Machine Commander Robo V.


Gura Gorros

These are units created by Kaiser-G to interfere Machine Robo Rescue's duties. After Kaiser-G is defeated, 3 of them were trained and assigned to Rin Haruka as the Gura Gorro Rescue Squad for International Hyper Rescue

BL Fire Robo/Hyper BL Fire Robo

The first of the BL Machine Robos created by the disasters. He is the black/violet version of Fire Robo who uses fire instead of water. The most popular among the BL Robos for he is usually seen fighting in the series, he was destroyed by Machine Commander Robo V. His special attack is Burning Storm.

BL Police Robo/Hyper BL Police Robo

Second of the BL Machine Robos and a black version of Police Robo. He was the last to be destroyed and by Machine Commander Robo. His special attack is Exhaust Bomber.

BL Drill Robo/Hyper BL Drill Robo

The last of the BL Machine Robos who is the brown/olive version version of Drill Robo. He was defeated by Stealth Robo using Jet Robo's parts. His special attack is Power Crusher.

All three of the BL Machine Robos were in commanded by Col. Hazard with his black K-Boy. To have a BL Machine Robo change into Hyper Mode, Hazard uses the command "BL Hyper Mode! Gattai Kaishin!" (lit. "BL Hyper Mode! Commence fusion!")

Guest Units

Air Leon

Appeared in the two-part special episode, it was a special Mugenbine Machine Robo enlisted in the MRR.

Theme songs

  • Go! Go! Rescue (GO!GO!レスキュー) BY JAM Project (OP)
  • March of Rescue Hero (マーチ オブ レスキューヒーロー) BY JAM Project (ED)

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