Diana Karazon

Diana Karazon
Diana Karazon
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Background information
Birth name Diana Karazon
Born October 30, 1983 (1983-10-30) (age 28)
Origin Amman, Jordan
Occupations Singer, Talk show host and Actress
Years active 2003–present
Labels Alam elPhan 'Mazzika'
Website www.dianakarazon.ws

Diana Karazon (Arabic: ديانا كرزون‎) is a Jordanian singer (born October 30, 1983 in Kuwait) is an Arabic pop singer, television host and actress. She rose to fame after winning the Arabic version of Pop Idol called Superstar in 2003. Karazon is the most successful singer in Jordan since 2003 till present as she was awarded by King Abdulla and Queen Rania of Jordan.


Early life

Born in Kuwait, but raised in Amman, Jordan. Karazon's family is of mixed Palestinian and Syrian ancestry. She started her singing career as a child supported by her father who himself was a musician and a member of Jordanian artists association. She sang her first song in public when she was 6 year old which was dedicated to King Hussein. The song was "Ya ayyuha al meleko (Oh your highness the King)".

As a young girl she began to perform in many competitions in and out of Jordan. She won the contest at MBC Radio Station and soon went on to enter "Superstar" the Arab Idol singing competition. Diana Karazon was obese but she lost a lot of weight after she won the Superstar award.

Personal life

Karazon has one old Brother and twins sisters, the twins are models. Karazon is a big fan of George Wassouf and Umm Kulthum as she was singing her songs since she was a child.

Karazon was surprised when she got a call from American embassy in Amman asking her if she has a free time to meet Condoleezza Rice in Queen Alia Airport, Rice said that she liked Karazon in World Idol and she voted for her.

Diana Karazon was briefly engaged to an Egyptian photographer Khaled Fidah but they broke off their engagement in 2008,during the relationship, Karazon dedicated her track Inta Omri (You are part of My Life) especially to him.[1][2] According to the London daily Elaph, Diana made the announcement on the program “Jarasyat,” hosted by Shadi Khalif and aired on the satellite channel “Jaras.” She said the two were living a beautiful love story and that she wanted the engagement to be on August 8, believing that it is a special date.

Recently, Karazon had a problems with Muhammad al Majali of singing management and she made up her mind to stop working with him but the problems between Karazon and Muhammad al Majali been finished and Karazon is working without him.

Music career

In 2003 then-20 year old Karazon auditioned for the first season of SuperStar. She eventually won the contest and went on to make a debut CD called Ensany Ma Binsak (Diana SuperStar of Arabs). Her style was based on traditional Arabic music and Arabic pop music. The CD was sung in many Arabic dialects. Karazon sang by her amazing Voice Jordanian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Khaliji, Libyan, Egyptian, English and many more

Karazon later was contractually obligated to represent "Pan-Arabia" in the international World Idol competition and was remembered for singing in Arabic when the other International contestants sang in English instead of their home languages. She ranked 9th among the 11 contestants and shared that rank with the German contestant, Alexander Klaws.

In 2005 she released a follow up album El Omr mashy (Life is going on). Karazon has stated her influences included Fairuz and Warda.

Karazon had a lot of singles hits after the two albums such as "Jarh", "Kalam Alain" (Libyan song) and "Ah bmazagi", which was the big smash hit in 2006. Karazon's hit kalam alin reached #1 in Libya in 2008, the hit featured the Libyan star ayman alhouni

Karazon had a problem with Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfiq for Egypt song Masr Gameela, Karazon said that she has the rights to sing it. Karazon recorded a song called "Mahabetnish" (you did not love me) but the song kept archived, but her fans on internet puplished the hit on pupular Sites and this song been called a big hit for karazon in 2007

Karazon had many Awards like best rise star, best single (lamma teb`a habibi and Ah bmazagi), star of the year (2003) and many more. Karazon had a single hit in 2009 it was "Momkin ansak" (you forget me forever), which showed Karazon attempting a new style even singing partly in English, most fans did not like the video at all, as it was done by unknown director.

She had her own show was on TV Ramadan 2009 Deut with Diana and she made a hit by singing the titanic song "My Heart Will Go On" in her show.

Karazon finished working on her new album Diana 2010 and the release date was 19-Jan-2010, new hits with new album such as a Lebanese song Inta el Gharam (you are my love), Egyptian funcky Wayak (with you) and many more, Karazon worked in her Third Album with the Jordanian Golden Couple Omar Sari and Khalid Mustafa. Diana included in her New album Lebanese, Egyptian, Jordanian, Khaliji and Iraqi songs. Photography of the Album and the Cover been done by the photographer Muhammad Yusef who also worked on her fourth album dedicated to Jordan. Three New video Clips from the new Album is playing on TV recently like the HIT Wesh el Tary (what's happened). The new album was produced by production company ‘Al Amal for Art Production,’ owned by Muhammad Al Majali. The album distributed throughout the Arab world by the company ‘Alam Al Fan Mazzika.’

And indicated that they wish to make a second part of the "duet" who introduced the first part of last year because of the fame the great achievements which, in addition to being known to the public of Egypt, stressing that there is an agreement to provide a new part but I do not know if it will show during Ramadan next or not.

It pointed out that the song made by the U.S. president, Barack Obama, came from a young Arab woman to deliver a message to him that she hoped to have a new president is former presidents, and that the Arabs want peace, pointing out that her meeting with Secretary of State earlier, Condoleezza Rice, came at the request of Rice herself during her visit to Jordan. <http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2010/10/23/155817.html>

Because of her Problems before with her management Diana did not make it to be awarded as Best Jordanian singer - 2010 in Jordan Award, but after getting back to Jordan in October 2010 she has been awarded as best Jordanian singer for 2010 by the Jordanians' votes from Sawt Alghad Radio Station.

Karazon been awarded as the best Jordanian Singer for 2011 and best Video Clip for 2011 hit song Kazzeb Ally from Triangle Event in Amman, the Video Clip been directed by the young talent Jordanian Director Jakob Lambaz as he was awarded as the best Jordanian Director - 2011.

Diana Karazon and Majal's Problems

Jordan accused the artist, Diana, the product and its former director, Mohammed Al-Majali, of trying to assault her and threatened with death, and burning fire with water if she refuses to respond to the demands.

And apologized Diana in the first emergence of media in the aftermath of a dispute with Al-Majali in the "ShowShara", which was broadcast on the channel "Nile Live" from all the journalists who tried to contact her during the last period and did not answer them, saying she was not willing to talk to media representatives because of its desire to know where she wants to reach with Majali to the conflict, including the judiciary.

She explained that the problems including the common problems between any artist and her manager, pointing out that it had contracted with him in charge of production has for three years, after that he considered her as one of his family, noting that it has been for 4 years without a production company until she heard this talk from him.

Offered her marriage

She pointed out that the first 6 months of the contract period, including the very good, and the relationships with some excellent, that began to interfere in her life, her clothes, and her relationship to her colleagues and relatives, so much so that instead of telephone numbers, pointing out that he offered her a customary marriage but she refused, and then display by legal marriage, and also refused, and added that the customs and traditions prevent them from the link tags, not only because it is older than his eldest daughter with 4 years, but they ate and lived in the house of his wife, and lived with them for several days in their apartment in Cairo.

And confirmed that he threatened her because his family is too large, while in Jordan is from a family of modest pride of belonging to it, pointing out that he told her he will delete her from the face of the earth in spite of his knowledge as heads of households, consisting of 6 people through her singing.

Majali's Reply

from his side, said the product, Mohammed Al-Majali, Jordan over the telephone that all the words which in the words of the artist, Diana, is not true, pointing out that he would discuss with your lawyer by the legal position to bring an action for insult and defamation, and slander the right, whether in Egypt or Jordan.

He pointed out that Diana changed the nature of her clothes after splitting with him, pointing out that it was intended to provide a Jordanian singer Jordan in an honorable way, but now has completely changed her clothes.

He emphasized that there are two lawsuits against it before the Jordanian judiciary, issues insults, extrusion, based on the statements in my newspaper, "the Constitution" and "evening" Tauber against him, pointing out that the case is the third on the road because of her remarks in the latest program.

He denied Majali to be made has been broken during their visit to Qatar, denounced the claim that things did not occur, and stressed that he had contacted the engineer, Osama el-Sheikh, President Federation of Radio and Television After viewing the promo episode, and stressed that the right of reply would be during the next episode, pointing out that If the stay outside Egypt will send documents and contracts denies what was said to be broadcast in the program.

He confirmed that Diana and her mother, they send short messages through mobile phone to her friends to pursue a program, pointing out that he did not want to be traded issue in this way in front of the Arab world as a whole, stressing that Diana is not banned from entering Jordan, but if entered into Jordan will be prohibited from traveling abroad.

And published news reports by Radio Episode stating that it was to prohibit the broadcasting episode, except that Diana had lied to the news, by sending a message to reporters, a copy of which said "watch me tonight on channel" Nile Live " Egypt within the program "ShowShara." <http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2010/10/23/155817.html>

Acting career

Karazon started her Acting Career with Egyptian Star Moustafa Amar in Montaha Aleshq she Played an Bedawi (Bedouin) girl, her life been changed when she made up her mind to run away from her family and the desert to live and work in the City. The TV show already aired in Ramadan 2010.

She said that to take place in the series "ultimate love" Montaha Aleshq with the artist Mostafa Amar asserts that it is the protagonist of work ahead of him, noting that she did not sing in the series because she appeared to Act, not for a video clip promo for her album, and indicated that it is satisfied with the series although it did not provide only 50 or 60% of the performance of analog because of the problems surrounding the filming work, and problems with al-Majali, and access to the worthless check of a product work,

Diana has denied knowledge of the speech of artist Mostafa Amar for it is not the series Star in front of him, pointing out that they do not know whether this speech was actually him or not, especially since the actors during filming were a family and one did not include any differences. <http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2010/10/23/155817.html>


  • Best new Song (insani ma binsak) 2003.
  • Been Honored by King Abdullah II of Jordan for best singer in Jordan.
  • Best New Act 2004 - Arab Music Award Dubai.
  • Song of the year Track and video Clip (lamma Teba Habibi) Egypt Music Award 2006.
  • Best song (Ah Bemazagy) ART Music Award 2007.
  • Best Act 'singer' - Moroccan Music Festival 2009
  • Been Honored in Alexandria Music Festival 2009
  • Best Act 'The most impact' in Jordan 2009
  • Been Honored from the first lady of Tunisia - best singer 2009.
  • Best Jordanian Singer - Jordan Award 2009.
  • Been Honored for best TV show host Deut with Diana from Egypt TV 2009.
  • Best Jordanian Singer - Enta Mraweh - sawt el ghad Radio 2010.
  • Best Jordanian Singer - Triangle Event 2011.


  • 2003 insani ma binsak
  • 2003 elshar barra w baed
  • 2004 omri lw lilah
  • 2005 El Omr Mashi
  • 2005 lamma teba habibi
  • 2006 ah bemazagy
  • 2007 w badat aiesh
  • 2007 inta mashi bgad
  • 2007 hibni dom
  • 2007 Asemt alzaman
  • 2007 mahabetnesh
  • 2008 kalam alain
  • 2008 Oparate Live Show In Khartoum - SUDAN (Hansa3edhoum) (We Will Help Them, Our Children) Song Wrote By Mohamed Almohaned Hassan Dabora
  • 2008 yalla olha
  • 2009 resalat insan a message to Barack Obama
  • 2009 Jarh
  • 2009 momkin ansak
  • 2009 shaif alai nafsak
  • 2010 enta al gharam
  • 2010 fe had eshtakalak
  • 2010 wesh el tary
  • 2010 Rasak Bel Aaly
  • 2010 adet layaly
  • 2010 Tartelat al Om Alhazena - Words from sad Mother.
  • 2010 Hala Ya Ordonieh
  • 2011 Kazzeb Alye - Lie To Me.


  • 2003 Super Star El Arab
  • 2005 El Omr Mashi
  • 2008 14.10.2008 Cancer Children Assosation(99199) - Big Concert in Khartoum (Idea of Eng. Mohamed Almohaned Hassan Dabora as Creative Manager & he Also wrote The Song Of Hansa3edhom (We Will Help Our Children).
  • 2010 Diana 2010
  • 2010 Rasak Bel Aaly (Special National Patriotic album dedicated to Jordan)


  • 2003 superstar
  • 2004 Win with Diana
  • 2009 Deut with Diana
  • 2010 Aldef defak
  • 2010 Montaha Aleshq Egyptian TV series
  • 2010 attajroba real life experience
  • 2011 Nouna alma`azona as her self

Superstar Performances

Top 55: أكذب عليك (Akdib Aleyk) by Warda
Top 12:
Top 10:
Top 8: آه يا ليل (Ah Ya Leel) by Ragheb Alama
Top 7: إبعتلي جواب (Iba'atli Jawab) by Nour Mehana
Top 6: ألف ليلة وليلة (Alf Leela W Leela) by Umm Kulthum
Top 5: دنيا الوله (Dinya Min El Wala) by Abdallah Al Rowaished
Top 4: أنا في انتظارك (Ana Fi Entazarak) by Umm Kulthum
Top 4: مغرومة (Maghroume) by Najwa Karam
Top 3: أكذب عليك (Akdib Aleyk) by Warda
Top 3: البوسطه (El Posta) by Fairuz
Top 3:
Grand Final: لسا فاكر (Lissa Faker) by Umm Kulthum
Grand Final:
Grand Final: تعا ننسى (Ta'a Ninsa) by Melhem Barakat


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