List of Dragon Ball episodes

List of Dragon Ball episodes
First volume of the Dragon Ball DVD series, released by Toei Entertainment on April 4, 2007

Dragon Ball is the first in a trilogy of anime adaptations of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama. Produced by Toei Animation, the anime series premiered in Japan on Fuji Television on February 26, 1986, and ran until April 12, 1989. Spanning 153 episodes (Episode 140 was delayed by the death of Emperor Shōwa), it covers the first 194 chapters of the 519 chapters-long manga series. It is followed by Dragon Ball Z, which covers the remainder of the manga, and Dragon Ball GT, the plot of which was created solely for the anime.

Harmony Gold USA licensed the series for an English-language release in North America in the late 1980s. In the voice dubbing of the series, Harmony renamed almost all of the characters, including the protagonist Son Goku, who was renamed "Zero." This dub was cancelled shortly after being test-marketed in several cities and was never broadcast to the general public, thus earning the fan-coined term "The Lost Dub."[1]

In 1995, Funimation Entertainment acquired the license for the distribution of Dragon Ball in the United States. They contracted BLT Productions to create an English version for the anime in Vancouver, Canada. The dubbed episodes were also edited for content.[2] Thirteen episodes aired in first-run syndication during the fall of 1995 before Funimation canceled the project due to low ratings. Trimark Pictures later purchased the home video distribution rights for these dubbed episodes.[3] In March 2001, Funimation announced the return of Dragon Ball to American television, featuring a new English version produced in-house with slightly less editing for broadcast (though the episodes remained uncut for home video releases), and they notably left the original background music intact, which was met with delight from fans.[2][4] The re-dubbed episodes aired on Cartoon Network from August 20, 2001[5] to December 1, 2003. Funimation also broadcast the series on Colours TV and their own Funimation Channel starting in 2006.[6] This English dub was also broadcast in Australia and New Zealand. In Canada and Europe, an alternative dubbed version was produced by AB Groupe (in association with The Ocean Group and Blue Water Studios) and was aired in those territories instead of the Funimation version.

Funimation began releasing their in-house dub to Region 1 DVD box sets on March 18, 2003. Each box set, spanning an entire saga of the series, included the English and Japanese audio tracks with optional English subtitles, and uncut video and audio. However, they were unable to release the first thirteen episodes at the time, due to Lionsgate Entertainment holding the licensing rights to their previous dub of the same episodes, having acquired them from Trimark after the company became defunct. After Lionsgate's license to the first thirteen episodes expired in 2009, Funimation remastered and re-released the complete Dragon Ball series to DVD in five individual uncut season box sets, with the first set released on September 15, 2009 and the final set released on July 27, 2010.

Dragon Ball used two pieces of theme music for the entire series. "Makafushigi Adventure!" by Hiroki Takahashi is used as the series opening theme, and Ushio Hashimoto's "Romantic Ageru Yo" is used as the ending theme.


Episode listing

Emperor Pilaf Saga

Ep# Translated title/Dub title/Canadian Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
1 "Bulma and Son Goku" / "The Secret of the Dragon Balls"
"Buruma to Son Gokū" (ブルマと孫悟空) 
February 26, 1986 August 20, 2001
Goku, a young, but strong orphan living alone in the mountains, and Bulma, a teenage girl searching for seven mystical balls, come together when Bulma hits Goku head-on while driving a motorized vehicle. The balls that Bulma is searching for, known as Dragon Balls, summon the wish granting "dragon god", Shenron (Shenlong). Before Goku's grandfather died, he gave him a Dragon Ball with four stars in it: the Four-Star Ball (Si Xing Qui). Bulma, already possessing two of the balls, decides to let Goku "join her on a fun adventure" so she can borrow his strength and Dragon Ball. They take off on a motorcycle, but Bulma is abducted by a giant flying dinosaur during a little pit stop. Goku takes out the monster with his Power Pole and rescues her. 
2 "What the...?! No Balls!" / "The Emperor's Quest"
"Arararaa! Tama ga Nai!" (あらららー!タマがない!) 
March 5, 1986 August 21, 2001
Goku and Bulma set up a shelter to sleep in. At night, Goku goes out looking for some food. He sees a ship fly overhead, and, thinking that it is a bird, goes running after it. The ship belongs to Mai and Shu, who are servants of Emperor Pilaf. The Emperor is also looking for the Dragon Balls. Goku saves them from wolves, and heads back. In the morning, he finds a Giant turtle who is looking for the sea. Goku volunteers to take him there, so he picks up the turtle on his back and begins running, with Bulma following on her motorcycle. 
3 "The Turtle Hermit's Kinto Un" / "The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi"
"Kame-Sen'nin no Kinto-Un" (亀仙人のキント雲) 
March 12, 1986 August 22, 2001
On their way to the sea, Goku and Bulma run into a giant beast that wants to eat the turtle. Goku makes short work of him, and they continue on their way. When they arrive at the shore, the turtle tells them to wait for him. When he comes back, a man is riding on his back. That man is the turtle hermit Master Roshi, and as a reward for helping his sea turtle, he gives Goku a flying cloud called the Flying Nimbus. Master Roshi himself cannot ride the cloud, because only good and pure people can. Bulma can't ride it either, but Goku can. Roshi also gives Bulma the Three-Star Ball (San Xing Qui), not knowing what it is. When Master Roshi returns to his island, he finds Pilaf and his two henchmen searching his house for the Dragon Ball. After he tells them that he gave it away, the three leave his island. 
4 "Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster" / "Oolong the Terrible"
"Hitosarai Yōkai Ūron" (人さらい妖怪ウーロン) 
March 19, 1986 August 23, 2001
The Dragon Radar leads Goku[citation needed] and Bulma into a remote village. They find that the village is being terrorized by a shape shifter named Oolong. An old woman in this village has the Six-Star Ball (Liu Xing Qui), and she agrees to give it to them if they drive Oolong away from their village. Oolong wants to marry a girl in the village, so Goku dresses up like her to trick Oolong. When Oolong discovers this, he gets very angry. To protect his identity, he reverts back into his original state after he transformed and runs away from the village. Goku follows, and eventually catches and defeats him. With the village saved, the old woman gives them the Six-Star Ball. 
5 "Yamcha, The Strong Yet Cruel Desert Bandit" / "Yamcha the Desert Bandit"
"Tsuyokute Warui Sabaku no Yamucha" (つよくて悪い砂漠のヤムチャ) 
March 26, 1986 August 24, 2001
Bulma forces Oolong to join their group, thinking that his shape shifting ability will come in handy. Their boat runs out of gas, so they have to walk through the desert. Yamcha, a dangerous bandit, is said to live in this desert. While they walk through the desert, Yamcha and his shape shifting cat, Puar, ambush them. Goku and Yamcha begin to fight. Yamcha thinks he has won after he uses his Wolf Fang Fist, but Goku is able to get up. Just as Yamcha is about to attack again, he sees Bulma. Yamcha gets nervous around girls, so he panics and runs away. 
6 "Midnight Callers" / "Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls"
"Mayonaka no Hōmonsha-tachi" (真夜中の訪問者たち) 
April 2, 1986 August 27, 2001
Oolong remembers that he has a camper Dyno-Cap, so the three spend the night in it. Goku tells Oolong about the Dragon Balls. Oolong drugs the drinks of Goku and Bulma, causing them to fall asleep. Yamcha and Puar have been listening from outside the window, and now plan to take the balls. Puar changes into Goku to lure Oolong out of the camper and Yamcha sneaks inside, but what he thinks are the Dragon Ball but after uncovering the "Dragon Balls" and finding out they were Bulma's breasts, Yamcha completely loses it and is escorted back to their hideout by Puar. The next morning, Yamcha shows up with a rocket launcher and destroys their vehicle. Goku beats him in a fight, so Yamcha and Puar retreat again. Later, he shows up with a car for them to use, saying that he didn't want any hard feelings. He secretly planted a homing device on the car so he can follow them on their quest for the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Mai and Shu have been trying to steal the balls for Pilaf, but the misuse of their bomb foiled their own plot. 
7 "Mt. Frypan's Gyumao" / "The Ox King on Fire Mountain"
"Furaipan Yama no Gyūmaō" (フライパン山の牛魔王) 
April 9, 1986 August 28, 2001
Goku, Bulma, and Oolong arrive at Fire Mountain, with Yamcha following closely behind. There, they meet the Ox King, who lives in the castle on Fire Mountain. The Ox King notices Goku's Flying Nimbus, and realizes that he must have received it from Master Roshi. He says that he sent his daughter Chi Chi to go to Master Roshi's island to borrow the Bansho Fan to put out the flames on Fire Mountain, but she never came back. The Ox King tells Goku that if he finds Chi Chi and returns with the Bansho Fan, then he can have the Dragon Ball that's inside his castle. Goku takes off and finds Chi Chi right away. After asking for directions from a dolphin, they arrive at "Kame House" on the turtle hermit's private island. 
8 "The Turtle Hermit's Kamehameha" / "The Kamehameha Wave"
"Kame-Sen'nin no Kamehameha" (亀仙人のカメハメ波) 
April 16, 1986 August 29, 2001
Master Roshi agrees to let Goku borrow the Bansho fan, but when he goes to retrieve it, he remembers that he spilled juice on it and threw it out. He decides to put out the fire himself. When they arrive back at Fire Mountain, Master Roshi uses his famous Kamehame-Ha to blow out the flames. The wave puts out the fire, but it also destroys the entire mountain. With the Dragon Radar, Bulma is able to search through the rubble and find the Seven-Star Ball (Qi Xing Qui). Goku asks Master Roshi if he can learn the Kamehame-Ha, but is disappointed to find out that it took the turtle hermit 50 years to learn it. He tries it anyway, and is miraculously able to do it on the first try. 
9 "The Rabbit Boss' Special Technique" / "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch"
"Usagi Oyabun no Tokui Waza" (うさぎオヤブンの得意技) 
April 23, 1986 August 30, 2001
Goku, Bulma, and Oolong drive into a city to get gas. Everyone in this town seems to be afraid of Bulma, but after she buys some new clothes and gets rid of her bunny costume, no one even notices her. Just as they're about to leave, two men in bunny ears begin to hassle them. Goku beats both of them up, so they call in "the boss". The boss, whose name is Monster Carrot, arrives. He is a giant rabbit whose special power is his touch; if you touch him, you turn into a carrot. Not knowing this, Bulma slaps him, turning her into a carrot, which Monster Carrot grabs. Watching from behind a wall, Puar turns into a bird and snatches the carrot out of his hand. Goku then hits him with his Power Pole, forcing Monster Carrot to surrender. He changes Bulma back. Goku then ties up Monster Carrot and his henchmen and takes them to the moon by extending his Power Pole, proceeding to force them to make treats for children. 
10 "The Dragon Balls are Stolen!!" / "The Dragon Balls Are Stolen!"
"Doragon Bōru Ubawareru!!" (D.B.うばわれる!!) 
April 30, 1986 August 31, 2001
While they are driving towards the final Dragon Ball, Shu fires a rocket at their car. Then he jumps down and runs off with Bulma's suitcase, which contains their Dragon Balls. Goku tries to follow, but loses him. Luckily, Goku still has the Four-Star Ball, so Pilaf can't make his wish. Bulma's Dyno-Caps were in her suitcase as well, so they have no ride. With no other options, Yamcha is forced to give them a lift. They arrive at Pilaf's castle. Inside, they come to a dead end, but before they can turn around, a wall comes down, trapping them inside. 
11 "At Last the Dragon Appears!" / "The Penalty Is Pinball"
"Tsui ni Doragon Arawaru!" (ついに龍あらわる!) 
May 7, 1986 September 3, 2001
Pilaf releases sleeping gas inside the chamber, which knocks everyone out. Mai goes in and steals the Four-Star Ball from Goku while he's sleeping. When they wake up, they realize the ball has been stolen, and begin to run through the hallways. Pilaf sends giant pinballs rolling after them. Just when one of the balls has them cornered, it suddenly backs off, and a wall comes down again. They are trapped in the same room as before. Goku tries to use a Kamehame-Ha to blast away the wall, but only manages to open up a small hole that leads outside, where Pilaf is summoning Shenron. Puar and Oolong turn into bats and fly through the hole to try to steal one of the balls. But before they can get close enough, a dragon appears. 
12 "The Wish to Shen Long" / "A Wish to the Eternal Dragon"
"Shenron e no Negai" (神龍への願い) 
May 14, 1986 September 4, 2001
Desperate to stop Pilaf, Oolong interrupts his wish with his own: a pair of underpants. This wish is granted, Shenron disappears, and the seven balls scatter all over the earth. Furious, Pilaf sends Mai and Shu after Oolong and Puar. Goku manages to destroy the wall with another Kamehame-Ha, but suddenly many guard dogs appears. Goku and Yamcha beat these dogs, and on their way out they find Oolong and Puar. Before they can leave, Mai and Shu corner them with another pack of dogs. They are transported to a room with a glass ceiling that gathers energy from the sun and heats up. By morning, they will be burnt alive. Goku and Yamcha try to break down the walls, but fail. Puar notices the full moon and Goku warns them about a monster that appears during the full moon. This monster trampled his grandfather Gohan to death and that his grandfather told him never to look at the moon. He then accidentally looks at it and transforms into a giant ape. 
13 "Goku's Great Transformation" / "The Legend of Goku"
"Gokū no Dai-Henshin" (悟空の大変身) 
May 21, 1986 September 5, 2001
Goku, now a giant ape, begins demolishing Pilaf's castle. Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar are able to escape. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu board an airplane and start attacking Goku. They are able to bring him down temporarily, but Goku recovers and destroys their plane. He then picks up Bulma and prepares to eat her. Remembering that his tail is his weak point, Puar changes into a giant pair of scissors and cuts off Goku's tail. He regresses back to his normal self, and sleeps until morning. When he wakes up, he is shocked to find that his tail and his clothes are missing, and remembers nothing about his rampage. He borrows Oolong's pants and finds his Power Pole in the rubble, but finds it hard to balance without his tail. Yamcha and Bulma decide to go back to West City together, with Puar and Oolong tagging along. Goku decides to go find the turtle hermit to get the training he was promised. Bulma gives Goku the Dragon Radar so he can find the Four-Star Ball when the Dragon Balls reappear. 

Tournament Saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
14 "Goku's Rival"
"Gokū no Raibaru? Sanjô!!" (悟空のライバル?参上!!) 
May 28, 1986 September 6, 2001
Goku stops by his house to gather his things, then heads towards Master Roshi's island. When he arrives, Master Roshi tells him that he will only train him if he brings him a girlfriend. Goku brings back a big ugly-looking girl but Master Roshi wanted a beautiful girl. So Goku brings a beautiful mermaid, but that doesn't go well either. Suddenly, a small boy named Krillin paddles ashore on a boat and requests training from Master Roshi. With the help of a bribe, Master Roshi agrees to train him. He sends Goku and Krillin into the city to find him another girl. Meanwhile, Yamcha's ship crashed, so he, Bulma, Puar, and Oolong are forced to walk through the jungle and desert. 
15 "The Mysterious Girl Lunch / Look out for Launch!"
"Fushigi na On'na no Ko Ranchi" (不思議な女の子ランチ) 
June 4, 1986 September 7, 2001
Because Krillin can't sit on the Nimbus Cloud, he is forced to cling to Goku's back during their search for a girl. They find a girl being attacked by two men. Goku beats up these two guys, and they bring the girl back to Master Roshi's island. Unknown to either of them, the girl, Launch, was actually being arrested when they found her. When she sneezes, she turns into a mean, aggressive, blonde criminal. Back on the island, Roshi likes Launch so much that he agrees to take her on as a student, along with Goku and Krillin. Launch sneezes, and then takes out a machine gun and shoots at the three boys. After another sneeze, everything is back to normal. 
16 "Find That Stone"
"Shugyō·Ishi Sagashi" (修業·石さがし) 
June 11, 1986 September 10, 2001
Master Roshi packs up his house in a dyno capsule, and the four of them head to a bigger island. Master Roshi tests the boys' speed by timing them in a 100-meter dash. Krillin goes first, and runs the distance in 10.4 seconds. Goku's time is 11 seconds, but after he takes off his old, beat-up shoes, he runs it in 8 seconds. Master Roshi dazzles them by running it in 5.6 seconds. Then he gives them their final test for the day. He makes a mark on a stone, then throws it into the woods, telling them to find it; the loser must go without dinner for the night. Krillin tries to fool Master Roshi with a stone of his own, but Roshi sees through the lie. Goku finds the stone, but Krillin steals it and runs away. Goku catches up, and the two of them fight. Goku wins, so Krillin throws a decoy stone back into the woods, and Goku runs after it, thinking it's the real one. Krillin takes the real stone back to Master Roshi. However, it ultimately turns out to be a pyrrhic victory for Krillin, as Launch made pufferfish for dinner and didn't know that it was poisonous. 
17 "Milk Delivery"
"Inochigake! Gyūnyū Haitatsu" (命がけ!牛乳はいたつ) 
June 18, 1986 September 11, 2001
Master Roshi wakes the boys up early to begin their training. Their job is to deliver milk, but there are several miles between each house. After several exhausting runs, they are made to climb a mountain to deliver milk to the monk at the top. While at the top, Master Roshi tells them that in eight months, they will be competing in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. This encouraging thought is enough to drive Goku and Krillin through the end of their milk delivery. Once the delivery ends, Master Roshi tells them that they will be delivering milk every day until the tournament. The boys are shocked to find out that the milk delivery was only their early morning training, and that they have much more to do every day. Meanwhile, Yamcha is also training for the World Martial Arts Tournament. 
18 "The Turtle Hermit Way"
"Kamesen-Ryū Kitsūi Shugyō" (亀仙流きつーい修業) 
June 25, 1986 September 12, 2001
The boys continue their workout by plowing an entire field with their bare hands. After a quick breakfast, they head over to a construction site. Here, they dig holes and haul equipment. Their speed dazzles the foreman. They eat lunch and then take a nap. Goku is getting impatient, and wants to learn fighting moves, but Master Roshi says he won't teach them fighting moves until their bodies are in the proper condition. Their next task is to swim 10 laps on a lake while they're being chased by sharks. Then Master Roshi ties them to a tree and makes them dodge angry wasps. At the end of the day's training, Master Roshi tells them they will be doing the same thing every day for the next eight months, but with 50 lb. turtle shells on their backs. 
19 "The Tournament Begins"
"Tenka-ichi Budōkai Hajimaru!" (天下一武道会はじまる!) 
July 2, 1986 September 13, 2001
After several months of training, the boys are anxious to learn fighting techniques. Master Roshi tells them that he has no technique to teach them. The whole point of turtle hermit training is to get your body in superhuman condition. He says fighting is just the expression of your power. Then he gives them 100 lb. turtle shells to wear from now on. After a couple of months, the day before the tournament finally arrives. After everyone checks in; Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong, and Puar meet up with Goku. The next morning, Master Roshi gives Goku and Krillin fighting uniforms to wear. 
20 "Elimination Round"
"Deru Ka? Shugyō no Iryoku" (でるか?修業の威力) 
July 9, 1986 September 14, 2001
The preliminary rounds are divided into four sections, with the top two from each section going on to the finals. Goku and Krillin are drawn into the same section, but are on opposite ends, so they won't have to fight each other. Goku's first match is against a giant, but he is able to knock him out of the ring with only a slight tap to the leg. Krillin's first opponent is an enemy from his old martial arts school. He kicks his opponent so hard that he breaks a hole in the wall. Bulma, Oolong, and Puar are able to watch the matches through this hole. At the end of the day, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha all advance to the quarter final round of the World Martial Arts Tournament. 
21 "Smells Like Trouble"
"Ayaushi! Kuririn" (危うし!クリリン) 
July 16, 1986 September 17, 2001
Goku and Krillin meet up with Bulma, Oolong, and Puar before the finals start. Master Roshi arrives, saying that he missed the preliminaries because of a long line in the bathroom. When the contestants are called to the arena, Goku and Krillin leave, and Master Roshi mysteriously disappears. They draw numbers to set the quarterfinal matches. Krillin is in the first match against Bacterian, a giant whose stench is paralyzing. Yamcha is in the second match against Jackie Chun, and Goku is in the fourth match. The first match starts, and right away Krillin is paralyzed by Bacterian's stench. Just when it looks like he's going to lose, Goku reminds him that he doesn't have a nose, and Krillin is able to get up and give Bacterian a taste of his own medicine. Krillin moves on to the semifinals. 
22 "Yamcha Versus Jackie Chun"
"Yamucha Tai Jakkī Chun" (ヤムチャVSジャッキーチュン) 
July 23, 1986 September 18, 2001
The second match begins. Yamcha tries his best moves against Jackie Chun, but he can't even land a punch because the old man is far too quick for him. The fight ends when Jackie Chun pushes Yamcha out of the ring with his energy. The third match between Nam and Ranfan begins. Nam is fighting for prize money to buy water for his village. Nam hits Ranfan and she starts to cry, but the crying is just an act. She takes advantage of Nam's hesitation and quickly attacks. When Nam is able to defend her attacks easily, she takes off her clothes to distract him. Jackie Chun begins hooting wildly, and Yamcha recognizes this laughter as Master Roshi's. He realizes that Jackie Chun is Roshi. Nam closes his eyes and is able to beat Ranfan. 
23 "Monster Beast Giran"
"Deta—! Kyōteki Giran" (出たーっ!強敵ギラン) 
July 30, 1986 September 19, 2001
Goku's match is postponed by rain. While they're waiting for the weather to clear up, they relax in the bar. Giran, Goku's opponent, comes in and starts causing trouble. Yamcha warns Goku that Giran has been known to cheat. When the match finally starts, Giran tricks Goku into dropping his guard, then punches him. Goku responds with a furious attack and throws Giran out of the ring. Giran reveals that he can fly, and he lands safely back in bounds. He then spits rock-hard gum onto Goku, paralyzing him. He throws Goku out of the ring, but Goku calls the flying Nimbus Cloud to save him. Just as Giran is about to punch Goku, his tail grows back and he dodges the punch. Since he is stronger with his tail, he is now able to break the gum. Shocked at this incredible display of strength, Giran forfeits the match. 
24 "Krillin's Frantic Attack!"
"Kuririn Hisshi no Dai-Kōbōsen" (クリリン必死の大攻防戦) 
August 6, 1986 September 20, 2001
The first semifinal begins. Unfortunately, Jackie Chun's punches are too fast for Krillin to see. He attacks Jackie Chun, and after a brief instant, they fly away from each other. The announcer asks them to slowly reenact what happened. Jackie Chun tried to kick Krillin, but he dodged it and then tried to land a punch, but Jackie spit at him. Krillin countered this with his own spit. Then they played janken, which was just a distraction, allowing Jackie to kick Krillin in the face. After the reenactment, Krillin distracts Jackie with a pair of panties, then kicks him far out of the ring. Jackie uses a Kamehameha wave to blast himself back into the ring. Then he uses the after-image technique to distract Krillin, allowing him to land a powerful kick, which knocks Krillin out. After the match, Yamcha, thinking that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi, tries to pull his wig off, but can't. Even though it seems like Jackie Chun is Master Roshi, no one can prove it. 
25 "Danger From Above"
"Tate Gokū! Osorubeki Tenkū-Pekeji-Ken" (たて悟空!恐るべき天空X字拳) 
August 13, 1986 September 21, 2001
Goku starts his semifinal match against Nam. He uses a tornado attack to push Nam out of the ring, but gets too dizzy before he can finish it. Nam then uses his aerial attack, which is supposed to leave the victim unconscious. Goku is somehow able to stand up afterwards, and jumps up in the air just like Nam. Once Nam lands, Goku kicks him out of the ring. Afterwards, Nam packs up to leave, but Jackie Chun stops him. He gives him a dyno capsule that can be used for storage. Nam asks Jackie how he knew about his water problem, and Jackie says that he read his mind. Nam realizes that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi, but Jackie keeps him quiet. He explains that he is fighting undercover to beat Goku and Krillin. He doesn't want them to think that they're the strongest in the world if they win the tournament and stop trying to improve their skills afterwards. Nam then does Jackie a favor by dressing up like Master Roshi and standing in the crowd. Yamcha sees him, and no longer thinks that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi. 
26 "The Grand Finals"
"Kesshōsen da!! Kamehameha" (決勝戦だ!!カメハメ波) 
August 20, 1986 September 24, 2001
The final match begins. Goku jumps up in the air, but Jackie Chun sees it coming and kicks him out of the ring. Everyone thinks that Jackie has won, but Goku flies back into the ring by spinning his tail like a helicopter blade. Jackie challenges Goku to use the Kamehameha wave and (to his great surprise) Goku can do it just as well as he can. Jackie uses a double after-image to fool Goku. Goku counters with a triple after-image. Jackie then begins staggering wildly around the ring. With his unpredictable movements, he begins beating up Goku. Yamcha tells Goku that he's using the drunken boxing technique, so Goku counters with his crazy monkey attack. He runs around like a monkey, and Jackie Chun can't follow him. Once this is over, Jackie Chun says that his next move will win the match. 
27 "Number One Under The Moon"
"Gokū ·Saidai no Pinchi" (悟空·最大のピンチ) 
August 27, 1986 September 25, 2001
Night begins to fall as the final match continues. Jackie Chun hypnotizes Goku and puts him to sleep. Goku can't wake up unless Jackie tells him to. Just before the count reaches 10, Bulma yells "Goku! Your dinner is ready!" and Goku wakes up. Then Goku uses janken attack moves, but Jackie blocks them. Goku tries it again and this time tricks him by saying "paper", but throwing rock. Jackie decides to use an attack that he's only ever used once before: the Lightning Flash Surprise attack. He gathers his energy and shoots it at Goku. This energy is transformed into 20,000 volts when it hits Goku. Just as Goku is about to give up, he glimpses the moon and transforms into a gigantic ape again. Knowing that he must stop Goku's rampage at any cost, Jackie Chun fires his most powerful Kamehameha wave. When the dust clears, Goku is nowhere to be seen. 
28 "The Final Blow"
"Gekitotsu!! Pawā Tai Pawā" (激突!!パワー対パワー) 
September 3, 1986 September 26, 2001
Jackie Chun reveals that the actual target of his Kamehameha wave was the moon. Goku is shown to be asleep in the rubble, and he wakes up to continue fighting. When the match resumes, Jackie Chun attempts to fire another Kamehameha wave at Goku, but he finds that he doesn't have the energy to do so. Goku then kicks him out of the ring, but Jackie cleverly avoids touching the ground by smashing his foot in the side of the platform. With both of them completely exhausted, they agree on a straightforward finish to the match. After a long bout of fighting, Goku and Jackie jump and kick each other in the face, knocking each other down. The count goes past 10, and the judge says the first person to stand up and declare victory wins. Goku struggles to his feet and manages to stand, but he collapses before finishing his victory declaration. Jackie Chun then stands up and proudly announces his victory.Roshi later takes off his disguise and goes out to eat with his friends, where Goku eats so much food that Roshi has to spend all of his prize money. 

Red Ribbon Army saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
29 "The Roaming Lake"
"Futatabi Bōken Samayō Mizūmi" (ふたたび冒険 さまよう湖) 
September 10, 1986 February 11, 2002
Master Roshi tells Goku and Krillin to take a break from training for now, but Krillin still decides to go live with him. Goku sets off on his search for the four-star Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Nam has arrived at his village with the water, but it is still not enough. The river has run dry, so Nam heads upstream to find the source of the disturbance. He is attacked by a dinosaur, but luckily Goku is swimming in a nearby lake and comes to rescue him. He and Nam continue upstream and find that a dam has been built. The monsters that live there refuse to tear it down. Their leader, Giran, recognizes Goku from the tournament. He says that he would tear it down, but it's too strong for them to break. Goku fires a Kamehameha wave at it, which is enough to destroy the dam. With the river replenished, everything seems okay, but a sandstorm suddenly kicks up and dries up the river again. Goku notices the lake he was swimming before. This is the Roaming Lake, and it came to help the village. 
30 "Pilaf and The Mystery Force"
"Pirafu to Nazo no Gundan" (ピラフと謎の軍団) 
September 17, 1986 February 12, 2002
Goku stops at a lake for a swim. When he gets out, he finds that the dragon radar has been stolen. He picks up on the thief's scent and follows it to its source. The thief tells him that he sold the radar to an antique salesman in a nearby town. Goku locates the shop and finds his dragon radar there. He picks up a signal coming from the shop, so he turns around and sees Emperor Pilaf and Mai holding the four-star ball, having just bought it from this store. They are able to escape on their ship, but Goku follows them on the Nimbus Cloud. Back at the antique store, a mysterious military force has arrived looking for a Dragon Ball. The salesman gives them a four-star ball, but they recognize it as a fake. Pilaf's four-star ball was also a fake, but Goku doesn't yet know. The signal he picked up on was the six-star ball in a nest above the shop. A bird then flies away with the ball in its talons. 
31 "Wedding Plans"
"Gege! Nise Gokū Shutsugen!!" (ゲゲ!ニセ悟空出現!!) 
September 24, 1986 February 13, 2002
Emperor Pilaf gives Goku the fake four-star, but Goku drops it. The bird that had the six-star ball got eaten by a larger bird, and that bird got captured by the Ox King. Chi Chi thinks Goku is coming, and since she wants to marry him, the Ox King roasts the bird for a wedding feast. Emperor Pilaf's radar picks up the signal coming from Ox King's village, so Shu dresses up like Goku to get close enough to steal the ball. Goku follows his radar's signal and finds Chi Chi in a field picking flowers for the wedding. Back at the feast, suddenly the mysterious military force, the Red Ribbon Army, attacks the village, having followed the six-star ball's signal as well. Ox King tries to fight back, but gets captured. Pilaf snatches the Dragon Ball from inside the bird and takes off in his ship. Goku and Chi Chi notice smoke coming from the village, so they go to check it out. 
32 ""The Flying Fortress – Vanished!"/ "The Flying Fortress""
"Kieta!? Soratobu Yōsai" (消えた!?空とぶ要塞) 
October 1, 1986 February 14, 2002
Goku and Chi Chi arrive at the village in time to rescue the Ox King. After a quick meal, Goku follows the signal on the dragon radar again. Emperor Pilaf's flying fortress shoots down the jets of the Red Ribbon Army and escapes. Both the Red Ribbon Army and Goku follow their signals to a remote point in the middle of the desert. Goku, searching on foot, is suddenly attacked by automatic guns rising from the sand. Colonel Silver notices this and realizes Pilaf is hiding in an underground base. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu all try to escape on the flying fortress. Goku follows them and clings to the wall of the ship. The Red Ribbon Army is waiting for them, and they destroy the fortress. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu parachute down and are forced to hand over the six-star ball. 
33 "The Legend of a Dragon"
"Doragon no Densetsu" (竜の伝説) 
October 8, 1986 February 15, 2002
Goku calls the Nimbus Cloud to save him just before the flying fortress explodes. Then he heads off towards the nearest signal on the dragon radar. Back at Kame House, Master Roshi tells Krillin and Launch the legend of the Dragon Balls. Long ago, the seven balls were one, but evil forces tried to steal it. The ball split itself into seven useless parts, but when combined, they summon the eternal dragon who will grant one wish. Goku follows the radar to a forest where he finds the Red Ribbon Army also in search of the ball. The army is burning down the forest, so Goku tries to stop them. Suddenly, a monkey runs by holding the five-star ball. Colonel Silver shoots at it, causing the monkey to fly over the edge of a cliff. Goku grabs it, but the monkey drops the ball into a river. 
34 ""Cruel General Red"/ "Cruel Governor""
"Hijō no Reddo Ribon" (非情のレッドリボン) 
October 15, 1986 February 18, 2002
While the Red Ribbon Army is searching the river for the five-star ball, Goku follows the dragon radar downstream and finds it. Before he can escape, Colonel Silver destroys the flying Nimbus. Angry, Goku easily defeats him. He finds some dyno caps in a nearby building and throws them. One is a robot, and the other is a plane. The robot flies the plane for Goku as he follows the nearest signal on the dragon radar. Goku instructs the robot to land the plane, but the robot's circuits freeze up in the extreme cold, so the plane crashes. Goku, frozen solid, is dragged away by a mysterious young girl. 
35 ""Cold Reception"/ "Snow, A Little Girl In A Northern Village""
"Kita no Shōjo Suno" (北の少女スノ) 
October 22, 1986 February 19, 2002
The girl called Snow, takes Goku back to her house to recover. She and her mother explain that the Red Ribbon Army has taken their village chief hostage and are forcing the men to help them look for the Dragon Ball. The chief is being held in a fortress called Muscle Tower. Two soldiers break in, just as Goku is in the bathroom but Goku beats them. Snow gives Goku warm clothes to wear outside. Goku arrives at Muscle Tower and makes short work of the guards waiting outside. He uses his power pole to vault up onto the first level. 
36 ""Major Metallitron"/ "The Battle With Sergeant Metallic""
"Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu" (マッスル塔の恐怖) 
October 29, 1986 February 20, 2002
Goku enters the second floor of Muscle Tower and defeats the guards waiting for him. He heads up to the third floor where he finds a large android named Major Metallitron. Goku and Major start to fight, and after a few hits, Goku knocks him over. Goku is caught off guard when the giant gets up and grabs him. Major launches a missile at him, but he dodges it. Goku counters with a Kamehameha wave and blows Metallitron's head off. Despite being decapitated, the android is still moving. Goku punches a hole through the robot's chest, but even that doesn't stop him. The fight finally ends when Major Metallitron's batteries die. 
37 "Ninja Murasaki is Coming!"
"Ninja Murasaki Sanjō" (忍者ムラサキ参上) 
November 5, 1986 February 21, 2002
Goku enters the fourth floor of Muscle Tower and finds himself in the middle of a forest. Ninja Murasaki who is hiding, has been sent to kill Goku. After games of hide and seek, racing and shuriken throwing, Ninja Murasaki finally decides to fight, and Goku breaks his sword with the power pole. Murasaki throws a boomerang at him which hits and knocks out Goku. 
38 ""Five Murasakis"/ "Multi-Murasakis VS Goku!""
"Osorubeshi!! Bunshin no Jutsu" (恐るべし!!分身の術) 
November 12, 1986 February 22, 2002
Goku recovers from his injury and begins to chase Murasaki. Murasaki, then Goku, cross a piranha invested lake. Murasaki decides to use his ultimate technique and seemingly splits into five. The five Murasakis nearly overwhelm Goku. They reveal that they are actually quindruplet brothers, not five parts of one person. Goku takes them out one by one. He chases the last Murasaki brother up to a cage. The ninja releases the monster within, Android 8. 
39 ""Mysterious Android No. 8"/ "Android No. 8""
"Nazo no Jinzōningen Hachi-gō" (謎の人造人間8号) 
November 19, 1986 February 25, 2002
Ninja Murasaki releases Android 8 to fight Goku. Android 8 however refuses to fight. Murasaki threatens Android 8 with a remote to set off a bomb inside him. Goku stops Murasaki, destroys the remote and beats the ninja. Goku has walked into a labyrinth but cannot find a way past. Android 8 comes to repay Goku with help to get past the maze. Goku nicknames Android 8 "Eighter". They easily stop approaching soldiers. Finally they manage to get past the trick wall at the end of the maze. They find General White waiting for them in the 6th floor command room. General White won't give up and drops Goku and Eighter down a trapdoor. 
40 "Horrifying Buyon"
"Dō Suru Gokū!! Senritsu no Buyon" (どうする悟空!!戦慄のブヨン) 
November 26, 1986 February 26, 2002
Goku and Eighter land on 5th floor. General White releases a monster to destroy the both of them. Meanwhile Snow has found some sweet furry rodents. Eighter cowers at the other side of the room while Goku fights the monster Buyon. Goku can't even hurt Buyon. Buyon eats Goku, but he struggles out. Even a Kamehameha Wave doesn't affect Buyon. Goku saves Eighter from being eaten. Recalling an earlier exchange with Snow, Goku punches a hole in the wall letting in cold air and freezing Buyon solid. Goku smashes Buyon and ascends with Eighter back to the command room. 
41 ""The Fall of Muscle Tower"/ "The Last Day Of Muscle Tower""
"Massuru Tawâ no Saigo" (マッスルタワーの最後) 
December 3, 1986 February 27, 2002
Goku fights General White who is not very fit. Eighter is too pacifistic to join in the fight as General White grabs Goku by the tail. After giving General White a severe bashing, the latter pretends to surrender and releases the village chief. When the chief's back is turned, General White threatens Goku and Eighter to shoot the chief. The chief is hesitant whether he wants to live or die. Then the General blackmails Eighter into beating Goku. Hearing this, an enraged Goku demands that White deal with him, and White promptly shoots Goku. Eighter loses his temper and punches General White out of the tower. Finally all three leave the tower and Eighter destroys it. They all receive a warm welcome back at Snow's house. 
42 "The Secret of Dr. Flappe"
"Kiki Ippatsu!! Ganbare Hat-chan" (危機一髪!!ガンバレ8ちゃん) 
December 10, 1986 February 28, 2002
The village is safe again but Snow's parents wonder where the dragon ball was. Eighter had it all along so General White wouldn't exterminate the village. Unfortunately Eighter cannot risk staying in the village with the bomb still inside him. The chief suggests they go to Dr. Flappe to sort the problem. Goku has broken his dragon radar. While Snow, Goku and Eighter head to Dr. Flappe, Murasaki (who has survived) stalks them. Before Dr. Flappe can get to work, Murasaki surprises him. It is revealed Dr. Flappe created Eighter, not the RR Army. Murasaki forces Dr. Flappe to swipe Goku's dragon balls. Goku chases and beats the ninja. Dr. Flappe is able to take the bomb out of Eighter but cannot fix Goku's radar. Goku throws the bomb which kills Murasaki. 
43 ""A Trip to the City"/ "Bulma's House In West City""
"Nishi no Miyako no Buruma n'chi" (西の都のブルマんち) 
December 17, 1986 March 1, 2002
After spending a night in Snow's house one of the villagers helps Goku summon his Nimbus next morning. Goku reaches West City, but has no idea where to find Bulma. Nobody he meets has a clue. Goku does not have any money, but manages to win a lot in a street fighting competition. Along the way, Goku is abducted by a couple of thieving rogues, but they are far from a problem for him. Goku finds a policeman to direct him to Bulma's house which is the Capsule Corp where dyno caps were first invented. 
44 ""Master Thief, Haski"/ "Commander Red Fights Back!""
"Gokū to Nakama to Kiken ga Ippai" (悟空と仲間と 危険がいっぱい) 
December 24, 1986 March 4, 2002
Bulma is currently out. Bulma shortly returns skipping school hours. Bulma leads Goku and the policeman to the garden where Bulma's father is. While Bulma fixes the radar, her father fixes the policeman's motorcycle. Bulma finds Goku has procured two dragon balls. To come with Goku, Bulma demonstrates her Microband invention. Meanwhile the RR Army are plotting against Goku. General Black has hired a master thief, Haski, to get the balls from him. The thieving rogues team up with her. Goku and Bulma meet up with Yamcha, Puar and Oolong. They all decide to go to the new Dreamland amusement park. Haski is ready to make her move. 
45 "Danger in the Air"
"Ki o Tsukero! Kūchū no Wana" (気をつけろ!空中の罠) 
January 7, 1987 March 5, 2002
Goku's group enters the Dreamland amusement park, with Haski and her two men stalking them. Haski plans how to steal the Dragon Balls while Goku's group is having fun. Haski baits the group into thinking she is a poor but promising fortuneteller. Goku makes it difficult for Haski but with the Dragon Balls in Yamcha's possession, Haski seizes her chance. Haski's cover is shortly blown but she swipes the Dragon Balls. Haski says she's planted a bomb to blow up Dreamland. Yamcha manages to tell Goku. On his Flying Nimbus, Goku chases Haski's hover ship. Goku pins down Haski, disarms the bomb and takes back the Dragon Balls. Bulma dumps Yamcha and she and Goku head off to search for the remaining Dragon Balls. 

General Blue saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
46 "Bulma's Bad Day"
"Buruma no Daishippai" (ブルマの大失敗) 
January 14, 1987 March 6, 2002
Goku and Bulma head to an island to look for a dragon ball. The island however is under the control of General Blue of the RR Army. Goku lands on the island and Bulma finds only one dyno cap in her father's case, and there are several nudie mags. Bulma snatches the lot and gets frustrated and furious that her father is into this, and shreds them up. Goku dives into the ocean but cannot dive deep enough to find the dragon ball. Meanwhile a couple of RR pilots are shooting at Bulma. As the pilots harass Bulma, Goku comes and blows them from the sky. Goku decides to go to Master Roshi's, much to Bulma's dismay. 
47 "Kame House - Found!"
"Kame Hausu Hakken Saru!!" (KΑME HOUSE 発見さる!!) 
January 21, 1987 March 7, 2002
As General Blue's men recover the scouts, Goku makes it to Roshi's island. Roshi offers the submarine (which Krillin and Launch are using) in exchange for Bulma's microband. Meanwhile Commander Red orders General Blue to take action. Roshi attempts to use the microband for some indecent mischief, and Launch and Krillin return. While planning to find the dragon ball, Krillin mentions something about Pirates' Treasure and Master Roshi tells its tale. After Goku, Bulma and Krillin leave, a RR scout spies the island. 
48 "Deep Sea Blue"
"Burū Shōgun Kōgeki Kaishi!!" (ブルー将軍 攻撃開始!!) 
January 28, 1987 March 8, 2002
Krillin manages to maneuver the air/sub ship to the location where the dragon ball is. General Blue plans to tail Goku, while another squad heads to Roshi's Island. Despite their searching, Bulma, Krillin and Goku do not find the dragon ball on the ocean bed. Meanwhile, General Blue prepares and launches all his forces. As Krillin drives the sub into a cave, General Blue's submarines tail and attack them. Krillin makes it to narrower caves, but General Blue sends his mini-subs to pursue them. 
49 "Roshi Surprise"
"Ayaushi Ranchi-san" (危うしランチさん) 
February 4, 1987 March 11, 2002
General Blue continues to chase Bulma, Goku and Krillin in their submarine. He resorts to ramming them into the cave walls. Meanwhile, Master Roshi is having a bit of trouble with an aggressive Launch. As Launch turns back into her gentle self, Captain Dock's flying circus approaches and lands on the island. Roshi mocks the Captain and does a surprise attack on the men, aggressive Launch finishing it off. Goku, Bulma and Krillin narrowly escape Blue's subs and surface into a long dark tunnel. Goku finds a button and lights up the tunnel. At the sight of a skeleton, Krillin confirms the place is the Pirates' hideout. Hearing that the legend is true, General Blue has new ideas. 
50 "The Trap is Sprung"
"Kaizokutachi no Wana" (海賊たちのワナ) 
February 11, 1987 March 12, 2002
General Blue continues to follow Goku, Krillin and Bulma, whilst Commander Red is impatient for results. The trio walk into a spear trap room. Goku and Krillin jump over the floor buttons but Goku has to maneuver Bulma with his power pole. Blue's soldiers are killed by the trap but General Blue finds a secret passage. As the trio cross a dark passage, they fall down an unstable floor into a lava pit, but Goku vaults them out with his power pole. General Blue gets attacked by an electric eel but manages to kill it. As the trio linger in the Pirates' port, a deadly robot emerges bent on terminating intruders. 
51 "Beware of Robot"
"Kaitei no Gādoman" (海底のガードマン) 
February 18, 1987 March 13, 2002
Goku and Krillin fight the Pirate robot in between evading its heavy machine gun and sword. Krillin manages to disarm the sword from it. General Blue stays in hiding watching the fight. Bulma fires a gun cannon on the robot as it skis across a pool. As Goku fights the robot with his power pole, Bulma rams a truck on it. Next, the robot drags Goku into an underwater battle, Goku narrowly escaping. The robot chases Bulma and Krillin through the hideout where all the pirates are dead. Goku recovers and rescues the other two. Goku performs an aerial attack smashing the robot. As everyone makes their way through the inner halls, the place begins to collapse. Goku takes a different route from the others. Bulma, Krillin and General Blue dive into a well. 
52 "The Pirate Treasure"
"Yatta! Otakara Hakken" (やった!お宝発見) 
February 25, 1987 March 14, 2002
As the hideout continues to collapse, Goku reaches a dead end and falls down a trapdoor onto a giant octopus. Krillin and Bulma emerge into a room with a booby trapped 10-armed statue and three chests, and General Blue emerges. Krillin disarms the statue and opens the gold chest while Goku blasts and eats the octopus. Bulma inserts a key in the statue and General Blue shows himself to the two. General Blue mocks Krillin as he fights him. Goku hears the fight and swims to them. General Blue demonstrates that he is very sensitive about his good looks and stuns Krillin, making it easy to beat him. General Blue isn't affected by Bulma's charms. Goku arrives just before General Blue can kill Krillin. 
53 "Blue, Black and Blue"
"Kyōfu no Hikaru Me" (恐怖の光る眼) 
March 4, 1987 March 15, 2002
Goku and Blue start fighting and Goku is winning until Blue powers up. Meanwhile, the whole ceiling is collapsing. He is just about to kill Goku when a mouse scares him. Goku gets up and beats Blue. Bulma and Krillin want to get out before the ceiling falls, but Goku wants to find the dragon ball. Once he gets it, he picks the mouse that saved him and runs, but Bulma and Krillin are about to leave. 
54 "Escape From Pirate Cave"
"Nigero ya Nigero!! Daidasshutsu" (逃げろや逃げろ!!大脱出) 
March 11, 1987 October 21, 2002
Goku makes it to the getaway submarine in the nick of time, still carrying the mouse in his mouth. As the trio escape, rocks collapse and hit the sub and it soon runs out of fuel. Goku manages to launch the sub to the surface with a Kamehameha Wave. Bulma has managed to take one diamond with her. General Blue also reaches the surface. In the Blue Sector HQ, Goku fiddles with the radio. As the trio make their way to Master Roshi's, General Blue follows. As Roshi gets the diamond, he is forced to hand it to aggressive Launch who makes off with it. General Blue lands on the island preparing for revenge. 
55 "Penguin Village"
"N'cha! Otte Pengin Mura" (んちゃ!追ってペンギン村) 
March 18, 1987 October 22, 2002
General Blue binds the occupants of the Kame house with rope he powered with psychic waves. General Blue then steals the dragon balls and sets a 5 minute bomb. Gentle Launch makes it in time to release Goku and Goku throws out the bomb. Goku then chases General Blue. As Goku and General Blue speed up to max, they both fly across a strange island. A speedy girl with a couple of sprites watch in awe. General Blue causes Goku to fall but crashes his jet into a mountain. 
56 "Strange Visitor"
"Uhohōi! Arare Kumo ni Noru" (うほほーい!アラレ雲にのる) 
March 25, 1987 October 23, 2002
The girl introduces herself as Arale and the sprites are Gachem 1 & 2. Blue flees before Goku can find him. Arale and Gachem 1 & 2 catch up with Goku and are able to ride on the Nimbus with him. Blue meets Sour Man and commandeers his car. Goku meets a lady called Akuma and a policeman called Toro, both incapable of riding the Nimbus. The mention of the RR Army terrifies Toro. Blue meets someone who resembles his little brother and attacks Toro and his partners. As Goku tries to find the General, Arale bumps into Blue, and she and Gachem 1 and 2 try to socialise with him, to Blue's horror. Goku fails to find Blue and cannot get the dragon radar to work. Arale takes Goku to a doctor to get it fixed. 
57 "Arale vs. Blue"
"Taiketsu! Arare Tai Burū" (対決!アラレVSブルー) 
April 8, 1987 October 24, 2002
Senbei attempts to fix the dragon radar while Officer Toro stumbles in the coffee shop. Baby Turbo manages to help Senbei fix the radar. Blue arrives and waits for his chance to steal the plane by the family's house. Blue tries to avoid detection from Goku's fixed radar. The police at the station are getting trigger happy. Goku finds Blue by surprise and Blue threatens Arale with a knife in front of the family. Blue stuns Goku and swipes his radar. Before Blue can kill Goku, Arale jumps in and chases him through Penguin village. Meanwhile a small fight occurs between the police and a couple of aliens, mistaken for the Red Ribbon Army. Turbo offers to make a new radar for the one Goku lost. Blue is shown making contact with Red from a desolated area. 

Commander Red saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
58 "The Land of Korin"
"Makyō no Seichi Karin" (魔境の聖地カリン) 
April 15, 1987 October 28, 2002
In the Land of Korin, Captain Yellow is looking for another dragon ball. They find the ball in the crater of a volcano. Near a massive tower that reaches the sky, Bora and his son Upa are fishing. As Captain Yellow's men retrieve the dragon ball, the volcano erupts. Bora gets hold of the dragon ball. As Yellow and his men land, Bora demands they leave. When they see him carrying the dragon ball they attack him but Bora resists. Bora kills a grenadier who comes from behind him and beats down Yellow's men. Yellow kidnaps Upa to blackmail Bora. Goku arrives in time to defeat Yellow and save Upa (who is able to ride the Nimbus). The dragon ball Bora has is the very one Goku was looking for. Meanwhile, the guards of the RR base hardly recognize General Blue on his arrival. Commander Red has summoned the infamous Mercenary Tao. 
59 "The Notorious Mercenary"
"Kita! Sekaiichi no Koroshiya Taopaipai" (きた!世界一の殺し屋 “桃白白”) 
April 22, 1987 October 29, 2002
General Blue enters the RR base and Commander Red is making a pretty expensive deal with Mercenary Tao. Despite procuring the dragon radar, Red is displeased with Blue and offers him a second chance if he can defeat Mercenary Tao. Meanwhile, Bora tells Goku the legend of the Korin Tower. General Blue thinks Mercenary Tao is a joke. Tao is very quick in both dodging and attacking, and even proves to be immune to Blue's paralysis technique. Using only the tip of his tongue, Tao kills Blue. After being briefed on his target, Tao travels on a flying pillar to Korin's Land. As Goku, Bora and Upa are enjoying themselves, Tao storms in and Bora fights him. Bora is killed by Tao, leaving Upa in grief and Goku in anger. 
60 "Tao Attacks!"
"Shōbu!! Kamehameha Tai Dodonpa" (勝負!!カメハメ波VSどどん波) 
April 29, 1987 October 30, 2002
Goku fights Tao. Despite his best attacks, Goku takes a severe beating from Tao. A Kamehameha Wave has no effect on Tao, but it sears his outfit. Angered, Tao fires a lethal beam (Dodon Wave) from his finger on Goku. Tao takes the dragon balls and taunts Upa before making his leave. Tao heads to a town to get a new outfit, while Red tells him that he is one dragon ball short. Upa has buried his father and is about to bury Goku when an RR pilot lands. As the pilot tries to take the dragon ball Goku kept, Goku beats him and blasts his jet. Apparently Goku's grandfather's dragon ball blocked the Dodon Wave. Not knowing what to do next, Upa suggests that Goku tries to climb the Korin Tower. Goku makes a good start, while Tao waits for his outfit to be tailored to Red's frustration. The tower is indeed a lot higher than Goku thought and he nearly falls off but continues his long journey without giving up. 
61 "Korin Tower"
"Karin-Tō no Karin-sama" (カリン塔のカリン様) 
May 6, 1987 November 4, 2002
Goku reaches the summit of Korin's tower. He sees visions of the past, present and future. Goku goes upstairs to meet Korin. Korin is not about to hand the sacred water to Goku. An assassin fails to kill Mercenary Tao as he heads to his usual luxurious hotel to take a boiling hot bath. Korin seems to be deceitful not letting Goku take the bottle of sacred water. After a long hard attempt trying to get the sacred water, Korin reveals that Master Roshi was the first to climb the tower and it took him three years to get the water. 
62 "Sacred Water"
"Hatashite!? Chōseisui no Kikime" (果して!?超聖水のききめ) 
May 13, 1987 November 5, 2002
Goku attempts to snatch the sacred water from Korin with his "After Image" technique which is no surprise to Korin. The next day Korin gives Goku a Sensu Bean to last Goku's appetite and energy for 10 days. Korin throws Goku's dragon ball out of the tower forcing Goku to run down and up the tower again. Goku attempts to take the sacred water while Korin sleeps, but thinks better of it. Goku tries long and hard for the next two days to get the sacred water. Mercenary Tao realises how he wasn't able to kill Goku. Goku attempts to read Korin by mimicking his every move. The very next day, Goku finally manages to get the sacred water. To his disappointment it doesn't strengthen him, but all that exercise did him good. Tao kills the tailor who made his outfit before leaving. Goku also makes his leave. 
63 "The Return of Goku"
"Son Gokū no Gyakushū" (孫悟空の逆襲) 
May 20, 1987 November 6, 2002
Tao arrives and bullies Upa. Goku arrives to save him and rounds on Tao. After some small talk, Goku demonstrates his speed and strength on Tao. Tao also happens to know the legend of Korin's tower and the sacred water. Goku blocks most attacks from Tao to Upa's surprise. Meanwhile, Bulma is working on a new scout plane to assist Goku. Goku beats Tao a lot. Tao's Dodon Wave only singes Goku's hands. Tao resorts to wielding a sword on Goku, but Upa fetches Goku his power pole and Goku breaks Tao's sword. Tao kicks a stone, missing Upa and destroying the teepee. Tao decides to climb the tower to get the sacred water. 
64 "The Last of Mercenary Tao"
"Saigo no Taopaipai" (最後の桃白白) 
May 27, 1987 November 7, 2002
While Mercenary Tao tires himself climbing the tower, Goku enjoys his moments with Upa who is amazed at Goku's confidence. Meanwhile, Bulma's dragon radar is malfunctioning due to some radar jamming situation which is also affecting Commander Red. Tao reaches the tower summit and meets Korin. Arrogant Tao drinks the sacred water and Korin tricks him into thinking his strength is boosted. In addition, Korin gives Tao a dark cloud to ride. Korin then causes Tao to plummet to the ground. Tao beats Goku, but Goku was just taking blows to read his moves. Tao acts as if to surrender and throws a napalm grenade at Goku, but Goku kicks it back. The bomb explodes right in front of Tao, killing him. Meanwhile, Bulma has finished engineering her radar against the radar jammer, which also boosts Goku's. Goku is off to defeat the RR at their HQ. 
65 "Confront the Red Ribbon Army"
"Yuke Gokū! Totsugeki Kaishi" (ゆけ悟空!突撃開始) 
June 10, 1987 November 8, 2002
Commander Red receives word that Colonel Violet has tracked another dragon ball. Her divers successfully procure the ball. As they are attacked by a giant alligator and savages, Violet selfishly leaves her men to die, giving her the chance to escape with the ball. Violet hands the ball to Commander Red, receiving a pint-sized reward. Bulma has completed her spy camera to find Goku and launches it. As Goku makes his way to the RR HQ, Commander Red is convinced it is Mercenary Tao. Bulma's spy camera is destroyed when it hovers above the RR base. Bulma, Launch and Roshi realise Goku is making a direct attack on the RR base. Yamcha, Oolong and Puar receive the news and take off with the others to follow Goku. 
66 "A Real Bind"
"Reddo Ribon Gun Hisshi no Kōbō" (レッドリボン軍必死の攻防) 
June 17, 1987 November 11, 2002
While Yamcha and the others are flying after Goku, they decide to find Krillin. They find Krillin swimming but he flees before he realises they are here to pick him up. Goku beats a scout of the sky and his cover is blown. Goku gets past the defenses and penetrates the base perimeter. All at once, he has the entire army on top of him. Yamcha flies the plane into the RR sector barely escaping a heat seeker missile. Colonel Violet is grabbing every scrap of money she can get. Goku infiltrates Red's command building as Commander Red retreats to his office with General Black. 
67 "The End of Commander Red"
"Reddo Sōsui Shisu!!" (レッド総帥死す!!) 
June 24, 1987 November 12, 2002
The warfare against Goku continues for the RR Army. Then, the soldiers flee in terror except for Colonel Violet who is heading for Red's treasure vault. Violet swipes all the money and valuables and makes her leave. Red gets frustrated and angry and leaves Black to face Goku as he retreats to his penthouse. As Goku beats Black, Red activates the ceiling to crush Goku. Having been betrayed and risking his life, Black kills Red. Goku emerges from the wreckage and Black tries to talk his way out, but Goku won't fall for his lies. As a last resort Black uses a mech robot machine to take out Goku. Meanwhile, Yamcha and Violet are both trying to evade each other. General Black beats Goku plenty and is preparing to fire a lethal weapon on him. 

Fortuneteller Baba saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
68 "The Last Dragon Ball"
"Saigo no Doragon Bōru" (最後のドラゴンボール) 
July 1, 1987 November 13, 2002
As Yamcha nears the RR base, Goku evades Black's laser cannon. Black uses all he has got against him, and Goku destroys the robot mech suit along with Black. Goku now has six dragon balls but cannot track the last one. By the time Yamcha and the others arrive, the war is over and Goku reunites with the lot. Goku's success in crippling the RR Army amazes everyone. Puar scouts around but finds no one . Even Goku's climbing Korin's Tower surprises Roshi. Bulma promises to fix the dragon radar and Goku promises to have Bora resurrected. 
69 "Who is Fortuneteller Baba?"
"Kyūto na!? Uranai Baba" (キュートな!?占いババ) 
July 8, 1987 November 14, 2002
Bulma finds there is nothing wrong with the dragon radar and thinks something organic may have swallowed the ball that puts the ball off detection. Roshi suggests Goku visits Fortuneteller Baba to find the last dragon ball with her clairvoyance. Goku takes off with Yamcha, Puar and Krillin. They stop at a town and Goku needs to get a new suit of clothes. While a new martial suit is being made, Goku take Upa on the adventure with him. After changing into his new clothes, Goku and his friends head off to Fortuneteller Baba's palace, passing desert tornados and storms. Goku is greeted by Ghost at the palace. A group of mean-looking visitors enter the palace and leave in a devastated state. Goku and the others enter and meet Fortuneteller Baba who is not what they expected. Baba is asking a huge price for a single fortune and Goku's only alternative is to battle five warriors of Baba's. 
70 "We Are The Five Warriors"
"Totsugeki! Warera Gonin no Senshi" (突撃!われら5人の戦士) 
July 15, 1987 November 15, 2002
Yamcha, Krillin and Goku feel up to fighting while Upa and Puar choose to stay back. Krillin starts against Fangs the Vampire. Krillin misses every time and is beaten when Fangs sinks his fangs into Krillin's scalp. Krillin loses a lot of blood and Fangs pushes him into the lake. Ghost attends to Krillin's blood loss. Unsuspecting Upa and Puar volunteer to be the next to fight Fangs together, which Fangs agrees to. Scared but determined, Upa breathes crunched up garlic in Fangs' face. Fangs then rounds on Puar but she turns into porcupine that impales Fangs' jaws. She then turns into a giant hand and slaps Fangs into the lake. Yamcha chooses to fight next. Baba tells Yamcha he is fighting an invisible warrior. While Yamcha's attempts are unsuccessful, Krillin sends Goku to fetch Bulma and Roshi. Yamcha tries hearing the invisible man out. 
71 "Deadly Battle"
"Kesshi no Dairyūkessen" (決死の大流血戦) 
July 22, 1987 November 18, 2002
Goku locates Roshi and Bulma in their capsule ship. Goku collects Roshi and Bulma in a careless manner then makes the ship swerve down and aggressive Launch takes control in the nick of time. Yamcha's hearing the invisible man works out at first until Baba starts singing awfully. Yamcha takes repetitive blows. Krillin diverts the invisible man with applause giving Yamcha the chance to fight back, but the invisible man becomes silent and starts devastating Yamcha. Goku arrives with Roshi and Bulma. With a thrust of Bulma's breasts, Krillin causes Roshi to have a violent nosebleed right on the invisible man, exposing him to Yamcha. Yamcha beats the invisible man with a Wolf Fang Fist, making him surrender. Roshi reveals that Baba is his sister. For the next fight, Baba leads the whole lot into her creepy tower. Yamcha is to fight in a realm called "The Devil's Toilet". Baba takes Goku to her home room, serving him a meal while testing his reflexes. Baba has creepy ideas in store for Goku and his friends. 
72 "Goku's Turn"
"Son Gokū Kenzan! Akuma no Benjo" (孫悟空見参!悪魔の便所) 
July 29, 1987 November 19, 2002
Baba summons a coffin. Out comes Yamcha's opponent, a mummified warrior. The mummy is a lot faster and stronger than he looks and Yamcha nearly falls in the Devil's Toilet. The mummy beats Yamcha despite his attempt to retaliate a surprise attack. Puar cuts in, but it makes matters worse. Goku saves Yamcha and enters the next fight. 
73 "The Devilmite Beam"
"Hissatsu Akumaitokōsen to wa!?" (必殺アクマイト光線とは!?) 
August 5, 1987 November 20, 2002
The mummy feels a bit hesitant to fight Goku. Goku whets the mummy's appetite and counter-strikes. The mummy binds Goku with his own bandages. After a long struggle, Goku jumps down just beyond the deadly toilet water and breaks free. Goku defeats the mummy with a single punch. Goku's next opponent is a demon called Spike. The demon seems easy to beat and he nearly falls in the toilet. Spike prepares to use his Devilmite beam to finish Goku. 
74 "The Mysterious Fifth Man"
"Nazo no Goninme no Otoko" (なぞの五人目の男) 
August 12, 1987 November 21, 2002
Master Roshi briefs the others on the story of Spike. Spike fires his Devilmite beam on Goku. Goku resists the beam entirely. Spike fires a stronger Devilmite beam. Goku resists that one entirely as well. Spike then flails a trident at Goku. A mysterious man wearing a cat mask and a halo on his head has been watching Goku closely. Goku almost falls in the Devil's Toilet but climbs on the other side of the bridge and surprises Spike. Goku finishes Spike with a mighty kick. The final fighter requests Baba that he and Goku fight outside. Roshi senses some familiarity about the fifth fighter. The fight begins. 
75 "The Strong Ones"
"Gekitotsu!! Kyōteki Dōshi" (激突!!強敵同士) 
August 19, 1987 November 22, 2002
The final fight begins with a struggle. Both opponents are evenly matched. The masked man launches Goku in the air and sends him crashing through the stage, but Goku attacks back. The masked man launches a Kamehameha Wave, which Goku avoids. Goku does his own Kamehameha Wave on the masked man. The masked man grabs Goku's tail, disabling him from fighting. The masked man is becoming more familiar to Roshi all the time and he has a good idea who is under the mask. Roshi reveals that the man is none other than Goku's deceased grandfather Gohan. 
76 "The True Colors of the Masked Man"
"Kamen Otoko no Shōtai ha!?" (仮面男の正体は!?) 
August 26, 1987 November 25, 2002
Gohan repeatedly slams Goku against the floor. Meanwhile, Pilaf is trying out his new power suit and Shu and Mai spy from a satellite on Goku. It turns out Pilaf has the final dragon ball and has jammed the dragon radar. Eventually Goku's tail rips off. Gohan surrenders and reveals his face to Goku. Bulma retells her adventures with Goku. Gohan chooses to stay dead and vanishes after a farewell. Baba reveals the exact location of the last dragon ball. 
77 "Pilaf's Tactics"
"Pirafu no Daisakusen" (ピラフの大作戦) 
September 2, 1987 November 26, 2002
Goku flies his Nimbus after Pilaf's car to get the last dragon ball. Pilaf is heading to Baba's place in the hope of procuring the other dragon balls, thinking that Goku still has a weakness. Goku stops the car and recognises his previous enemies. Pilaf challenges Goku to a battle, with his dragon ball against all six in Goku's possession. Pilaf, Shu and Mai get in their powersuits. The machines are unaffected by Goku's first attacks. The machines corner Goku and Shu burns his clothes off. To Pilaf's horror he finds Goku has no tail. Pilaf, Mai and Shu combine their powersuits into a titanic machine. Using a Kamehameha Wave, Goku blasts the side of Mai's powersuit. Mai ditches her broken powersuit and rides Pilaf's and Shu's combined powersuits as the trio flees. Shu fires a missile, but Goku throws it right back, trashing the powersuits. Pilaf gives Goku the dragon ball and Shu gives him his clothes. 
78 "The Eternal Dragon Rises"
"Shenron Futatabi" (神龍ふたたび) 
September 9, 1987 November 27, 2002
Goku flies back to Baba's place and takes Upa with all the dragon balls to the Land of Korin. Yamcha wants to train with Roshi who doesn't feel up to it but Bulma changes his mind. Goku and Upa have fun on their journey. Goku summons the eternal dragon and with a pluck of his courage, Upa wishes his father be resurrected. The dragon grants the wish and Bora rises from his grave. Upa delightfully embraces his father and the dragon vanishes into the seven balls. Before they can scatter, Goku grabs the four-star ball, which is already turning into stone. Goku bids Bora and Upa farewell and heads back to Baba's place. Roshi says that he has nothing more to teach Goku. Master Roshi tells Goku that he will get more training by walking instead of riding on the Nimbus Cloud, so Goku starts his journey across the globe, while Yamcha and Krillin head off to Master Roshi's for another round of training. 
79 "Terror and Plague"
"Kinkaku · Ginkaku no Hito Kui Hyōtan" (金角·銀角の人食いひょうたん) 
September 16, 1987 November 28, 2002
Goku is traveling when he sees a girl about to be eaten by a tiger-monster. He saves her and she asks him to help her village which is being terrorized by two people called Terror and Plague. When they reach the village, they see that there is a call going on in which when a person's name is called, and he doesn't reply "here", he will be sent inside the gourd (a thing Terror and Plague use to trap people). Goku shows, challenges and beats them, but they use the gourd and trap him. Goku escapes the gourd with his power pole and takes the gourd, trapping Terror and Plague. As punishment for their tyranny they are put to work. 
80 "Goku vs. Sky Dragon"
"Iza Gozen Shiai! Gokū Tai Tenron" (いざ御前試合!悟空VS天龍) 
September 23, 1987 November 29, 2002
Goku makes an enduring journey to challenge Master Chin. Chin is busy fending off Rising Dragon and his two men. Before Rising Dragon can begin a fight, his brother Sky Dragon stops him. Chin agrees to workout with Goku, his son Shoken getting worried. Goku finds Chin has been in weak health lately and learns from him about the King's Tournament. Goku manages to get medicine for Chin, managing to avoid conflict with the Dragon brothers. Sky Dragon spends his time terrifying his students. Goku volunteers to take Chin's place in the King's Tournament. Jealous Shoken spikes Goku's breakfast. At the tournament Goku battles Sky Dragon as the laxative kicks in Goku, but he resists the effect and beats Sky Dragon. The Dragon brothers and students join Chin's teachings and Goku resumes his journey. 
81 "Goku Goes to Demon Land"
"Gokū · Makai e Iku" (悟空·魔界へ行く) 
September 30, 1987 December 2, 2002
In a castle, Princess Misa is taken by a demon. Goku reaches the village avoiding the traps. In the castle, the king has doubts Goku will succeed but recruits him to face the demon Shula, after seeing his fighting skills. At that moment, the demons are rampaging the village. The king escorts Goku to the portal the next day, and Goku cannot pull Shula's sword from the door. At the Kame House, Launch is getting agitated with Roshi, while Yamcha and Krillin are hard at training. Goku meets the guards Gola and Maylay, who advise caution fighting Shula, who intends to marry Princess Misa. Goku defeats the first demon and shocks everyone with his intention to fight Shula. Goku beats Shula and escapes with Misa, Maylay and Gola helping. Goku pulls out Shula's sword and seals the portal. 
82 "The Rampage of InoShikaCho"
"Abare Kaijū InoShikaChō" (あばれ怪獣イノシカチョウ) 
October 7, 1987 December 3, 2002
Goku finds some people running away from their village. They say that a monster named InoShikaCho is terrorizing their village. Goku goes to the village and finds two men, one of whom has a third eye, who defeated Inoshikacho. The villagers pay them 100,000 seni for their services. Later, Goku finds them in the woods with InoShikaCho around a campfire. Goku realizes that they only pretended to kill the monster to get money. The three-eyed stranger fights Goku. He chops down a tree, which falls on Goku. A girl wakes him up, saying that she found him unconscious in the woods. Goku goes to the next village and finds the two strangers pulling the same trick. Goku says that they're friends with InoShikaCho, but they trick the villagers into believing Goku is friends with them. Goku picks up InoShikaCho and runs off, but the villagers catch him. The girl who saved him appears and clears Goku's name. 
83 "Which Way to Papaya Island?"
"Isoge Gokū! Tenka-ichi Budōkai" (いそげ悟空!天下一武道会) 
October 14, 1987 December 4, 2002
Three years have passed, and it is the day before the World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku sees three guys beating someone up, so he steps in and fights. They run away, and the guy he saved, Konkichi, is very thankful. Konkichi takes Goku to the airport so he can fly to Papaya Island, the site of the tournament. Goku has no money, so they go to a carnival to win some. Goku wins enough money for the tickets, so they head back to the airport. Goku sees Fortuneteller Baba, so he stops to talk. Konkichi runs off, but is caught by the same guys as before. They force him to rob a bank, but he gets caught. Konkichi admits to Goku that he was a criminal, but he wants to change. Baba tells Goku where the three men are, so he takes off after them. He catches them and brings them to jail. Unfortunately, he missed his flight, so he decides to swim to Papaya Island. 

Tien Shinhan saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
84 "Rivals and Arrivals"
"Mezase Budō Tenka-ichi!!" (めざせ武道天下一!!) 
October 21, 1987 December 5, 2002
Krillin, Yamcha and the others arrive at Papaya Island and check-in. While they wait for Goku to arrive–who is having troubles of his own, even if they are minor (for his standards) –the Crane Hermit and his two students, the same two who were swindling villages with Inoshikacho, turn up. Once they check-in, Master Roshi says that he and Master Shen, the Crane Hermit, used to be friends. Just as the registration period is about to end, Goku shows up. He and the others go out for a meal, and Master Roshi promises the restaurant owner he will pay him with the prize money from the tournament. That night, Krillin and Yamcha go out for a run and come across many of the other contestants training. The next morning, Goku, Krillin and Yamcha head towards the preliminary round arena. Master Roshi disappears, and Jackie Chun arrives. 
85 "Preliminary Peril"
"Kachinokoru zo!! Yosen Sabaibaru" (勝ちのこるぞっ!!予選サバイバル) 
October 28, 1987 December 6, 2002
Goku, Krillin, Yamcha and Jackie Chun all get drawn into separate eighths of the bracket, so they won't meet each other until the finals. Yamcha easily defeats his first opponent. Krillin pretends to struggle with his opponent, but is easily victorious. Master Shen's two students, Tien Shinhan, who has three eyes, and Chiaotzu, approach Yamcha, Krillin and Goku to tell them how weak they are. Chiaotzu also calls Krillin a "midget". With tensions running high, Yamcha and Tien square off to fight, but Jackie Chun steps in and reminds them that fighting now would disqualify them. Later, Tien quickly wins his first match. The time has come for Goku's match, but unfortunately he is up against King Choppa. The last time King Choppa entered the tournament, he won without even getting hit. 
86 "Then There Were Eight"
"Kettei!! Hachinin no Yūshatachi" (決定!!8人の勇者たち) 
November 4, 1987 December 9, 2002
From the start, it is clear that Goku is much faster and stronger than King Choppa. He jumps in the air, and on his way down, he blows at the ground to slow himself down and throw off King Choppa's timing. He then delivers the final blow. Jackie Chun then enters his fight, and although he is completely distracted with thoughts of Goku's new strength, he defeats his opponent in three blows. The preliminary rounds continue until the first intermission. During the meal, Yamcha and Tien nearly get in a fight, but once again, Jackie Chun stops them. Nam comes up to Goku to greet him. He is fighting in the tournament again, but this time it is only for fun, since his village is in no need of water anymore. Later, in the last match before the finals, Nam is nearly killed by Tien. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha and Jackie Chun all advance to the final round. 
87 "Yamcha vs. Tien"
"Taiketsu!! Yamucha Tai Tenshinhan" (対決!!ヤムチャVS天津飯) 
November 11, 1987 December 10, 2002
The finalists prepare to draw their numbers for the championship round. Chiaotzu uses his powers to rig the seeding. The first match is Yamcha against Tien, the second match is Jackie Chun against Man Wolf, the third is Krillin against Chiaotzu, and the fourth is Goku against Pomput. After a quick meal for Goku, the finals begin. Yamcha and Tien start fighting, and the two of them seem evenly matched. They each are surprised with the other's strength. During a lull in the action, Yamcha says that he is going to use his new technique: Wolf Fang Blowing Wind. 
88 "Yamcha's Big Break"
"Yuke Yamucha! Osoru Beshi Tenshinhan" (ゆけヤムチャ!恐るべし天津飯) 
November 18, 1987 December 11, 2002
Yamcha uses his Wolf Fang Blowing Wind technique, but it has no effect. He lands dozens of punches on Tien, but they too, don't seem to work. To everyone's surprise, Yamcha fires a Kamehameha Wave, but Tien deflects it back at him. Yamcha jumps up to avoid it, but Tien is there and kicks him to the ground. Tien comes down hard on Yamcha's leg, breaking it. Once Tien is declared the winner, Puar rushes in and transforms into a flying carpet to transport Yamcha to the hospital. Everyone heads back to the hotel to await tomorrow's match: Jackie Chun vs. Man Wolf. 
89 "Full-Moon Vengeance"
"Kyōfu!! Mangetsu no Urami" (恐怖!!満月の恨み) 
November 25, 1987 December 12, 2002
Man Wolf has been waiting three years for the opportunity to fight Jackie Chun. He is angry with Jackie because he destroyed the moon, preventing him from changing back into a human. Man Wolf tries to hit Jackie as hard as he can, but Jackie dodges with no effort. Man Wolf pulls a knife on Jackie Chun, thereby disqualifying himself, but Jackie easily stops Man Wolf from hurting him. He paralyzes Man Wolf with a special technique, then brings Krillin out into the ring. He hypnotizes Man Wolf into thinking that Krillin's bald, shiny head is the moon. Man Wolf changes back into a human. He thanks Jackie Chun and leaves the tournament. 
90 "The Dodon Wave!"
"Nanana!! Nanto Dodonpa" (なななっ!!なんと どどん波) 
December 2, 1987 December 13, 2002
Krillin and Chiaotzu begin to fight. Chiaotzu reveals that he has the ability to fly. Before Krillin can lay a hand on him, he floats up above the ring. He starts firing Dodon rays at Krillin, who is forced to run wildly around the ring to avoid them. Goku realizes that the Dodon ray is the same technique that was used by Mercenary Tao. Tien overhears Goku talking about the Dodon ray, so Goku tells him that Tao used it right before he killed him. Tien is shocked to hear this because Tao was one of the strongest men he ever knew. Jackie Chun tells Goku that Tao was Master Shen's brother. Tien tells Shen about Tao, causing Shen to become even angrier at Master Roshi's students. Meanwhile, Krillin tries to knock Chiaotzu out of the air, but fails. He decides to try the Kamehameha wave, even though he's never used it. Jackie Chun tries to tell Krillin that he's not ready to use it yet. 
91 "Counting Controversy!"
"Gyakuten!! Kuririn no Paaden ne Daisakusen" (逆転!!クリリンの8でんネ大作戦) 
December 9, 1987 December 16, 2002
Chiaotzu fires his Dodon ray at Krillin, and it seems to destroy him. Suddenly, Krillin appears in the air behind Chiaotzu and fires a Kamehameha wave at him. Chiaotzu is only barely able to float above the ring now, so he tries another special attack. He jumps head-first towards Krillin in an attempt to push him out of the ring, but Krillin pushes him back. Chiaotzu then uses his special powers to paralyze Krillin. As Krillin is getting beaten up, he realizes Chiaotzu needs his hands to use his powers, so he gives him a math problem. Chiaotzu begins counting on his fingers, allowing Krillin to punch him out of the ring. Later that night, someone sneaks into Goku's room and tries to kill him. Goku wakes up, so the man flees. Goku and Krillin catch up to him and find that it was the Crane Hermit trying to avenge the death of Tao. They square off to fight, but Tien suddenly shows up and stops them. He says that Goku must be punished and humiliated in the ring, not in the street at night. 
92 "Goku Enters the Ring"
"Omatase! Son Gokū Sanjō!!" (おまたせーっ!孫悟空参上!!) 
December 16, 1987 December 17, 2002
Goku and Master Roshi have a sparring session before the fourth match. Pomput's manager sees how strong Goku is and realizes Pomput can't beat him. Goku goes for a quick run and Pomput's manager follows in his car. He catches Goku and tells him that the fight has been moved. He offers to take Goku to the new arena. Launch witnesses Goku getting in the car, so she chases after them. When she catches up to him, she easily defeats the manager's bodyguards. Goku runs back to the arena just in time for his fight. Pomput is a movie star and has never lost a fight, so he is very confident he can win. Once the fight starts, he tries to punch Goku, but Goku dodges it and gives Pomput three quick elbows to the gut, knocking him out. 
93 "Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun"
"Jitsuryoku Hakuchū!! Tenshinhan Tai Jakkii" (実力伯仲!!天津飯VSジャッキー) 
December 23, 1987 December 18, 2002
Everyone waits for the first semifinal to start. Finally, Jackie Chun and Tien Shinhan begin their match. Tien attacks first, and Jackie Chun grabs him and throws him out of the ring. Tien reveals that he, too, has the ability to fly, and floats back into the ring. Jackie Chun tries the mirror-image technique. He creates eight images of himself that rapidly rotate around Tien. They close in and attack from all sides. Tien uses his three eyes to figure out which is the real Jackie Chun, and give that one a harsh kick to the face. Jackie discards his shirt and powers up. The two of them begin attacking wildly. After a while, they fall apart from each other, badly beaten. 
94 "Stepping Down"
"Gegege!! Shintsurusenryū Taiyōken" (ゲゲゲッ!!新鶴仙流·太陽拳) 
December 30, 1987 December 19, 2002
Tien and Jackie Chun continue fighting. Tien kicks Jackie in the face, causing him to fly to the edge of the ring. Tien tries to push him out, but Jackie manages to get away and get back to the center of the ring. Tien decides to use his Solar Flare technique, which blinds everyone in the stadium, including Jackie. He delivers a powerful blow, nearly knocking Jackie out. The announcer begins to count, but before he reaches 10, Jackie gets up. Jackie then begins preaching to Tien, telling him the error of his ways. Tien ignores him and begins a furious attack. As Jackie continues preaching, Master Shen suddenly realizes Jackie Chun is really Master Roshi in disguise. He telepathically communicates this to Tien, who then fires a Kamehameha wave. Jackie Chun is able to deflect it upwards, and with some last words of wisdom, he inexplicably walks out of the ring. 
95 "Goku vs. Krillin"
"Faito!! Gokū Tai Kuririn" (ファイト!!悟空VSクリリン) 
January 6, 1988 December 20, 2002
Goku and Krillin start their semifinal match. After several minutes of fighting, they seem evenly matched. Goku jumps high in the air, and Krillin follows him. The sun reflects off of Krillin's bald head and blinds Goku, allowing Krillin to kick him to the ground. Goku somehow lands on his feet and attacks Krillin as he falls. Krillin sucks in some air, causing him to float, thus throwing off Goku's timing. Meanwhile, Tien confronts Master Roshi to ask him why he quit the match. Master Roshi tells Tien that he is not a killer, even though he acts like it. He says that Tien has a conscience, and this will make him into a hero. Tien tries to ignore Roshi's teachings, and promises to kill Goku to prove him wrong. 
96 "Tail's Tale"
"Masa ka Gokū!? Kuririn no Daisakusen" (まさか悟空!?クリリンの大作戦) 
January 13, 1988 December 23, 2002
Goku and Krillin continue their fight. Goku runs toward Krillin, creating a Kamehameha wave as he goes. He jumps in the air and uses the wave to blast himself into Krillin. The announcer begins the count, but Krillin gets up, so they continue fighting. Goku gets several powerful hits in on Krillin, who realizes he only has one chance to win. He fires a Kamehameha wave at Goku, who easily blocks it. Suddenly, Krillin appears behind Goku and grabs his tail. Goku passes out and the announcer begins counting. Before he reaches 10, Goku gets up and slams Krillin to the ground, saying that during the last three years, he worked with his tail until the weakness was gone. Krillin fools Goku and gets in a cheap shot, causing the two of them to launch into another furious bout. After Krillin hits him again, Goku disappears. He is moving so fast that no one can see him. He suddenly appears next to Krillin and kicks him out of the ring. 
97 "Final Match: Goku vs. Tien"
"Kesshō!! Hatashite Budō Tenka-ichi wa!?" (決勝!!はたして武道天下一は!?) 
January 20, 1988 December 25, 2002
Yamcha sneaks out of the hospital to watch the final match. Oolong transforms into a giant ogre to save front-row seats for everyone. The match finally starts, and right away Goku attacks. He grabs Tien's leg with his tail and swings around to punch him in the face. Tien flies up in the air, and Goku jumps up after him. Tien hits Goku with a Dodon ray, blasting him down through the floor of the ring. Goku jumps up from the rubble and continues his assault. He tries his disappearing trick again, but Tien's three eyes help him to keep track of Goku's movements. While Goku is running around, Tien hits him, sending him flying to the wall of the ring. Tien pins Goku against the wall and beats him mercilessly. 
98 "Victory's Edge/ Battle Power!"
"Higi·Haikyūken to Sentō Pawā" (秘技·排球拳と戦闘パワー) 
January 27, 1988 December 26, 2002
Tien grabs Goku and begins to play volleyball with him. He spikes Goku down into the ground, but to his surprise, Goku gets up. He says that throughout the tournament, he had only been using a fraction of his strength to protect his opponent, but now he is going to fight at full power. He unleashes a brutal assault on Tien, then starts conjuring a Kamehameha wave, but stops, realizing Tien would have dodged it. Tien meditates briefly, then they continue the match. Goku's next assault nearly pushes Tien out of the ring, but Tien is able to counter it. Goku then creates 10 images of himself to confuse Tien. When Tien attacks one of the false images, Goku sneaks up and knocks him down. Tien uses his Solar Flare technique, but Goku borrows Master Roshi's glasses and counters with his own attack. Goku jumps up for an attack, but is mysteriously frozen, allowing Tien to knock him down. 
99 "Tien's Insurrection"
"Tenshinhan no Kunō!!" (天津飯の苦悩!!) 
February 3, 1988 December 27, 2002
Goku once again gets frozen in midair, allowing Tien to kick him down to the ground. Goku uses a Kamehameha wave to prevent landing outside the ring. He attacks Tien, but is frozen again. Yamcha realizes Chiaotzu is using his powers to paralyze Goku. Tien hits Goku dozens of times, nearly knocking him out. Goku gets up and kicks Tien in the face, but is frozen once more. Tien once again pounds Goku mercilessly. Realizing that he's winning too easily, Tien figures out that Chiaotzu is helping him and forces him to stop, wanting to beat Goku in a fair fight. Seeing the error in Shen's teachings, Tien refuses to kill Goku. Shen tells Chiaotzu to paralyze Tien, but he refuses. Shen tries to kill him, but Master Roshi hits him with a Kamehameha wave, blasting him out of the arena. Goku then attacks Tien with incredible force. Afterwards, Tien says that he let Goku beat him up to make up for the beating Goku took when he was paralyzed. Suddenly, Tien grows two extra arms out from his back. 
100 "The Spirit Cannon"
"Sei ka Shi ka!? Saigo no Shudan" (生か死か!?最後の手段) 
February 10, 1988 December 30, 2002
With four arms, Tien clearly has an advantage over Goku. He nearly pushes him out of the ring, forcing Goku to jump up. Tien grabs Goku's arms and legs and repeatedly headbutts him. Goku begins to smack Tien in the face with his tail, forcing Tien to let him go. Goku then appears to grow six extra arms to counter Tien's four. The two of them continue fighting until they simultaneously knock each other down. The count reaches eight before they both stand up. Goku trips Tien and grabs his legs. He pulls on his legs, causing Tien tremendous pain. Tien's extra arms reach up and choke Goku, but Tien quickly give up. After a long struggle, Tien's legs flip Goku off of him and into the wall. Goku gets up, so Tien decides to use the Tri-Beam Cannon, a devastatingly powerful attack. Tien first tells Goku to dodge what is coming then Tien floats high above the ring and fires the Tri-Beam on Goku. When the dust clears, the entire ring is gone, leaving a gaping hole in the ground. Goku is nowhere to be found. 
101 "The Fallen"
"Budō Taikai Shūryō! Soshite...!!" (武道大会終了!そして...!!) 
February 17, 1988 December 31, 2002
Everyone looks up and finds Goku miles above the surface. Tien jumps up and tells Goku that he never meant to hit him with the Tri-Beam Cannon. He just wanted to knock him out of bounds, and since there's no stage to land on and since Tien can fly, Goku seems to have no chance. With a Kamehameha wave, Goku blasts himself into Tien. As they rapidly approach the surface, Goku is hit by a car, causing him to touch the ground slightly before Tien. The announcer declares Tien the winner, and the entire crowd rushes over to the landing site. Later, Tien offers Goku half of his prize money, but Goku declines the offer. Tien apologizes to Yamcha for breaking his leg, then takes everyone out to dinner. Right before they eat, Goku realizes he left the power pole and the four-star ball at the arena, so Krillin leaves to get them for him. While they're eating, Goku suddenly runs back to the arena and finds Krillin dead. 

King Piccolo saga

Ep# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
102 "Enter King Piccolo"
"Kuririn no Shi Osoroshiki Inbō!!" (クリリンの死恐ろしき陰謀!!) 
February 24, 1988 September 1, 2003
Goku and his friends find Krillin murdered. The referee says it was a monster that also took Goku's Dragon Ball and a list of tournament participants. Goku takes the Dragon Radar and charges off in pursuit of the killer. Judging by a crest on a paper, Roshi knows this to be the work of King Piccolo. Roshi explains how the world suffered his carnage long ago and how he and his master Mutaito trapped him in a jar at the cost of his own life. It turns out Pilaf released King Piccolo and is assisting him. Goku catches up with King Piccolo's minion Tambourine. 
103 "Tambourine Attacks!"
"Pikkoro Daimaō no Kyōfu!!" (ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖!!) 
March 2, 1988 September 2, 2003
Goku engages Tambourine in combat, but Goku is weak from hunger, so Tambourine overpowers him and destroys the Flying Nimbus, leaving Goku for dead. Roshi and the others head to the Kame house. After Tambourine hands King Piccolo the dragon ball and list of fighters, he is sent to kill all the fighters, starting with King Chappa. 
104 "Mark of the Demon"
"Yomigaere Son Gokū!!" (よみがえれ孫悟空!!) 
March 9, 1988 September 3, 2003
While Tambourine kills fighter after fighter around the world (leaving the mark of the demon behind), King Piccolo creates and sends a new warrior called Cymbal to gather the remaining dragon balls. Goku wakes up and tries to look for food. Roshi plans to move from the island to somewhere else once Bulma makes another dragon radar. Goku finds a fish cooking and eats it. When he's finished, he vows for revenge. Suddenly, a mountain man emerges from the thickets mad that Goku ate his fish. 
105 "Here Comes Yajirobe"
"Kaidanji·Yajirobee Tōjō!!" (怪男児·ヤジロベー登場!!) 
March 16, 1988 September 4, 2003
Goku fights with Yajirobe. Yajirobe is a skilled and tough fighter. Roshi finds a safe haven for his friends and sets out with Tien and Chiaotzu to find the dragon balls and stop King Piccolo. Bulma preserves Krillin in a freezing capsule. Goku accuses Yajirobe of assisting Tambourine but Goku learns Yajirobe isn't lying and never steals. Cymbal appears eyeing Yajirobe's dragon ball. After a game of rock, paper and scissors, Yajirobe fights Cymbal. Eventually Yajirobe slices Cymbal killing him. At that moment, King Piccolo feels the presence of Cymbal's death. 
106 "Terrible Tambourine"
"Majū·Tanbarin ga Yatte Kuru!!" (魔獣·タンバリンがやってくる!!) 
March 23, 1988 September 5, 2003
King Piccolo is furious about Cymbal's death. Tambourine next targets Giran. Yamcha is next on Tambourine's hit list. Goku requests for Yajirobe's dragon ball explaining their powers to him. Tambourine finds Yamcha but before he can kill him, King Piccolo telepathically orders him to find Cymbal's killer. Master Roshi procures one of the dragon balls. Goku intends to use the dragon balls to resurrect Krillin. 
107 "Tien's Atonement"
"Son Gokū·Ikari Bakuhatsu!!" (孫悟空·怒り爆発!!) 
April 6, 1988 September 9, 2003
Master Roshi drives a hard bargain with pirates on a land battleship to get another dragon ball. Yajirobe refuses to hand his dragon ball to Goku. Goku won't leave Yajirobe until Tambourine finds them. They both stop at a river, exhausted from their long run. During their search for another dragon ball in a town, Tien comes across an old rival he previously broke a leg in a fight. Tien tries to ask nicely for the dragon ball, but the man refuses. Several soldiers storm the house thinking Tien is the killer of the martial arts fighters, but Master Roshi convinces them they're mistaken. The man forgives Tien and offers to give the dragon ball. Tambourine finds Yajirobe and Goku catches up ready to take his revenge. 
108 "Goku's Revenge"
"Pikkoro Daimaō Oritatsu!!" (ピッコロ大魔王降り立つ!!) 
April 13, 1988 September 10, 2003
As Roshi follows a dragon ball in motion, Goku begins his fight with Tambourine, immediately overwhelming him. Tambourine fires an incinerating beam at Goku, but Goku evades it and kills him with a Kamehameha Wave in midair. Sensing Tambourine's death, King Piccolo decides to deal with Goku himself. Roshi and Tien find a fourth dragon ball in a cave, tangled with crows. King Piccolo decides to wait for all the other dragon balls to be gathered as he gets closer to Goku's location. 
109 "Goku vs. King Piccolo"
"Son Gokū Tai Pikkoro Daimaō" (孫悟空対ピッコロ大魔王) 
April 20, 1988 September 11, 2003
Roshi is on the verge of getting the fifth dragon ball. Pilaf's ship lands near Goku and Yajirobe. Recalling King Piccolo, Yajirobe hands Goku the dragon ball and hides. King Piccolo jumps down to face Goku. After a warmup, King Piccolo stuns Goku. Roshi procures the fifth dragon ball, but drops it down a canyon. After a long fight, King Piccolo fires several explosive beams at Goku. When Goku fails to counter attack, King Piccolo prepares to finish him off. 
110 "Piccolo Closes In"
"Ganbare! Son Gokū!!" (がんばれっ!孫悟空!!) 
May 4, 1988 September 15, 2003
After a few more hits, King Piccolo critically wounds Goku with one of his most powerful beams and takes his dragon ball. King Piccolo makes his way to get the rest of the dragon balls. In his state, Goku requests Yajirobe to take him to Korin Tower. Meanwhile Chiaotzu finds the fifth dragon ball. Roshi decides they head to King Piccolo to get the other two balls. Roshi takes to the ground and hides the dragon balls he collected. King Piccolo swallows his two dragon balls thwarting Roshi's plan. To prevent Tien from fighting, Roshi paralyses him. King Piccolo jumps down to face Roshi. 
111 "Roshi's Gambit"
"Kame-Sen'nin no Saigo no Mafūba!!" (亀仙人の最後の魔封波!!) 
May 11, 1988 September 16, 2003
Roshi tells King Piccolo where his dragon balls are, but knowing full well that he is no match for King Piccolo, has no wish to fight, and toys with King Piccolo, enduring the pain he receives. King Piccolo doesn't recall meeting Roshi before, until Roshi mentions Mutaito, and grows fearful as he realises what Roshi is here to do. Roshi takes a special jar out a capsule and unleashes an evil containment wave, King Piccolo attempting to resist. Unfortunately, Roshi misses at the last second and dies. King Piccolo unites all seven balls and summons the Eternal Dragon. 
112 "King Piccolo's Wish"
"Wakagaeru ka!? Pikkoro Daimaō" (若がえるか!?ピッコロ大魔王) 
May 18, 1988 September 17, 2003
Chiaotzu tries to thwart King Piccolo's wish, but gets killed instead. King Piccolo makes his wish and becomes younger. Before Shenron can disperse, King Piccolo kills him so that no one else can use the Dragon Balls against him. King Piccolo intends to target the Kingdom of Chow. There, King Furry is a kind-hearted person. Tien intends to use the evil containment wave on King Piccolo. Pilaf tries to reclaim his reward but King Piccolo dumps him, Mai and Shu off the ship. Yajirobe and Goku finally reach Korin's tower. 
113 "Siege on Chow Castle"
"Kingu Kyassuru no Kōbō!!" (キングキャッスルの攻防!!) 
May 25, 1988 September 18, 2003
As King Piccolo prepares to attack Chow Castle, everyone is celebrating King Furry's anniversary including Snow. Goku intends to climb Korin's tower to meet Korin once more. With Bora's help, Yajirobe begins his climb up the tower. Yamcha and the others arrive, where Tien is waiting. As girls hand King Furry bouquets, King Piccolo storms the castle. Things get ugly in the kingdom, even for King Furry. King Piccolo kills the commander and captures the evacuating king. Yajirobe finally reaches near the tower summit. 
114 "Conquest and Power"
"Gokū no Negai!! Karin-sama mo Nayamu" (悟空のねがい!!カリン様もなやむ) 
June 1, 1988 September 22, 2003
King Piccolo kills King Furry's first officer and demands Furry send word to the world of his conquest. Furry refuses and King Piccolo destroys a large part of the city making him give in. Bulma places Chiaotzu and Roshi's corpses in freezing capsules. Meanwhile Yajirobe meets Korin and eats too many Sensu beans. Goku's friends are trying to enjoy themselves while Tien is trying hard to learn the evil containment wave. Sadly Korin has nothing left to teach Goku, but tips Goku on Ultra Divine Water. 
115 "Awaken Darkness"
"Te ni Irero! Nazo no Chōshinsui" (手に入れろ!謎の超神水) 
June 8, 1988 September 23, 2003
Piano antagonises King Piccolo's enslaved subjects. Korin tells Goku that the Ultra Divine Water is hidden deep in an icy labyrinth where many have perished trying to pass. Yajirobe won't go, but accidentally goes in the same portal that Goku enters after. As Goku fights an indestructible ice monster, Darkness awakens. Yajirobe and Goku escape sliding down a long twisty path. Snow is very tempted to shoot King Piccolo with a rifle, but knows how unwise it is. Darkness has something bad in store for Goku and Yajirobe. 
116 "A Taste of Destiny"
"Ikite Ita Kame-sen'nin!?" (生きていた亀仙人!?) 
June 22, 1988 September 24, 2003
As Yajirobe and Goku press on, they go their separate ways. Goku meets Master Roshi and is taken to the Kame House in the middle of the labyrinth where all his friends await him. Goku sees all this is an illusion to bait him into danger and this Roshi is a fraud. Yajirobe falls onto Goku and they both fall off a cliff clinging for their lives. With effort, Goku stays put, even as Roshi injures him. Satisfied, Darkness meets with Goku and warns him the possibility of death from drinking the water if he is not fit for it. Goku takes the risk and drinks the water. Meanwhile, King Piccolo broadcasts that criminals are free to reign in the world. 
117 "The Ultimate Sacrifice"
"Son Gokū Tsui ni Hasshin!!" (孫悟空ついに発進!!) 
June 29, 1988 September 25, 2003
Goku has survived the Ultra Divine Water and vaults his and Yajirobe's way out with the power pole. Meanwhile a crime wave spreads throughout the world. Eighter has traveled to Chow Kingdom to find Snow. Snow is making use herself helping those in casualty as Eighter finds her. Eighter forcefully persuades a band of rogues to aid the casualties. Tien finally masters the evil containment wave and makes his way to confront King Piccolo. Goku and Yajirobe manage to get back to Korin's Tower. Korin gives Goku a new Nimbus cloud and Goku makes his way to face King Piccolo once more. 
118 "Prelude to Vengeance"
"Tenshinhan no Ketsui!!" (天津飯の決意!!) 
July 6, 1988 September 29, 2003
King Piccolo keeps the world at suspense as he chooses a target sector to annihilate. King Piccolo chooses to destroy Sector 28, which is none other than Bulma's homeland. The entire city tries to evacuate in a frenzy, including Bulma's parents. A team of convicts storms the Kame House, but Yamcha and Launch beat them. Tien arrives at Chow Castle just as King Piccolo is about to depart. Before Tien can start his plan, King Piccolo creates a new warrior called Drum. 
119 "Battle Cry"
"Kimaru ka!? Densetsu no Mafūba" (きまるか!?伝説の魔封破) 
July 20, 1988 September 30, 2003
As crisis continues in West City, Tien is forced to fight Drum. Goku stops halfway on his journey to help the Ox King and Chi Chi from soldiers blackmailed into killing martial artists by King Piccolo. Tired of waiting Yamcha and the others decide to go after Tien. After taking blows Tien seizes his chance to perform the evil containment wave, but Piccolo destroys the jar. Goku arrives and kicks Drum hard killing him. 
120 "Goku Strikes Back"
"Gokū·Ikari no Furu Pawā!!" (悟空·怒りのフルパワー!!) 
July 27, 1988 October 1, 2003
Goku starts his fight by throwing King Piccolo through Chow Castle. King Piccolo's first attacks fail to harm Goku. Piccolo gets many blows from Goku, so he harnesses his full power, killing Piano in the process. Goku takes a powerful hit and Piccolo rounds on Tien. Goku suddenly leaps out about to launch a Kamehameha Wave. 
121 "The Biggest Crisis"
"Son Gokū Saidai no Kiki!!" (孫悟空最大の危機!!) 
August 3, 1988 October 2, 2003
Goku blasts King Piccolo in the back with a Kamehameha Wave. Goku continues to devastate King Piccolo. News of the fight reaches everywhere. King Piccolo manages to wound Goku's right knee, forcing Goku to use his power pole to strike back. King Piccolo fire deadly beams until Goku has lost his power pole and hits him, destroying the entire kingdom, King Furry evading death. Tien was able to save Goku from certain death but gets exhausted. Goku prevents King Piccolo from conjuring another explosive wave, but King Piccolo manages to hit Goku and create a huge crater. Goku gets out with his Nimbus Cloud. 
122 "Final Showdown"
"Saigo no Kake!!" (最後の賭け!!) 
August 10, 1988 October 6, 2003
Sensing he is in a losing battle, King Piccolo resorts to a cowardly act, threatening to kill Tien, if Goku moves a muscle. Yamcha reaches the place and lands his plane. Yajirobe has also arrived to watch Goku fight. Upon discovering that King Piccolo killed Shenron, Goku resigns himself to endure repetitive pains getting his limbs crippled. With Goku incapacitated, King Piccolo prepares to finish him off, but Goku uses full power in his right fist to punch a hole through King Piccolo's torso. Seconds before King Piccolo's death, he uses the last of his energy to create his final offspring. Yajirobe saves Goku from falling to his death and retrieves Tien. 

Piccolo Jr. saga

Ep# Title Original airdate English airdate
123 "Lost and Found"
"Nyoibō no Himitsu" (如意棒の秘密) 
August 17, 1988 October 7, 2003
Tien retrieves Goku's power pole as Bulma, Yamcha and sweet Launch scan the place. Yajirobe takes Goku back to Korin's tower. News of King Piccolo's defeat spreads with much celebration. Even as the eternal dragon is dead, Bulma procured all the stones anyway. An old lady spots King Piccolo's egg and she and her husband bring to their house and Piccolo Junior is about to hatch. Korin is shocked to hear that the eternal dragon is dead. Korin knows the creator of the dragon balls, Kami. To get to him Goku searches for the power pole while meeting King Furry. Fortuneteller Baba tells Goku the power pole is at Master Roshi's. Goku gets the power pole and flies back to Korin's tower. Piccolo Junior destroys the couple's house and vows for revenge. 
124 "Temple Above the Clouds"
"Kumo no Ue no Shinden" (雲の上の神殿) 
August 24, 1988 October 8, 2003
Goku and Korin go to the roof of the temple to get up to Kami's residence. Korin gives Goku a special bell so he can meet Kami. Only a person with the special bell can meet Kami. Goku extends the Power Pole from the very top of Korin's Tower to reach the temple above. At Kame House, Launch is helping Tien with his bandages. The reporters have found Kame House and storm it, looking for Goku. Oolong transforms into Goku for the schmoozing of the reporters. But he is so earnest that he spoils his own disguise. As Goku continues to rise, he runs into a thunderstorm and is struck by lightning. Piccolo Jr. runs into a family celebrating their little boy's birthday. Piccolo Jr. becomes angry at the sight of them and throws a rock through their window. While they are distracted, he enters their house and approaches them from behind. He ransacks their house and runs off into the woods. He blasts the dog that the family sics on him, thereby discovering some of his power. Back on the power pole, Goku finally emerges from the clouds and arrives at the temple. Once there, he must battle Mr. Popo in order to obtain an audience with Kami. The placid Mr. Popo proves to be a lot stronger than he appears. He is able to hit Goku even while he is running too fast to be seen. Mr. Popo taunts Goku, enraging him and making him lose his focus. He knocks down Goku as a figure, presumably as Kami watches. Goku tries a Kamehameha wave, but Mr. Popo eats it. Goku uses the power punch that he beat Piccolo with, but Mr. Popo easily dodges it. Mr. Popo informs Goku that he lacks in the focus department and that he will never get to see Kami. 
125 "Earth's Guardian Emerges"
"Kami-sama Tōjō!!" (神様登場!!) 
August 31, 1988 October 9, 2003
Mr. Popo again tells Goku that he lacks the discipline to ever beat him. Goku decides that he will stay and train with Mr. Popo until he is able to defeat Mr. Popo. At the same time, Tien vows to train hard to beat Goku in the next Martial Arts Tournament. Mr. Popo teaches Goku about discipline. Goku is informed that Kami is much stronger than Mr. Popo and decides he wants to train with them until he is stronger than both of them. Meanwhile, in a forest, park rangers come across a dead bear. They find Piccolo who destroys one of the ranger's guns and stops the other ranger's bullets. The rangers run in fear. Mr. Popo then teaches Goku about redundant moves. Realizing Goku's determination, Kami reveals himself to Goku, who is shocked by his appearance. He mistakenly attacks Kami, thinking he is Piccolo. Kami explains that he and Piccolo used to be one being, but in order to be the guardian of earth, he had to cast the evil from his body, which became Piccolo. Kami agrees to revive the Eternal Dragon if Goku will stay and train with Mr. Popo for a while, terms which Goku gladly accepts. Meanwhile, out in the ocean, two sailors come across Piccolo who is standing atop the water catching a fish. He then destroys the boat and the fishermen. 
126 "Eternal Dragon Resurrected"
"Yomigaeru Shenron!!" (よみがえる神龍!!) 
September 14, 1988 October 13, 2003
Mr. Popo puts the model of the Eternal Dragon back together. Kami explains that he had planned not to revive the Dragon, as he had seen only evil acts follow in their wake. But Goku had given him hope, so he had decided that it was alright to bring the dragon back. Kami revives Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. Meanwhile, on the ground, the day passes by as usual until the dragon balls turn back into dragon balls. Goku's friends call Shenron, and after a particularly dramatic entrance, he tells them that Goku is training at Kami's Lookout and will meet them at the next Martial Arts Tournament. They wish for everyone who was killed by Piccolo to be revived. Krillin, Master Roshi and Chiaotzu wake up on the island and then Shenron disappears. The news that Goku is training under the guardian of the Earth spurs Tien Shinhan, Yamcha and Krillin to train hard as well for the competition. Goku and the others commence their training for the tournament. 
127 "Quicker than Lightning"
"Kaminari yori mo Hayaku!!" (カミナリよりも速く!!) 
September 21, 1988 October 14, 2003
Goku learns to stop wasting his motions with Mr. Popo. Simultaneously, Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha continue to train at Kame House. Goku practices meditation with Mr. Popo. Then he needs to learn about seeing without seeing. Then Goku asks for the training the Mr. Popo received under Kami. So Kami and Mr. Popo send Goku on a special training mission to fetch a crown. Goku gets directions and slowly makes his way to the top. Goku finds the crown and puts it on his head, but the crown sticks and becomes a target for lightning. He tries to dodge it, but isn't quite fast enough and falls off the top of the mountain. The young girl who gave him directions finds Goku in the river. She and her mother revive him. Goku promises to help the little girl find her lost bird once he finishes his mission. The next morning, the girl finds her lost bird. She feels her bird chirping as opposed to hearing it. This makes Goku realize how he must acquire the crown: he must be faster than lightning by feeling the lightning. Goku tries again, and is quick enough to avoid the first bolt, but becomes overconfident and is hit by the next. 
128 "Secret of the Woods"
"Sora no yō ni Shizuka ni" (空のように静かに) 
September 28, 1988 October 15, 2003
Goku finds himself back at the Lookout after being unconscious for three days. Mr. Popo sends Goku to a forest in search of someone who can train his mind. Goku searches for something to eat. He is fooled by a trap set by a woodsman. He takes him home and introduces his family who are all named after sweets. Their grandfather returns with his day's catch and a feast is prepared. As is the norm, no one believes how much Goku eats. The family tells him about Yau-chun, the strongest man around. Tien, Krillin and Yamcha ask Master Roshi why he is not teaching them anymore and he explains to them that he has nothing more to teach, and that they should seek training on their own. The grandfather leads Goku to Yau-chun and he asks him for a fight. Turns out the Yau-chun is not the man Goku wants to meet, as he is beaten by Goku easily. Goku meets up with the grandfather again, who teaches Goku how to fish by feeling the river, sharpening his concentration skills. It would appear that this is the man that Goku was supposed to meet in the first place. 
129 "The Time Room"
"Toki o Kakeru Gokū" (時をかける悟空) 
October 12, 1988 October 16, 2003
Goku is fighting with Mr. Popo. Goku loses once again. Mr. Popo sends Goku back in time to train more. Tien, Yamcha, Krillin and Chiaotzu are training by hauling boulders. Tien is upset by the thought that he will never beat Goku again. In the past, he meets the young Master Roshi and his rival, the young Crane Hermit. Goku battles Roshi's master and learns about the concept of spirit energy. Goku learns from their master, Mutaito, how to harness his spirit energy. Back in the present, Tien contemplates visiting Korin's Tower in order to train as Goku once had. During an incident where the Crane Hermit steals Roshi's love interest, Goku gets angry and manages to use his spirit energy successfully. After that though, he cannot reproduce the energy. 
130 "Goku's Doll"
"Gokū no Teki wa...Gokū!?" (悟空の敵は...悟空!?) 
October 19, 1988 October 20, 2003
Mr. Popo finally agrees to give Goku an opponent to train with. Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu all are heading towards Korin's Tower, and are training their speed on the way. Goku's sparring partner turns out to be a clay version of Goku, except that his eyes are the same as Mr. Popo's. Their skills are exactly the same, the only difference is that the clay Goku has no interference in his mind, and can concentrate completely on fighting. Goku has an extremely difficult time concentrating his mind. Finally he seems to understand how the doll is disturbing the energy around him and defeats the doll. Well, he thinks he defeats the doll. Truthfully, the doll's energy simply runs out. Goku falls asleep, exhausted. Meanwhile, the boys continue towards Korin's tower. 
131 "Walking Their Own Ways"
"Sorezore no Michi o Mezashite" (それぞれの道をめざして) 
October 26, 1988 October 21, 2003
Tien, Krillin, Yamcha and Chaozu continue their search for Korin's Tower. As they camp, Tien hears drums in the distance. Mr. Popo plays hide and seek with Goku to teach him about concentration and finding people's ki. The two run around the Lookout as Popo chases Goku by following his spiritual energy. Goku tries running faster, but that doesn't work and Popo catches him and throws Goku to the ground. The boys are ambushed by people in devil masks. The people are friendly and invite them to their festival. They live in a small village at the base of a large mountain that the townsfolk consider to be their protecting god. Suddenly, crows fly up, a bad omen to the people. Goku continues his training with Popo. Goku just can't evade Popo. Goku has his turn to chase Popo. He fails. Goku is again having a very difficult time concentrating his mind. The festival continues. Chiaotzu senses something wrong, but can't pinpoint it. It has something to do with the mountain. A stranger gives Krillin alcohol and he quickly gets drunk. Tien is challenged by the largest man in town. Krillin however, being drunk, wants to fight the man first, something he wouldn't do sober. Krillin defeats him with a headbutt. The animals of the town start to panic. Chiaotzu exclaims that the mountain is going to explode. Turns out the mountain is actually a volcano. It erupts and the villagers panic. The boys go to the volcano to change the course of the lava. 
132 "Hotter than Lava"
"Maguma yori Atsuku" (マグマより熱く) 
November 2, 1988 October 22, 2003
Still training with Mr. Popo, Goku cannot yet harness his "ki". Back on the ground, the villagers flee the volcano. Tien, Krillin, Yamcha and Chiaotzu each try individually to stop the flow of lava towards the defenseless village. Goku is still having a very hard time doing anything with spiritual energy. Just as it looks like the threat has passed, the volcano erupts again with even more power. Krillin falls down a crack in the earth and Chiaotzu saves him using the flying technique. Tien suggests that Krillin learn the flying technique. The elder of the village refuses to leave and Mint and her brother can't make him move. Tien manages to divert the lava flow, but it doesn't leave the village safe. Krillin runs off to try to stop the lava himself. He is still drunk, so he thinks he can do this. Krillin runs to save Mint from the lava flow, but still, she will not leave without the elder. Krillin then tries to block the village with a big rock. Yamcha blasts a hole for water to flow though and continues comparing himself to Goku. Goku, meanwhile, is still failing at spiritual energy. Yamcha manages to flood the entire forest, but somehow, not the village. Everything is fine until the volcano erupts again. Together, Yamcha and Tien blast a rock wall that diverts the lava and protects the village. Training continues for everyone as the next Martial Arts Tournament is only three years away. 
133 "Changes"
"Arashi no Mae no Saikai" (嵐の前の再会) 
November 9, 1988 October 23, 2003
Three years have passed and all of the warriors reunite for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Everyone that Master Roshi is waiting for is late. The boys, the Kame House group, and Goku all seem to be late. Oolong, Puar and Bulma arrive first. Bulma's look has changed again. When Goku comes he is not recognised by anybody, as he has his hair wrapped in a turban, but when he shows his unique hair, everybody finally recognizes him for sure. Goku has grown up quite considerably and he lost his tail, which was removed by Kami. When there is just one minute left for the end of registration, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha and Chiatzou appear. Yamcha has unexplained scars. Krillin reveals the fact that he is tall, but only for a moment, because Goku walks up to him and is at least two heads taller. The two best friends embrace and Krillin finally gets to thank Goku for bringing him back to life. While talking with Master Roshi, Tien asks him whether he was going to be Jackie Chun again. But Master Roshi says he won't be participating this year. Bulma shows renewed interest in Yamcha. Outside, lightning strikes the town clock tower. Piccolo mysteriously saves a mother and her child from the falling debris. At the preliminaries begin, Goku explains that he got rid of his tail so Kami could restore the moon. Also, Goku notices that Piccolo has showed up, and his arrival is much to the distress of Tien. 
134 "Preliminary Peril"
"Haran no Tenka-ichi Budōkai" (波乱の天下一武道会) 
November 16, 1988 October 27, 2003
Goku and Tien Shinhan agree to keep it a secret that Piccolo's spawn is at the tournament. Chi-chi has also entered the tournament. Goku doesn't recognize her at first, enraging her. Chi-chi walks away without telling Goku who she is. Her appearance also distresses Krillin, who is now under the impression that Goku did no training in the past three years and was instead hanging around with women. Yajirobe is also at the tournament, sneaking around, trying to avoid Goku. Chiaotzu rigs the numbers so that no one has to fight each other in the preliminaries. Goku is up first. He is fighting King Choppa again, just like the last tournament. Choppa prepares to fight, but Goku simply stands, seemingly unprepared. This intimidates Choppa. The boys notice that Goku's mind is completely cleared. Goku moves so fast that Choppa can't see him and defeats Choppa with only one tiny chop. Chi-chi is a very strong fighter, as is Yajirobe. All of the protagonists win their fights except Chiaotzu. He appears to have been beaten by Mercenary Tao. Over the years, Tao has become a cyborg in order to live. He seeks vengeance against Goku and Tien. 
135 "Battle of the eight"
"Erabareta Hachinin" (選ばれた8人) 
November 23, 1988 October 28, 2003
Through the course of the preliminaries, the protagonists (beside Chiaotzu), Piccolo and Tao, progress though their matches. Yajirobe's opponent is a sore loser and throws a fire extinguisher at him. Goku, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo and Tao are all announced to move on to the semifinals. Yajirobe faces a weak-looking opponent. The man embarrasses himself repeatedly. He seems to win by accident, and knocks Yajirobe out of the semifinals. Chi-chi has also made the semifinals. Yajirobe embarrassed, leaves the tournament. The announcer panics because he saw Krillin die, yet Krillin stands in front of him. The semifinal match-ups are: Tao/Tien, Goku/Anonymous(Chi-chi), Krillin/Junior(Piccolo), and Yamcha/Hero (The Clumsy Guy). Tao threatens the protagonists. Mean Launch clears out a spot in the front row for the group. Turns out Yajirobe didn't leave the tournament yet, and is watching Goku. Before Tien enters the ring, he and Yamcha pass an understanding of some kind. Tao informs Tien that he will not kill Tien, only wound, and the match begins. 
136 "Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao"
"Koroshiya Taopaipai no Gyakushū" (殺し屋桃白白の逆襲) 
November 30, 1988 October 29, 2003
Chi-chi, who still hasn't told anyone who she is, warms up by Hero, the clumsy man. Tien and Tao's match begins. Neither moves for 10 minutes, as Tao can't find a weak spot to start on Tien with. Shin tries to throw Tien's focus by reminding Tien that Tao taught him defensive strategy, even though Tao had just revealed that Tien was too skilled for him to begin with. Tien moves and Tao takes his opening. Tien hits him down with one hit. Tao attacks again and Tien again hits him down with one hit. Tao attacks again but Tien tries to tell his old master that he doesn't want to fight him, and offers to let him back down. Tao attacks furiously, but Tien avoids all of them. Tao continues to fight although Tien encourages him to back down. Tien almost pushes Tao out of the ring, but Tao detaches his hand and unleashes a knife and cuts Tien, thus disqualifying him. Tao doesn't care though, and continues to attack Tien. He appears to have gone insane with his vows of revenge. His brother seems to have fared no better. Tien will finish the match even though technically it is over, because he has lost all respect for his old master and sees that he must be stopped. Tien breaks Tao's sword-hand and Tao reveals his super-Dodon Ray. Tien is not afraid. Though Tao fires, Tien takes the ray full-on and survives. Tien knocks out Tao with one last punch. Tien takes Tao's body to Shin and tells the two brothers to never show themselves around Tien again. Next, Goku has to fight Chi-chi, who still hasn't told anyone who she is. Piccolo comes to watch the match. 
137 "Anonymous Proposal"
"Son Gokū no Kekkon" (孫悟空の結婚) 
December 7, 1988 October 30, 2003
Chi-chi is very angry that Goku has forgotten who she is. She starts the match, furiously attacking Goku. Goku is still sure that he doesn't know Chi-chi. She still can't land a punch. Goku begs for her to just tell her who she is. Chi-chi reveals that Goku promised to marry her. Goku, however, doesn't even know what a bride is, and Krillin and Yamcha have to tell him what it is. Oolong is the only one who knows who Chi-chi is. Goku hits Chi-chi with an energy punch, throwing her out of bounds. Chi-chi finally tells Goku that she is Chi-chi. A childhood montage commences. Goku thought bride was food. But now that Goku knows what it means, Goku proposes to Chi-chi. It seems though that Goku still doesn't understand love or the implications of what he's doing. Chi-chi reveals that Yamcha once lied to her about loving her and Bulma becomes enraged. Chi-chi leaves to prepare for the wedding. Goku immediately switches to fighting mode and tells Krillin to be careful in his next match against Junior, who Krillin couldn't know is Piccolo, as he was never actually able to see Piccolo senior. The two prepare to start after some banter. Krillin launches an energy beam of sorts at Piccolo, but Piccolo blows them up with beams from his eyes. With him distracted, Krillin lands a punch on Piccolo. After a jump, Piccolo slams Krillin toward the ground, but Krillin stops himself, revealing that he has mastered the Hovering Space Trick. Piccolo sees that he has misjudged Krillin and decides to use his full power. 
138 "The Mysterious Hero"
"Nazo no Otoko·Shen" (謎の男·シェン) 
December 14, 1988 November 3, 2003
Goku doesn't know exactly how powerful Piccolo will be. Surprisingly, those of the Kame group who have seen Piccolo do not recognize him. Piccolo offers to allow Krillin to withdraw, but Krillin refuses. Piccolo taunts Krillin with laughter and Krillin launches into a furious attack on Piccolo. Piccolo assures Krillin he won't kill him, only that pain is on the way. The wind picks up and dark clouds roll in as Piccolo charges his attack. Piccolo's arm extends and he plucks Krillin from across the stage and punches him toward the wall. He then throws Krillin in the air. Krillin fires a Kamehameha Wave. But it hits an after-image and Piccolo slams Krillin back to the ring. The clouds disperse. Krillin is still conscious though exhausted, he can't even stand. Krillin forfeits the match, and Goku helps him out of the ring. Another childhood flashback ensues. Piccolo notes that he may have overestimated the ease of taking over the world. Yamcha is next, and prepares to fight the lucky nerd, Hero. Everyone assumes Yamcha will win, no problems. Yajirobe watches the match, apparently the only one who thinks Hero will win. Goku sees that there is something stranger than everyone else thinks about Hero. Yamcha lets Hero attack first and Hero accidentally lands a kidney shot. Yamcha goes to kick Hero out of the ring, but Hero ducks and Yamcha lands on his back, slamming his crotch into Hero. He is infinitely embarrassed, his pride is shot. Roshi sees that Hero is not being clumsy on accident. Hero tries to educate Yamcha but Yamcha will not listen. Suddenly, Hero reveals he has extreme speed and skill, just as Roshi thought, and Yajirobe knew. Yamcha uses his Wolf Fang Fist, but Hero blocks it and kicks Yamcha's feet from under him. Hero continues to educate Yamcha in the ring. 
139 "Rematch"
"Gekitō Futatabi! Gokū Tai Tienshinhan" (激闘ふたたび!悟空VS天津飯) 
December 21, 1988 November 4, 2003
Yamcha launches a furious attack and has his feet kicked out from under him again. Hero continues to beat on Yamcha for some time and Yamcha can't land a single hit. Hero reveals that he is an alien, sounding slightly insane. Yamcha simply wants this battle over at this point and starts to gather his raw spirit energy to throw at Hero. It just misses him, but comes back around multiple times, always missing Hero. Hero shows that he is a bit worried by the spirit ball. He is hit once and retaliates quickly, knocking Yamcha out of bounds. Hero wins. Goku realizes suddenly that Hero is actually Kami. No one else sees this, understandably. Everyone agrees that Yamcha fought very, very well, even Hero. Goku and Tien prepare for their battle. Neither can wait for their rematch to start. They enter with a bang, and start with furious assaults. They quickly take to the air where Tien launches energy at Goku, but Goku swats it back, hitting Tien. They enter a punching bout in midair. They land and speed up to where they are invisible to the normal eye. Finally, after a very long invisible battle, they slow down enough to be seen and lock in a test of strength. Goku pulls Tien back and kicks him in the air. Tien attacks from behind but Goku dodges, as many times as Tien hits, Goku evades. Piccolo seems somewhat impressed with the speedy people. Goku has obviously learned to truly control his energy, as he isn't even winded yet. 
140 "Goku Gains Speed"
"Hontō no Chikara" (ほんとうの力) 
January 11, 1989 November 5, 2003
Tien finally lands a hit on Goku, he headbutts him into a wall. They struggle, evenly matched as it would seem for a little while, but then Tien starts to glow and blasts Goku off him. After mutual congratulations, Tien suddenly takes off with extreme speed. Goku follows him miles above the surface. Tien elbows Goku in the back of the neck and when they land, kicks him in the face. A fast and furious struggle then progresses. Tien kicks Goku in the stomach, almost kicking him out of the ring, but Goku spins himself back in the ring. Tien assures Goku that he is going to win. Goku simply agrees that Tien is a challenge. Before they continue, Goku requests a second to take off some of his clothing. Goku struggles to take off his shirt, which turns out to be very, very heavy, as are his wristbands and his boots. Goku reveals that the weighted clothing is all a part of his training. A training montage ensues. Goku is enthralled at the speed he attains without the weight. The match begins again. Tien can't land a shot on Goku, and the two he does are blocked. What more, Goku has stolen Tien's belt. His pants repeatedly fall down. Goku gives Tien his belt back and Tien prepares a fantastic attack. He plans to use 12 eyes so that he can properly see Goku. 
141 "The Four Faces of Tien"
"Yonin no Tenshinhan" (四人の天津飯) 
January 18, 1989 November 6, 2003
Tien charges his latest technique. He glows as if on fire. Suddenly, there are two Tiens. Then the two split again and there are four Tiens. It is now a four-on-one battle and Goku struggles against the assault. He wonders how Tien did it. The four then proceed to beat Goku to the ground. Goku speeds away from them and kicks them all at once. The Tiens run to the corners of the ring and prepare to fire simultaneous attacks on Goku. It looks like a direct hit in the middle of the ring, and there is a crater in the ring once the cloud clears. Goku had jumped high above the surface, and the Tiens fire energy beams from their third eyes at Goku. Goku lands hard on the stage, right on his head. He looks knocked out, but recovers as if nothing happened. Roshi notices that Goku defies even the laws of physics and has remarkable endurance. Goku says that he sees two flaws in his technique, and Piccolo says he's found Goku's weakness. The Tiens repeat their last move so as to prove Goku wrong. Goku uses a Solar Flare on Tien's many eyes. He is disoriented. Goku shows off his training by telling Tien the positions of his copies. Goku then annihilates the Tiens and throws them out of the ring. Goku wins. 
142 "Kami vs. Piccolo"
"Docchi ga Tsuyoi!? Kami Tai Pikkoro Daimaō" (どっちが強い!?神VSピッコロ大魔王) 
January 25, 1989 November 10, 2003
Kami finally battles his evil half ready to kill even though he would kill himself in the process. Kami/Hero walks out to the ring and puts on his act, but only for a minute. Immediately, he tells Piccolo he knows everything about him. Piccolo doesn't see that he is his other half. The battle starts ferociously. There is a lull in the fighting and everyone notes how powerful Hero/Kami is. Kami attacks, taking Piccolo off guard. Piccolo shoots an energy ball at Kami, but Kami deflects it. Piccolo reads Kami's mind and realizes that he is Kami. They begin to speak in their native language, much to the crowd's confusion. Kami tells Piccolo that he is going to kill Piccolo. Piccolo doesn't believe him. Kami reveals a bottle which he is going to put Piccolo into. He launches the evil containment wave, but Piccolo reverses it and instead imprisons Kami. He releases the human he possessed and screams that Goku is the only one left and he must kill Piccolo. 
143 "Battle for the Future"
"Kono Yo no Unmei o Kakete!" (この世の運命を賭けて!) 
February 1, 1989 November 11, 2003
The human named Hero runs away from the ring and finds his son in the crowd. Roshi goes to talk to Goku. A thunderstorm rolls in. Piccolo swallows the bottle containing Kami, so that Goku can't open the bottle. Goku explains to Master Roshi, Tien, Krillin Chi-chi and Yamcha that Junior is King Piccolo, that Hero was actually Kami in a human body, and about Kami and Piccolo splitting into two separate entities, good and evil. Goku realizes that it is up to him to stop Piccolo now, as Kami said, he is the only one left. The sun comes out as their match begins. Their strength appears to be equal. Then Piccolo turns the tables with an explosion of energy attacks that leaves Goku in a crater in the stage, seemingly unconscious. 
144 "Super Kamehameha"
"Deta! Kyūkyoku no Chōkamehameha" (でた!究極の超カメハメ波) 
February 8, 1989 November 12, 2003
Goku lies in the hole, and for some reason the count stops. He gets up, seemingly unaffected. His uniform is fried, so Goku takes off the top half of his uniform. Goku notes that Piccolo's ego is very large, and that he will be able to defeat him because of it. A long lull precedes what turns out to be a charging time for both. The wind picks up as both of their aura's spark with electricity. The two slam into each other, fighting with their auras. After an arm lock, Piccolo tries to push Goku from the ring with his extending arms, but Goku hits him and escapes with his speed. Piccolo waits to find Goku and then strikes out when Goku runs a little too close. Goku is thrown into a wall, but he disappears with his speed and lands a hard hit behind Piccolo. Piccolo thrusts himself into the air, very angry that he isn't outright winning. Piccolo prepares to launch an attack that will kill all of the spectators. Piccolo launches the attack, and it flies into the mountains, creating an earthquake. When the dust settles, there is a gigantic crater in the mountain range where a few mountains used to be. Goku announces that he is launching a Super Kamehameha Wave. But Roshi warns that using it will also kill Kami, and Goku doesn't want to do that. Launch thinks that Piccolo is actually afraid of Goku and that is why he is being so pompous. Goku continues to desperately try to keep Piccolo's focus only on himself and to keep the spectators safe, but Piccolo doesn't seem to care about that anymore. Many people flee seeing that Piccolo doesn't only care for Goku anymore. Piccolo charges an energy attack, but then Krillin reminds Goku that they can use the dragon balls to bring Kami back. Goku launches his Super Kamehameha Wave against Piccolo's energy. The Kamehameha Wave blasts Piccolo's energy, the surrounding buildings, and Piccolo himself. 
145 "Junior No More"
"Pikkoro Daimaō Chōkyoshinjutsu" (ピッコロ大魔王超巨身術) 
February 15, 1989 November 13, 2003
The blast destroyed much of the fighting complex, and for a while, Piccolo is nowhere to be seen. Then as the smoke clears, his figure is found still above the earth. His clothing and his turban have been scorched away, and he doesn't look happy in the slightest. Piccolo returns from the air to continue the exchange with Goku. Launch guesses that Piccolo looks like Old King Piccolo, which Piccolo takes as his cue to truly reveal to everyone that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of King Piccolo. Upon hearing this, all of the spectators rush from the arena leaving only Goku and his friends, though this works to Goku's advantage, as he no longer has to worry about innocent bystanders getting hurt. All of the world is quickly notified of Piccolo's return. The announcer is stunned, for he is now alone with Piccolo, Goku, and all of Goku's friends. Goku tells him and his non-fighting friends to leave, quickly. Piccolo then concentrates his energy to turn into a giant form of himself. He is at least 50 feet tall. Goku's nonfighting friends and the announcer did not leave, they just want to stand by the fighting friends. Seems that even though he is considerably larger, Goku still has no problem battling him. He is smacked to the ground and almost stepped on, but Tien distracts Piccolo by offering his help. Goku is still under the impression that the match is still going on, that the recent development hasn't changed anything and he is still following the rules. Goku continues to beat on giant Piccolo until he shoots his left knee, causing Goku to fall. Piccolo tries to step on Goku, but Goku throws him off. Goku says that Piccolo being so large is only a disadvantage, and to prove him wrong, Piccolo grows even larger. He is as tall as a skyscraper now. Goku's friends and the announcer finally flee a small distance, but Goku won't leave. 
146 "Goku's Trap"
"Son Gokū no Wana" (孫悟空のワナ) 
February 22, 1989 November 17, 2003
As soon as Piccolo increases his size again, Goku jumps down his throat to retrieve the swallowed Denshi jar, saving Kami, and beats Piccolo from the inside out before he is spit up. Goku throws the bottle to Tien who frees Kami. Realizing he was tricked, Piccolo returns to his normal size. The two take off again, and disappear in their speed. They are so fast that Kami can't see them. They take to the sky to engage in a spectacular punching match. To rebound from falling, Goku blasts his Kamehameha Wave using his feet and knocks Piccolo toward the ground. As he falls, Piccolo shocks Goku with energy, knocking him to the ground. As they continue battling, Kami jumps in to protect Goku from a punch. Goku refuses his help and says he wants to fight alone, and allows Piccolo to redo the punch. After a lot of discussion, Kami finally leaves the ring to Goku. Outside the ring, Kami sees that Goku is even stronger than himself, and must be left to face Piccolo alone. Piccolo blasts Goku with a small energy ball, which he easily dodges. But the ball continues to rebound and wont even be put off by a Kamehameha Wave. Goku slyly leads it right to Piccolo, who is too shocked to evade and is blasted. Piccolo is injured, bleeding, but he rips off his own injured arm, which he quickly grows back, perfectly intact. Piccolo begins to charge his greatest attack. He appears to be on fire with energy. 
147 "Goku Hangs On"
"Banji Kyūsu!!" (万事休す!!) 
March 1, 1989 November 18, 2003
Goku takes a while to persuade his friends to leave, as they don't want to go without him, but as Piccolo continues to charge, Tien sees that they need cover and blasts a hole for everyone to hide in. As his friends run for cover, Goku prepares to take Piccolo's final attack. Piccolo unleashes a giant wave of energy comparable to a nuclear explosion, leveling the entire island. As the dust settles Goku is still standing. He takes advantage of Piccolo's weakened state after his huge energy expenditure and knocks him into the ground with a volley of punches and hits him with a Kamehameha. Just as the count reaches nine, Piccolo lifts his head and emits an energy beam impaling Goku right through the chest, but he refuses to give up, despite having a hole in him. Piccolo gets up from the crater he was buried in and kicks the hole in Goku's chest. Tien and Krillin attempt to storm them. Goku gets up, somehow alive since Piccolo missed his vital organs and though vital bones and muscles were most certainly blasted. 
148 "The Victor"
"Yatta! Chikyūjō Saikyō no Otoko" (やった!地球上最強の男) 
March 8, 1989 November 19, 2003
After Piccolo weakens Goku to where he can't lift any of his broken appendages (including the one arm his father made the mistake of leaving Goku), Piccolo flies to the sky as his dad did in the previous fight to finish off his nemesis. Kami asks Tien to kill him, but Goku shouts that he truly can defeat Piccolo without killing him. Goku can't even move, so no one believes him. Piccolo slams an energy blast with the energy of an atomic bomb into Goku and he appears to be vaporized. However unknown to Piccolo and the others Goku can fly and escapes that way. He uses the opportunity to headbutt Piccolo in mid-air for what the announcer sees is a ring out victory. Yajirobe shows up most conveniently with Sensu beans and fully heals Goku. Kami is about to kill Piccolo, but Goku stops him. Goku sees that the dragon balls will stop working if Kami dies, and so their plan will not work. Kami had seen that. Roshi convinces Kami that he is still useful to the earth. Kami graciously gives Goku new clothes. Goku suddenly uses a sensu bean to revive Piccolo, not wanting to jeopardize Kami's health and wanting to keep a strong sparring partner around. Everyone panics. Piccolo shows complete contempt for this, thinking Goku to be soft, and departs after vowing to defeat Goku. Chiaotzu suddenly shows up to meet Tien. Kami then suddenly offers Goku his job, and Goku flees on the nimbus with Chi-chi. 
149 "Dress in Flames"
"Honō no Naka no Uedingu Doresu" (炎の中のウエディングドレス) 
March 15, 1989 November 20, 2003
Everyone starts heading home after the tournament. Goku and Chichi head towards Chi-chi's new home. Upon arrival Goku eats many meals (which surprises all the maids and chefs). Goku is nervous about asking for Chi-chi's hand even though technically they have already been engaged. The Ox King, who has abandoned the helmet for a more "normal" look, shows Chi-chi a wedding dress which belonged to her mother and her grandmother. Preparations begin for the wedding. Suddenly, an earthquake begins and blasts of fire envelop the entire castle. It almost appears that their castle was built on a volcano. Everyone heads out except the Ox King, who stays to retrieve the wedding dress. Goku tries to put out the fire with Kamehameha, but does not succeed. The Ox King becomes trapped in the castle. Goku tries to use the flying nimbus to pull the Ox King from the castle, but the flames are too hot. The Ox King says that the Bansho fan is the only thing that will help the flames. Goku and Chi-chi go to Baba for help. Baba has a cold. Baba sees an octagon in the easterly direction. Goku takes Chi-chi and Baba in that direction. The Ox King is still in the castle trapped someplace away from the flames. The fan is in a little village. In the village, Goku finds a pig named Jasmine that looks like Oolong. Another pig comes out and they confirm that they are not Oolong, in fact, Oolong is a disgrace and they are insulted that Goku thinks he is Oolong. The village is called Octagon Village, where the Bansho Spa is located that can cure any sickness. Baba and Chi-chi go to the spa to cure Baba's cold. Goku leaves to get the fan out of a valley. Goku sees that there is no valley and speeds back toward the village. On the way, he runs into an octagonal lake which is the same lake the spa is located on. The pigs collapse the spa shack and Chi-chi kicks them away. The lake suddenly starts to drain away. Goku has pulled up the plug of the lake thinking it was the fan. A pillar in the lake describes how to make another Bansho fan. Baba says Roshi has diagrams just like the pillar at his house, so Goku and Chi-chi head to Roshi's for instructions they can understand. 
150 "The Fire-Eater"
"Maboroshi no Hi Kui Dori" (幻の火喰い鳥) 
March 22, 1989 November 24, 2003
Mai and Shu spy a man in a space suit. The flames continue to consume the castle. The people of the Ox King's Kingdom are unable to extinguish the flames consuming the castle. Goku and Chi-Chi reach Roshi's island for help to make another Bansho fan, but Roshi isn't even home from the tournament yet. Roshi's turtle searches Roshi's closet for the instructions and after sifting though all the dirty magazines, finds them. Goku and Chi-Chi travel south to get one of the materials, a feather from a fire-eater. In the volcano, Goku and Chi-chi maneuver a cave system in search of the bird. Goku calms down an inhabiting beast that could eat Chi-chi and Goku. The creature seems to be a giant lava-salamander. Goku apologizes to it and it simply walks away. Mai and Shu are after the Fire Eater as well, but are attacked by the giant lava creature. They continue to follow Goku and Chi-chi. Chi-Chi finds a large egg being warmed by a scientist who explains what became of the Fire Eaters. The Fire Eaters were crushed by a surprise explosion, the egg is all that's left. Pilaf, Mai and Shu burst in to steal the egg, but they flee when Goku smashes their drill vehicle and they recognize that he is, indeed, Goku. A surviving Fire Eater comes out of the crater and hatches the egg. After Goku and Chi-Chi escape with the scientist, they are disappointed that they can't catch the feathers of the Fire Eater. The scientist tells them where they can find the Bansho fan. 
151 "Outrageous Octagon"
"Chichi no Hanayome Shugyō no Okage Desu" (チチの花嫁修業のおかげです) 
April 5, 1989 November 25, 2003
The flames are getting worse for the Ox King, he is being forced to flee though the castle from the flames. Goku and Chi-Chi reach the mountain the scientist told them to travel to, but as they get close, a blizzard starts. The two fall off the nimbus and land at someone's house. They meet an old woman named Octagon. She tells them that the mountain is disrupted by the presence of females but knows nothing about the Bansho fan. Octagon tells Goku and Chi-chi that the snow will freeze the fire at the Castle. Goku goes to the mountain to gather snow. Meanwhile, Chi-chi gets wife-lessons from Octagon. Also, Pilaf, Shu and Mai are searching for the fan. The mountain starts another blizzard because of Mai's presence. The cold weather prevents Pilaf from firing missiles and flamethrowers on Goku. Hearing from Goku that the mountain is provoked by women, Pilaf pushes Mai off the mountain. While Goku gathers snow and scares Pilaf away, Chi-Chi is cleaning up Octagon's house, but smashes many of her dishes. Chi-Chi comes across the Bansho fan as she sweeps the yard, while Goku's snow is melting. Goku returns and is delighted that Chi-chi found the fan, since all of his snow melted. Shu takes the fan but blows away his companions and drops it and flees. Before Goku and Chi-Chi leave, Octagon gives them a very special jar of honey. The Ox King is getting desperate as the castle is still being devoured by flames. Goku waves the fan many times, but the flames persist. 
152 "Mystery of the Dark World"
"Isoge Gokū! Gogyōzan no Nazo" (いそげ悟空!五行山のなぞ) 
April 12, 1989 November 26, 2003
Baba warns Goku that the fan won't work and he must go to the Magical Furnace in the Dark World and meet Tajoro. Goku and Chi Chi journey and enter the Dark World. They jump over a large gap on the road and get chased by bats. As Goku and Chi Chi go further things become more dangerous, but they discover all the dangers are imaginary and proceed. The Ox King gets trapped at the peak of the castle. Goku meets Gohan at the furnace, who tells him Tajoro is actually called Amin. Goku wants to put out the furnace which Gohan and Amin object to. 
153 "The End, the Beginning"
"Moeru Furaipan Yama! Isshun no Kesshikō" (燃えるフライパン山!一瞬の決死行) 
April 19, 1989 December 1, 2003
Gohan and Amin won't let Goku turn off the furnace for the simple reason that spirits wouldn't have access to their afterlife especially evil spirits. Instead of helping Goku, Amin resorts to fighting him. Amin formulates a plan after seeing Goku has the Bansho fan. Luckily Chi Chi has both vital requirements on her. With aid of the Bansho fan and Amin lifting the pot, Goku descends into the furnace and manages to seal the hole, barely making it out alive. The flames at the castle have died down and the Ox King has survived and kept the wedding dress intact. Goku and Chi Chi proceed with their wedding and are married. 


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  4. Dragon Ball: The Path to Power


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