12th United States Congress - State Delegations

12th United States Congress - State Delegations

The Twelfth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, D.C. from March 4 1811 to March 3 1813, during the last two years of the first administration of U.S. President James Madison.

The apportionment of seats in this House of Representatives was based on the Second Census of the United States in 1800. Both chambers had a Democratic-Republican majority.

This article supplements the main article with a list of the members by state delegation.

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Dates of sessions

March 4 1811 - March 3 1813
*First session: November 4 1811 - July 6 1812
*Second session: November 2 1812 - March 3 1813 — a lame duck sessionPrevious congress: "11th Congress"
Next congress: "13th Congress"


Senators were elected by the state legislatures every two years, with one-third beginning new six year terms with each Congress. Preceding the names in the list below are Senate class numbers, which indicate the cycle of their election. In this Congress, Class 1 meant their term began in the last Congress, requiring reelection in 1814; Class 2 meant their term began with this Congress, requiring reelection in 1816; and Class 3 meant their term ended with this Congress, requiring reelection in 1812

The names of members of the House of Representatives elected statewide on the general ticket or otherwise "at-large," are preceded by an "A/L," and the names of those elected from districts, whether plural or single member, are preceded by their district numbers.

Many of the congressional district numbers are linked to articles describing the district itself. Since the boundaries of the districts have changed often and substantially, the linked article may only describe the district as it exists today, and not as it was at the time of this Congress.

The list below is arranged by state, then by chamber. Senators are shown in order of seniority, House members in district order.


*3: Chauncey Goodrich (1759-1815), "Federalist"
*1: Samuel W. Dana (1760-1830), "Federalist" :House of Representatives "(7 seats)" [ All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Epaphroditus Champion (1756-1834), "Federalist"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: John Davenport (1752-1830), "Federalist"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Lyman Law (1770-1842), "Federalist"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Jonathan O. Moseley (1762-1838), "Federalist"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Timothy Pitkin (1766-1847), "Federalist"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Lewis B. Sturges (1763-1844), "Federalist"
*ushr|Connecticut|AL|A/L: Benjamin Tallmadge (1754-1835), "Federalist"


*2: James A. Bayard (1767-1815), "Federalist" …resigned March 3 1813.
*1: Outerbridge Horsey (1777-1842), "Federalist" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Delaware|AL|A/L: Henry M. Ridgely (1779-1847), "Federalist"


*2: William H. Crawford (1772-1834), "Democratic-Republican"
*3: Charles Tait (1768-1835), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)" [ All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: William W. Bibb (1781-1820), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Howell Cobb (1772-1818), "Democratic-Republican" …resigned before October 5 1812.
*: William Barnett (1761-1832), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated November 27 1812.
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: Bolling Hall (1767-1836), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Georgia|AL|A/L: George M. Troup (1780-1856), "Democratic-Republican"


*3: John Pope (1770-1845), "Democratic-Republican"
*2: George M. Bibb (1776-1859), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Kentucky|1|1: Anthony New (1747-1833), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|2|2: Samuel McKee (1774-1826), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|3|3: Stephen Ormsby (1759-1844), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|4|4: Richard M. Johnson (1780-1850), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|5|5: Henry Clay (1777-1852), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|6|6: Joseph Desha (1768-1842), "Democratic-Republican"


*3: Allan B. Magruder (1775-1822), "Democratic-Republican" …newly admitted state, elected September 3 1812.
*2: Jean N. Destréhan (1754-1823), "Democratic-Republican" …newly admitted state, elected September 3 1812, resigned October 1 1812, never qualified.
*: Thomas Posey (1750-1818), "Democratic-Republican" …appointed to fill vacancy, October 8 1812.
*: James Brown (1766-1835), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, February 5 1813.:House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Louisiana|AL|A/L: Thomas B. Robertson (1779-1828), "Democratic-Republican" …newly admitted state, seated December 23 1812.


*1: Samuel Smith (1752-1839), "Democratic-Republican"
*3: Philip Reed (1760-1829), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)" [ The 5th district was a plural district with two representatives.]
*ushr|Maryland|1|1: Philip Stuart (1760-1830), "Federalist"
*ushr|Maryland|2|2: Joseph Kent (1779-1837), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|3|3: Philip B. Key (1757-1815), "Federalist"
*ushr|Maryland|4|4: Samuel Ringgold (1770-1829), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|5|5: Peter Little (1775-1830), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|5|5: Alexander McKim (1748-1832), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|6|6: John Montgomery (1764-1828), "Democratic-Republican" …resigned before Congress assembled.
*: Stevenson Archer (1786-1848), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated November 4 1811.
*ushr|Maryland|7|7: Robert Wright (1752-1826), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy.
*ushr|Maryland|8|8: Charles Goldsborough (1765-1834), "Federalist"


*1: James Lloyd (1769-1831), "Federalist"
*2: Joseph Bradley Varnum (1750/1751-1821), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, June 8 1811.:House of Representatives "(17 seats)"
*ushr|Massachusetts|1|1: Josiah Quincy (1772-1864), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|2|2: William Reed (1776-1837), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|3|3: Leonard White (1767-1849), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|4|4: Joseph Bradley Varnum (1750/1751-1821), "Democratic-Republican" …resigned June 29 1811.
*: William M. Richardson (1774-1838), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated January 22 1812.
*ushr|Massachusetts|5|5: William Ely (1765-1817), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|6|6: Samuel Taggart (1754-1825), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|7|7: Charles Turner, Jr. (1760-1839), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|8|8: Isaiah L. Green (1761-1841), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|9|9: Laban Wheaton (1754-1846), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|10|10: Elijah Brigham (1751-1816), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|11|11: Abijah Bigelow (1775-1860), "Federalist"
*ushr|Massachusetts|12|12: Ezekiel Bacon (1776-1870), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|13|13: Ebenezer Seaver (1763-1844), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|14|14: Richard Cutts (1771-1845), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|15|15: William Widgery (1753c-1822), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|16|16: Peleg Tallman (1764-1840), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|17|17: Barzillai Gannett (1764-1832), "Democratic-Republican" …resigned in 1812, never having qualified.
*: Francis Carr (1751-1821), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated June 3 1812.

New Hampshire

*2: Nicholas Gilman (1755-1814), "Democratic-Republican"
*3: Charles Cutts (1769-1846), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(5 seats)" [ All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: Josiah Bartlett, Jr. (1768-1838), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: Samuel Dinsmoor (1766-1835), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: Obed Hall (1757-1828), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: John A. Harper (1779-1816), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Hampshire|AL|A/L: George Sullivan (1771-1838), "Federalist"

New Jersey

*1: John Lambert (1746-1823), "Democratic-Republican"
*2: John Condit (1755-1834), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)" [ All representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Adam Boyd (1746-1835), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Lewis Condict (1772-1862), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Jacob Hufty ( -1814), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: George C. Maxwell (1771-1816), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: James Morgan (1756-1822), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|AL|A/L: Thomas Newbold (1760-1823), "Democratic-Republican"

New York

*3: John Smith (1752-1816), "Democratic-Republican"
*1: Obadiah German (1766-1842), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(17 seats)" [There were two plural districts, the 2nd & 6th, each had two representatives.]
*ushr|New York|1|1: Ebenezer Sage (1755-1834), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|2|2: Samuel L. Mitchill (1764-1831), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|2|2: William Paulding, Jr. (1770-1854), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|3|3: Pierre Van Cortlandt, Jr. (1762-1848), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|4|4: James Emott (1771-1850), "Federalist"
*ushr|New York|5|5: Thomas B. Cooke (1778-1853), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|6|6: Asa Fitch (1765-1843), "Federalist"
*ushr|New York|6|6: Robert Le Roy Livingston (1778-1836), "Federalist" …resigned May 6 1812.
*: Thomas P. Grosvenor (1778-1817), "Federalist" …elected to fill vacancy, seated January 29 1813.
*ushr|New York|7|7: Harmanus Bleecker (1779-1849), "Federalist"
*ushr|New York|8|8: Benjamin Pond (1768-1814), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|9|9: Thomas Sammons (1762-1838), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|10|10: Silas Stow (1773-1827), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|11|11: Thomas R. Gold (1764-1827), "Federalist"
*ushr|New York|12|12: Arunah Metcalf (1771-1848), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|13|13: Uri Tracy (1764-1838), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|14|14: Daniel Avery (1766-1842), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|New York|15|15: Peter B. Porter (1773-1844), "Democratic-Republican"

North Carolina

*2: James Turner (1766-1824), "Democratic-Republican"
*3: Jesse Franklin (1760-1823), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(12 seats)"
*ushr|North Carolina|1|1: Lemuel Sawyer (1777-1852), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|2|2: Willis Alston (1769-1837), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|3|3: Thomas Blount (1759-1812), "Democratic-Republican" …died February 7 1812.
*: William Kennedy ( - ) "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, seated January 30 1813.
*ushr|North Carolina|4|4: William Blackledge ( -1828), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|5|5: William R. King (1786-1853), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|6|6: Nathaniel Macon (1757-1837), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|7|7: Archibald McBryde (1766-1816), "Federalist"
*ushr|North Carolina|8|8: Richard Stanford (1767-1816), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|9|9: James Cochran (1767c-1813), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|10|10: Joseph Pearson (1776-1834), "Federalist"
*ushr|North Carolina|11|11: Israel Pickens (1780-1827), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|12|12: Meshack Franklin (1772-1839), "Democratic-Republican"


*3: Alexander Campbell (1779-1857), "Democratic-Republican"
*1: Thomas Worthington (1773-1827), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Ohio|AL|A/L: Jeremiah Morrow (1771-1852), "Democratic-Republican"


*3: Andrew Gregg (1755-1835), "Democratic-Republican"
*1: Michael Leib (1760-1822), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(18 seats)" [There were four plural districts, the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd had three representatives each, the 4th had two representatives.]
*ushr|Pennsylvania|1|1: William Anderson (1762-1829), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|1|1: James Milnor (1773-1844), "Federalist"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|1|1: Adam Seybert (1773-1825), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|2|2: Robert Brown (1744-1823), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|2|2: Jonathan Roberts (1771-1854), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|2|2: William Rodman (1757-1824), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|3|3: Roger Davis (1762-1815), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|3|3: John M. Hyneman (1771c-1816), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|3|3: Joseph Lefever (1760-1826), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: David Bard (1744-1815), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: Robert Whitehill (1738-1813), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|5|5: George Smith ( - ), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|6|6: William Crawford (1760-1823), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|7|7: William Piper (1774-1852), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|8|8: William Findley (1741/1742-1821), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|9|9: John Smilie (1741-1812), "Democratic-Republican" …died December 30 1812.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|10|10: Aaron Lyle (1759-1825), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|11|11: Abner Lacock (1770-1837), "Democratic-Republican"

Rhode Island

*1: Christopher G. Champlin (1768-1840), "Federalist" …resigned October 2 1811.
*: William Hunter (1774-1849), "Federalist" …elected to fill vacancy, October 28 1811.
*2: Jeremiah B. Howell (1771-1822), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)" [ Both representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|Rhode Island|AL|A/L: Richard Jackson, Jr. (1764-1838), "Federalist"
*ushr|Rhode Island|AL|A/L: Elisha R. Potter (1764-1835), "Federalist"

outh Carolina

*3: John Gaillard (1765-1826), "Democratic-Republican"
*2: John Taylor (1770-1832), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|South Carolina|1|1: Langdon Cheves (1776-1857), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|2|2: William Butler, Sr. (1759-1821), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|3|3: David R. Williams (1776-1830), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|4|4: William Lowndes (1782-1822), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|5|5: Richard Winn (1750-1818), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|6|6: John C. Calhoun (1782-1850), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|7|7: Thomas Moore (1759-1822), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|South Carolina|8|8: Elias Earle (1762-1823), "Democratic-Republican"


*1: Joseph Anderson (1757-1837), "Democratic-Republican"
*2: Jenkin Whiteside (1772-1822), "Democratic-Republican" …resigned October 8 1811.
*: George W. Campbell (1769-1848), "Democratic-Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, October 8 1811.:House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Tennessee|1|1: John Rhea (1753-1832), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|2|2: John Sevier (1745-1815), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|3|3: Felix Grundy (1777-1840), "Democratic-Republican"


*3: Stephen R. Bradley (1754-1830), "Democratic-Republican"
*1: Jonathan Robinson (1756-1819), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Vermont|1|1: Samuel Shaw (1768-1827), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|2|2: William Strong (1763-1840), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|3|3: James Fisk (1763-1844), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|4|4: Martin Chittenden (1763-1840), "Federalist"


*2: William B. Giles (1762-1830), "Democratic-Republican"
*1: Richard Brent (1757-1814), "Democratic-Republican" :House of Representatives "(22 seats)"
*ushr|Virginia|1|1: Thomas Wilson (1765-1826), "Federalist"
*ushr|Virginia|2|2: John Baker ( -1823), "Federalist"
*ushr|Virginia|3|3: John Smith (1750-1836), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|4|4: William McCoy ( -1864), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|5|5: James Breckinridge (1763-1833), "Federalist"
*ushr|Virginia|6|6: Daniel Sheffey (1770-1830), "Federalist"
*ushr|Virginia|7|7: Joseph Lewis, Jr. (1772-1834), "Federalist"
*ushr|Virginia|8|8: John P. Hungerford (1761-1833), "Democratic-Republican" …contested election, served until November 29 1811.
*: John Taliaferro (1768-1852), "Democratic-Republican" …contested election, seated December 2 1811.
*ushr|Virginia|9|9: Aylett Hawes (1768-1833), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|10|10: John Dawson (1762-1814), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|11|11: John Roane (1766-1838), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|12|12: Burwell Bassett (1764-1841), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|13|13: William A. Burwell (1780-1821), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|14|14: Matthew Clay (1754-1815), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|15|15: John Randolph (1773-1833), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|16|16: James Pleasants (1769-1836), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|17|17: Thomas Gholson, Jr. ( -1816), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|18|18: Peterson Goodwyn (1745-1818), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|19|19: Edwin Gray (1743- ), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|20|20: Thomas Newton, Jr. (1768-1847), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|21|21: Hugh Nelson (1768-1836), "Democratic-Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|22|22: John Clopton (1756-1816), "Democratic-Republican"


:Illinois Territory
*ushr|Illinois Territory|AL|A/L: Shadrack Bond (1773-1832), …new territory, seated December 3 1812. :Indiana Territory
*ushr|Indiana Territory|AL|A/L: Jonathan Jennings (1784-1834) :Mississippi Territory
*ushr|Mississippi Territory|AL|A/L: George Poindexter (1779-1853) :Missouri Territory
*ushr|Missouri Territory|AL|A/L: Edward Hempstead (1780-1817), …new territory, seated January 4 1813.



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