Martin Duffy (musician)

Martin Duffy (musician)

Martin Duffy is an English keyboardist who originally played in Felt and currently plays with Primal Scream.[1]


Duffy was born in Birmingham and grew up in Rednal in the south of the city, attending St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in King's Norton, and growing up listening to Two Tone, punk, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.[2] In 1985 he joined the indie band Felt as a keyboard player. Felt frontman Lawrence later recalled "I put up notices in Virgin (Records) in Birmingham advertising for a guitarist saying 'Do You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star?' I'd put two up when this guy came up to me and said, 'I know this keyboard player. He's 16. He's just left school. He's a genius."[3]

Duffy also played with The Charlatans following the death of founder-member Rob Collins, appearing with the group at Knebworth supporting Oasis in 1996 and contributing keyboard parts to the bands fifth album Tellin' Stories along with Collins. He has also played on recordings by Heidi Berry when she recorded for Creation Records and he played on several Airstream singles.


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