Rice milk

Rice milk

Rice milk is a kind of grain milk processed from rice. It is mostly made from brown rice and commonly unsweetened, the sweetness in most rice milk varieties is generated by a natural enzymatic process, dividing the carbohydrates into sugars, especially glucose, similar to the Japanese Amazake [ [http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0820/is_2000_Feb/ai_59269778 Got soy, almond, rice Milk? - Brief Article | Vegetarian Times | Find Articles at BNET.com ] ] . Some rice milk kinds may nevertheless be sweetened with sugarcane syrup or other sugars.

Comparison to regular milk

Compared with cow's milk, it contains more carbohydrates, but does not contain significant amounts of calcium or protein, and no cholesterol or lactose. Commercial brands of rice milk, however, are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin B3, and iron [ [http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-rice-milk.htm What is Rice Milk? ] ] .

While many people are allergic to dairy and soy, rice milk remains an alternative as a very low (to non) allergenic milk.

Commercial brands

Commercial brands of rice milk are available in vanilla, chocolate and almond flavors, as well as the original unflavored form and can be used in many recipes as an alternative to traditional cow milk [ [http://vegetarian.about.com/od/vegetarianvegan101/f/MilkSubstitutes.htm Vegan non-dairy milk substitutes - soy milk - rice milk - almond milk - dairy allergies - lactose intolerant ] ] . Commercial brands include [http://www.tastethedream.com/ Rice Dream] and [http://www.thebridgesrl.com/prodottien.htm The Bridge] [ [http://www.iateapie.net/reviews/archives/2006/04/rice_dream_rice.php Rice Dream Rice Drink | Iateapie.net Healthy Diet Food Reviews ] ]


Rice milk is made by pressing the rice through a mill stream using osmosis to strain out the pressed grains. It is sometimes also made at the home using rice flour and brown rice protein. Recipes have lately sprung up on the internet. [ [http://onlysometimesclever.wordpress.com/2007/06/08/healthy-creamy-yummy-rice-milk-recipe/ Home rice milk preparation] ]

ee also

* Almond milk
* Amazake, a sweet, low-alcoholic Japanese drink
* Grain milk
* Horchata, a similar, sweetened rice-based beverage
* Kokkoh, a rice milk of Thai origin
* Peanut milk
* Plant milk
* Sikhye, a sweet, low-alcoholic Korean drink
* Soy milk


External links

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