Amadeus (disambiguation)

Amadeus (disambiguation)

Amadeus is a Latin name meaning "lover of God", "loves God", or more correctly "for the love of God" (the translation given in the dramatization of Mozart's life, "Amadeus", "beloved of God" being improbable). The most well-known bearer of the name is the composer

*Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a composer

Many of the following are derived directly or indirectly from Mozart's name:

*Amadeus, a stage play written in 1979
*Amadeus (film), a film from 1984
*Amadeus Institute, a think tank based in Morocco, research, analysis on strategic issues and policy organization
*Rambo Amadeus, a pseudonym for the Serbian-Montenegrin rock singer-songwriter Antonije Pušić
*Amadeus CRS, a computer reservation system used by airlines and travel agencies. Owned by the Amadeus IT Group
*Amadeus (soundsoftware), a multitrack sound editor for Macintosh
*Rock Me Amadeus, a 1985 song by the Austrian popstar Falco
*Amadeus (herb), a fictional herb in the DS game "Deep Labryinth"
*Amadeus Quartet, a string quartet
*DJ Amadeus, a Lebanese DJ who plays Rhythm Nation.
*Amadeus (sheet music software), software for Linux to create sheet music

It was also the name of several royal and noble people:
*Amadeo I of Spain
*Amadeus II of Savoy
*Amadeus III of Savoy
*Amadeus IV of Savoy
*Amadeus V, Count of Savoy
*Amadeus VI, Count of Savoy
*Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy
*Amadeus VIII, Duke of Savoy
*Amadeus IX, Duke of Savoy
*Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy
*Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
*Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia

*lookfrom|Amadeus for people with the first name Amadeus
*lookfrom|Amadeo for people with the first name Amadeo
*lookfrom|Amedeo for people with the first name Amedeo

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