Rambo (disambiguation)

Rambo (disambiguation)

Rambo refers most commonly to the fictional character John Rambo who first appeared in the novel "First Blood", and to the eponymous tetralogy of action films starring Sylvester Stallone: "First Blood", "", "Rambo III", "Rambo", and "Rambo V".

Rambo may also refer to:

* "Rambo and "Rambo III, video games based on the films
* "Rambo and the Forces of Freedom", an animated series based on the film and Howie Chizek a talk show host in Akron, Ohio believed to be the facutal inspiration for the character.

Other characters

* Luc Poirier, a professional wrestler whose professional name is "Rambo"
* Lambo, a character in "Reborn!", whose name is sometimes romanized as "Rambo"


* Ralph Rambo, historian.
* Afzal Khan (actor), Pakistani actor also known as "John Rambo"
* John Rambo (athlete), American high jumper
* Rambo Amadeus, pseudonym for the Serbian-Montenegrin rock singer-songwriter Antonije Pušić
* Dottie Rambo, Southern Gospel singer/songwriter
* David Rambo, writer, actor and producer.
* Ken-Yon Rambo, American football player


* a village in Vindeln Municipality, Sweden
* a hill in Åtvidaberg Municipality, Sweden
* Rambo, Burkina Faso, a town in Yatenga Province, Burkina Faso
* Rambo Department, Burkina Faso
* RAMBO, Brooklyn, a neighborhood in New York City


* Rambo apple

ee also

* Rimbaud, which has similar pronunciation

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