Waste types

Waste types

There are many waste streams consisting of a number of waste types. These are produced by a variety of processes. Each waste type has different methods of associated waste management. The following is a list of waste types:

*Animal by-products
*Biodegradable waste
*Bulky waste
*Business waste
*Clinical waste
*Coffee wastewater
*Commercial waste
*Construction and demolition waste (C&D waste)
*Controlled waste
*Composite waste
*Domestic waste
*Electronic waste (E-waste)
*Farm waste
*Food waste
*Green waste
*Grey water
*Hazardous waste
*Household waste
*Human waste
*Industrial waste
*Inert waste
*Kitchen waste
*Liquid waste- any waste in the liquid state of matter
*Medical waste
*Mixed waste
*Municipal solid waste
*Packaging waste
*Post-consumer waste
*Radioactive waste (nuclear waste)
**Low level waste
**High level waste
**Spent nuclear fuel
**Mixed waste (radioactive/hazardous)
*Recyclable waste
*Residual waste
*Sharps waste
*Slaughterhouse waste
*Special waste - see hazardous waste
*Toxic waste
*Uncontrolled waste
*Waste heat

*Winery wastewater

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