List of characters in Robotboy

List of characters in Robotboy

This is a list of characters from the French and American animated television series "Robotboy".

Main characters

* Robotboy
* Tommy Turnbull
* Lola Mbolắ
* Augustus "Gus" or "The G-man" Bachman Turner


Professor Moshimo

Professor Moshimo is the creator of Robotboy. He received a letter from Tommy Turnbull about him looking forward to his latest invention. As a result, Professor Moshimo sent him Robotboy to take care of. The Professor has a Japanese fiancée named Miumiu, who also acts as his assistant. He also created Protoboy, Robotman and Robotgirl. His former rivals are Dr. Kamikazi and Björn Björnson.

Dwight Turnbull

He is Tommy and Donnie's blonde, small eyed father. Tommy's father works as a salesman of a shop that sells fitness equipment. He is an assertive person, always trying to get Tommy to play sports, so as not to be a girl. He once even got as far as quitting his job to become Tommy's full time coach, when he noticed Tommy's cheating in tetherball (which is actually due to Robotboy helping him behind the scenes).

Debs Turnbull

Debs is Tommy and Donnie's square-headed and red-headed mother. She is a housewife. In general, she is very kind and not as assertive to Tommy as Dwight. However, she is still willing to punish Tommy if he is seen to have done something terribly wrong; For example failing to tidy his room, or when Tommy was framed for stealing a toy even though it was Robotboy and for sneaking out to prove that he was innocent and didn't steal a toy. It can be seen that Tommy inherited the hair color of his father and the head shape and eye size of his mother. Debs is also very attractive, as Tommy's father was seen giving her affection by squeezing her big, jiggling, bubble-butt.She usually wears a red, sleeveless shirt and very tight pants which show off her fat ass even more.


Professor Moshimo's fiancé and lab assistant. She is silent and speechless in the episodes. However she speaks for the first time in the end of the episode "Grow No-Mo".

Santa Claus

He hates Gus and fights Kamikazi's army with Robotboy.


Seen in "Sweet Revenge", "The Donnienator" (cameo) and "Tummy Trouble".


Booker is the orphan boy from the Homely Home for Homeless Kids. In the end of the only episode, he is being adopted by his new parents.


Robotgirl is a female version of Robotboy created by Prof. Moshimo. She looks exactly like Robotboy, except She's pink and has a pink skirt and ribbon. She is very playful and curious, often getting her and Robotboy into trouble. At first Robotboy is freaked out by her (probably from bad experiences with Protoboy and Robotman who are both, incidentally, stronger than him) but warms up to her, ironically (like how Tommy is unaware of Lola's crush on him). He is oblivious to Robotgirl's crush on him. In the episode 'Robotgirl' Prof. Moshimo asked Robotboy to spend the day with her and teach her what he has learned about being a real human. She can also Super-Activate and has all the powers as Robotboy does (though she is weaker as she doesn't know how to control them completely). Robotgirl is not very smart, so Robotboy has to teach her. Like Robotman and unlike Protoboy, she is not related to him but adopted. Her transformation is identical to Robotboy's. Her Super-Activated mode is a feminine version of Robotboy's, except the drums on her head withdraw back in like her deactivated mode. You think

The Human Fist

A super hero idolized by Tommy, Robotboy, Gus and Lola. He appeared to be just a television character which Tommy and Gus had many toys of. But in the episode "Human Fist On Ice" Dr. Kamikazi used the actor who played THe Human Fist for the ice show to lure and trap Robotboy to his doom. However the real Human Fist appeared and defeat Dr. Kamikazi, Constantine, a hyena and a fan-crazed Gus (because he would not let go of The Human Fists's leg, begging to become his sidekick).

Björn's mother

Björn's mother is always feeding her son and his guests with herrings.

Ambassador Mbolắ

Lola's father is a wealthy African ambassador.

Jebedaiah and Hester Turner

Gus's parents are Amish in origin, they do not own a car, only a horse and cart. It can be seen that they share bathwater with the whole household, pets included. They talk in old English and in their spare time enjoy making statuettes out of manure and working in their garden, which is surrounded by a rock fence isolating it from the outer world.

Margaret (Teacher)

Tommy, Gus and Lola's teacher. She briefly falls in love with Constantine when he poses as the school chef but this does not last as she catches him fighting in the school with Robotboy. She states that she can't be with someone who fights in school and breaks up with him.

Main villains

= Dr. Kamikazi =

Dr. Kamikazi is a small, sadistic and possibly delusional old man with thick glasses and a suit/bathrobe combo who is a self-proclaimed evil genius. He wishes to capture Robotboy to create a template for an army of super robots, with which he will be able to achieve his dastardly goal of world domination. Most of his henchmen have a large letter K on their uniforms, to show that they are on Dr. Kamikazi's side. He has had many pets, ranging from snakes to cats, but they usually hurt him. He is voiced by one of the announcers from the popular television show "Banzai" who, in reality, is Chinese rather than Japanese. A common running gag is that whenever Dr. Kamikazi keeps a pet, such as a snake or a scorpion, it also ends up hurting him in a way

= Constantine =

Constantine is a fat hunchbacked Anti-Villain henchman of Dr. Kamikazi who also is a master of sumo wrestling (though it is unknown if he has ever been a "yokozuna", or "grand champion"). He is a sensitive and none too threatening sidekick to Dr. Kamikazi who mainly acts as his muscle power as well as his assistant. Constantine is also a refined chef, being able to create dishes ranging from sashimi to tapas. It was seen in one episode that Constantine used to be an orphan before working for Kamikazi. Despite looking like a Japanese version of a henchman, Constantine is actually Spanish, suggesting that his outfit is simply a uniform assigned to him by Dr. Kamikazi. While Constantine is portrayed as pretty kind for a villain, he's still fiercely loyal to Dr. Kamikazi.

Major villains

Donnie Turnbull

Infobox character
colour = green
name = Donnie Turnbull

caption =
first = Dog-Ra
last =
cause =
nickname =
alias =
species =
gender = Male
age = 13
born =
death =
occupation =
title =
family = Dwight and Debs Turnbull(parents)
Tommy Turnbull(brother)
spouse =
children =
relatives =
episode = 21
portrayer =
creator =
Donnie is Tommy's older brother, who is a constant bully to every child in the neighborhood, including Gus and Tommy himself. He frequently calls people names, threatens them etc, and yet despite this, Tommy still treats him as family. Some people exploit his attitude for their benefit, usually Dr. Kamikazi.


Kurt is the bully at Tommy's school, he has blonde hair and wears a hat. He is usually accompanied by his two friends, a large bully who wears a blue hooded top with a red cap named Stu, and a smaller bully who wears a beanie with a skull on it (which happens to have a bowling ball hidden inside), name Ooky. Kurt constantly bullies Gus and Tommy, as well as any other kid he finds. His father is a secret agent who has used Kurt to try and capture Robotboy.

Kurt's father

Kurt's father who dresses like a secret agent. His evil plan is to capture Robotboy and clone more Robotboys; At the end of the episode, he orders his subordinates to find out about Tommy and Robotboy. He can be seen in the episode as a cameo in "A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses", dressing like a clown in "Party Out of Bounds", Fighting Robotboy and Gus in "Wrestling With Gus", and working together with Tommy and Robotboy in "The Manchurian Robot".


Bambi is the popular girl at Tom's school. She is blond with pigtails and can be seen wearing a cheerleader's outfit. Tommy blushes and is unable to talk when he sees her, much to Lola's dismay. She was once replaced by a robot by Dr. Kamikazi in an effort to defeat Robotboy. She is possibly based on Bambi Woods. She seems to be very spiteful and mean towards Tommy, yet he still likes her. She is spoiled by her single mother, Bambi is rather air headed

Minor villains

Björn Björnson

Björn Björnson is a Swiss child, who attended Professor Moshimo's classes at the "Gott In Himmell Academy For the Wealthy and Smart", and is a jealous rival (even calling him a 'jackass' in "Runaway Robot") of Moshimo's works and Kamikazi's plans including Robotboy. He has also designed a robot equal in power to that of Robotboy called "Björnbot". It can be seen in the episode "Runaway Robot" that he dislikes herrings. Björn and Moshimo calls Björnbot Brother Björn, also as in in the episode "Party Out of Bounds" fighting his second rival, Dr. Kamikazi. Rather like Stewie Griffin from "Family Guy" his voice is based upon Rex Harrison.


Björnbot is a robotic lookalike of his creator Björn Björnson. He has weapon capabilities and strength equal to that of Robotboy, and can Superactivate too. At the same time, there can be several Björnbots fighting at once. It seems that Björn himself has created multiple numbers of such bots. Björnbot even has his own form of Superactivation. Unlike Robotboy, he lacks emotion and has a rather flat vocabulary (which consist mostly of the word "jah!" ("yes" in German and other Germanic languages)). He also has a habit of smashing things. In the episode "Party Out of Bounds" he dressed like a girl and Björn called him Sister Björn.

Claus Von Afonzügel

A weak-bodied short man who wants Robotboy's parts to make himself stronger. Always accompanied by his nanny orangutan, Ludwig. First appeared in "Six Million Euro Man". Also he has a monkey as a sidekick.pula

Vance Cosgrove

A tabloid reporter who believes Robotboy to be a robot of alien origin as part of an alien takeover of the world. He is never taken seriously by the public and is regarded as a joke. It can be seen in the episode "Feline Frenzy" placed under arrest by the police.


He was a substitute for Constantine in the episode: ``The Consultant´´

Guest villains


Fake name Sparky (for Tommy) and Clothor the Man-Slayer (for Gus) created by Kamikazi in episode "Dog-ra".Tommy and Gus see him only as a puppy and not a monster into which he can turn into. Robotboy Hates Dogs and destroyed that monster, saving Tommy.


Protoboy was created by Dr. Moshimo in his earlier years he is slightly bigger than Robotboy and dull bronze in color. He was designed for battle rather than with emotions and human speech. His sole function is to destroy everything around him but Kamikazi made him evil (it can be speculated that he would have been programmed to be more like Robotboy if he wasn't stolen). This made him much more powerful than Robotboy and he easily sent Robotboy flying several hundred feet (unlike Robotboy's activated mode Protoboy has a blaster on his arm). In the episode "Brother", he tried to destroy Robotboy at first but let him live after Robotboy revealed they were brothers and Protoboy decided to follow Robotboy... for now. However Protoboy started destroying the city when he and Robotboy returned home. When Robotboy used Super-Activation, Protoboy did as well and also decided that his brother is weak and is a useless weapon and tried to destroy him. Robotboy was nearly defeated until he used the new weapon Dr. Moshimo gave him, which is essentially a limpet mine, despite Protoboy's evil nature Robotboy is visibly upset that he had been forced to destroy his only sibling. Despite the fact that Protoboy exploded but was somehow was seen again in one piece. But then he came back at the episode: ``Revenge Of Protoboy´´ He also returned in 'The Return of Robotgirl', where he appears to have melted in molten lava that he was using to destroy Proffessor Moshimo. His name my be a reference to the character in the Megaman games called Protoman.

Evil 17

Evil 17 is one of Kamikazi's ex-henchmen, Kamikazi makes him look exactly like Tommy Turnbull using surgery and then replaces the real Tommy with his fake. All is going well until Evil 17 decides he likes being Tommy and betrays Kamikazi. He is confronted by the real Tommy and Robotboy attacks him because of his facial hair. He is possibly insprired by Android 17 from Dragon Ball Z, who was once evil, but then in the follow-up series Dragon Ball GT, he had a change in heart, but was killed anyway. Even both are mechanical beings who were created by power-crazed doctors who have the same name (17).


Robotboy's successor. Created by Professor Moshimo, he is, as the name implies, an adult version of Robotboy. His technology, AI, and almost everything else is superior to Robotboy, making Robotboy seemingly obsolete. Despite this, Robotman has all of the annoying qualities adults possess, which makes Robotboy superior to him after all. He was destroyed while Superactivated and may never appear again. He also wanted to destroy robotboy. He is possibly the strongest Robot created as Robotboy was unable to defeat him even when Superactivated, Robotmans Superactivated Form dwarfs even Robotboys Superactivated form in size, Robotman is one of two robots capable of defeating Robotboy in Superactivated form in one on one combat (the other being Protoboy). Robotman is possibly Robotboy's adopted father.

General Yakitori

General Yakitori is a villainous general with robot skin. He appeared in episode "A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses". In the episode, Yakitori gets the award as evil genius, is the rival of Kamikazi's anger. Constantine tells everyone that Kamikazi has to battle Yakitori, which makes Kamikazi even angrier (evidenced when he tied him to a tank filled with sharks). Just then, the host of the contest decided to have a challenge for the two villains to capture and defeat Robotboy. Yakitori was able to defeat Robotboy in combat with a battle robot, but failed when Kamikazi starts attacking him. His name, Yakitori, is actually a popular Japanese delicacy.

Mona Lethal

A slim battle robot used in the Robocon competition. She is a beautiful but deadly robot who Robotboy had fallen in love with. She is the final opponent in the contest and Robotboy was forced to choose Tommy and Gus over her when she attacked them. She is very dangerous and cruel and can use electric cables that extend from her hand. She was destroyed until made a cameo in "A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses".

Wandel Shitzel

A fake ambassador of some German-speaking land appearing in a convention. He is haunted by Kurt's father's secret organisation. Later in the convention he kidnaps Lola and escapes in a helicopter, but Robotboy damages the helicopter and gets Lola to safety. Wandel is arrested later.

Orphan Bullies

They were bullying Booker but were later bullied by Donnie.

Princess Justine

Princess of Ferdonia. In the episode of "Shelf Life", Tommy refuses to sell Robotboy to Princess Justine. Justine hires Donnie to go and steal him. With a unfinished upgrade, Robotboy can be more dangerous than ever in the wrong hands.

Dr Freemental Coldpepper

Dr Freemental Coldpepper is Tommy, Gus and Lola's school principal. She wants the school caretaker to steal all the robots including Robotboy and destroy them. But Later we find out that she never wanted to destroy it, she wanted to play with them because she's never played with them before. She appeared in the episode "Destroy the robots".

Mr Yashinski

Mr Yashinski is Tommy, Gus and Lola's school janitor. He always listens to Dr Freemental Coldpepper. He appeared in the episode "Destroy the robots".

Other characters

Walter the Tapeworm

Walter the Tapeworm is a mind-controlling tapeworm made by Dr. Kamikazi. He was placed inside Gus in the episode "Tummy Trouble."

Voiced By Dylan Sprouse.


Stevie is a boar created by Dr. Kamikazi to test the tank. After his creation, Stevie hugs Kamikazi and thinks he was his "dada". After Kamikazi learned that Stevie is nice and not mean, he decided to abandon him by ordering Constantine to throw him to the trash can. After he was spilled with toxic waste, Stevie gets angry, and decided to get revenge against Kamikazi. In the city, Kamikazi makes a promise to Tommy that he will never catch Robotboy again if Stevie is now defeated. After Robotboy defeats Stevie, Kamikazi betrays the robot, and captures him. Stevie was able to grab Kamikazi, and Kamikazi decided to keep him. After Kamikazi accepts to keep him, Stevie releases Robotboy and his friends.


A tin heap robot created by Constantine himself. He is programmed to say "Kamikazi rules", but an equipment malfunction caused him to say "Kamikazi drools". The robot is of poor handiwork, and parts tend to fall off. Robotboy was about to fight him, but he soon felt pity for him and became his friend, defending him whenever someone called him a "Scrap heap". He was later salvaged by Robotboy and presented to Gus as a sorry gift for a misunderstood statement by Robotboy.

Waitress Lady

The waitress at the restaurant Tommy and his family were eating at. Because of her hairdo being similar to Robotboy's head, he assumes she is his mother, which she uses in her advantage, making Robotboy work for her own needs. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that she is actually a man in disguise. His name is never revealed.

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