List of plate tectonics topics

List of plate tectonics topics

This is a list of articles related to plate tectonics and tectonic plates.

*African Plate
*Anatolian Plate
*Antarctic Plate
*Arabian Plate
*Back-arc basin
*Blind thrust earthquake
*Cocos Plate
*Continental drift
*Convergent boundary
*Divergent boundary
*Emperor Seamounts
*Eurasian Plate
*Explorer Plate
*Farallon Plate
*Geologic fault
*Geology of the Alps
*Gorda Plate
*Great Rift Valley
*Indian subcontinent
*Indo-Australian Plate
*Intraplate earthquakes
*Interplate earthquakes
*Island arc
*Juan de Fuca Plate
*List of tectonic plates
*List of tectonic plate interactions
*Mariana Trench
*Megathrust earthquakes
*Mid-Atlantic Ridge
*Mohorovičić discontinuity
*Nazca Plate
*North American Plate
*Oceanic ridge
*Oceanic trench
*Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
*Pacific Plate
*Passive margin
*Philippine Plate
*Rift (geology)
*San Andreas Fault
*Seafloor spreading
*South American Plate
*Tethys Ocean
*Tethys Sea
*Transform boundary
*Transform fault

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