International Networks (country code)

International Networks (country code)

International Networks is the name given by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to country calling codes 882 and 883, and serves as a catch-all for telephone services not dedicated to a single country. Satellite telephone carriers, especially those with worldwide service, are allocated within the Global Mobile Satellite System (GMSS), country code 881, with the exception of non-terrestrial Inmarsat, country codes 870-874. Intra-European carriers can be allocated within the European Telephony Numbering Space (ETNS), country code 388.

As in the other such shared country codes, carriers are allocated number space within this code space plus their identification code (two-digit number in 882 code space, three or four digit number in 883 code space). The phone number for a subscriber of such a service will start with +882/+883 followed by the carrier code.

Carrier Codes

As of September 15 2007 the assignments of +882/+883 carrier codes are as follows:




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