International Amateur Radio Union

International Amateur Radio Union

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motto = "Representing the Interests of Two-Way Amateur Radio Communication"International Amateur Radio Union (2007). [ "The International Amateur Radio Union"] . Oct. 22, 2007.]
formation = 1925
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purpose = Advocacy
headquarters = Newington, Connecticut, USA
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region_served = Worldwide
membership = 160 national member societiesInternational Amateur Radio Union (2005). [ "Member Societies"] . Jan. 7, 2005.]
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leader_title = President
leader_name = Larry Price W4RA
main_organ = Administrative CouncilInternational Amateur Radio Union (2005). [ "Constitution of the International Amateur Radio Union"] . Jan. 11, 2005.]
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The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is an international confederation of national amateur radio organisations that allows a forum for common matters of concern and collectively represents matters to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The IARU was formed in 1925.


The IARU has an elected President, Vice President, Secretary and other officials (including regional representatives) forming an Administrative Council. These office holders are presently Larry E. Price, President; Timothy Ellam, Vice-President and David Sumner, Secretary. The IARU International Secretariat (IARUIS) is operated by a member society after election by members. Currently, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) operates the IARUIS from its headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, USA.International Amateur Radio Union (2005). [ "The IARU International Secretariat"] . Jan. 11, 2005.]

Regional organisation

The IARU is organised into three regions, named Region 1, Region 2, and Region 3. These regions correspond with the regulatory regions used by the International Telecommunications Union. Each region has an Executive Committee, comprised of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These regional officers are elected by representatives from the member societies at triennial regional conferences. Coordinators may be appointed by the Executive Committee of the region to support particular areas within the region, or to promote certain amateur radio activities within the region. All three regions have appointed Coordinators for Amateur Radio Direction Finding, emergency communications, monitoring for electromagnetic interference, and radio propagation.

IARU Region 1

IARU Region 1 includes the member societies representing amateur radio operators in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and northern Asia. IARU Region 1 has the largest number of member societies among the three IARU regions, and has been the source of several international initiatives. IARU Region 1 lobbying efforts led to the creation of the 30 meter, 17 meter, and 12 meter amateur radio bands, improving the standardization of reciprocal licensing, and promoting Amateur Radio Direction Finding.International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (2008). [ "About IARU and IARU Region 1"] . Retrieved Aug. 5, 2008.]


The IARU organises and promotes radiosport activities throughout the world. The rules used for High Speed Telegraphy are maintained by a Working Group of the IARU, and regional and world championships in the sport are sponsored by the IARU. Amateur Radio Direction Finding is similarly supported by the organisation, with a standing Working Group responsible for maintaining the rules used by most international events, including IARU-sponsored regional and world championships. The IARU is less directly involved in the sport of contesting, but does sponsor an annual competition known as the IARU HF World Championship. The IARU does not directly administer any of these sporting events, but authorises and sponsors them through host organisations.International Amateur Radio Union (2007). [ "IARU Contests"] . Jul. 23, 2007.]


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