Kashinsky District

Kashinsky District

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Kashinsky District ( _ru. Кашинский райо́н) is one of 36 districts ("raions") of Tver Oblast, Russia. The district's administrative center is the town of Kashin. District's population: 12,701 (2002 Census); 15,805 (1989 Census).


The district's area is 1,973 square kilometers.Fact|date=February 2007 The district comprises eleven selsoviets (as of 2007) and 395 settlementsFact|date=February 2007. It borders Kesovogorsky, Kalyazinsky, and Bezhetsky Districts of Tver Oblast, and Yaroslavl Oblast.

The main natural resources in the district are mineral water and peat.


The district is located some 200 kilometers from Tver. Buses connect the district with Tver and Moscow, as well as provide local transportation. There is also a railroad that connects Kashin with Sonkovo is available.


The district specializes in agriculture. Other developed industries include logging, liquor and vodka production, mineral water bottling, and production of electrical equipment.

Administrative divisions

Kashinsky district is administratively divided into eleven selsoviets.
#Barykovsky ( _ru. Барыковский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Barykovo
#Bulatovsky ( _ru. Булатовский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Bulatovo
#Davydovsky ( _ru. Давы́довский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Davydovo
#Farafonovsky ( _ru. Фарафо́новский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Farafonovka
#Karabuzinsky ( _ru. Карабузинский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Karabuzino
#Pestrikovsky ( _ru. Пестриковский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Pestrikovo
#Pisyakovsky ( _ru. Письяковский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Pisyakovka
#Shepelevsky ( _ru. Ше́пелевский)
#:"Administrative center": village of Shepeli
#Slavkovsky ( _ru. Сла́вковский)
#:"Administrative center": selo of Slavkovo
#Unitsky ( _ru. Уницкий)
#:"Administrative center": selo of Unitsy
#Verkhnetroitsky ( _ru. Верхнетро́ицкий)
#:"Administrative center": village of Verkhnyaya Troitsa

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*Administrative divisions of Tver Oblast

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