González (surname)

González (surname)

Family name
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caption = González is the most common in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
meaning = "Son of Gonzalo"
region = Spain
language = Spanish
related names = Gonzales

González is a family name that originated in Spain. In Spain, it is the second most common surname (only after García) with 2.08% of the population bearing the surname. [Instituto Nacional de Estadística; published November 16, 2006; ] Within the United States, it is ranked as the 23rd most common surname. []


González is of Spanish origin, and it means "son of Gonzalo". [About.com; "Genealogy: Name Meaning and Origin"; ; retrieved May 27, 2007] Common spelling variations include: Gonzales, Gonzáles, Gonzalés and incorrectly Gonzalez (without an acute mark). The Portuguese spelling of the name is Gonçalves.

People named González

In sport

In sport, González may refer to the following people:
*Bobby Gonzalez American College Basketball Coach
*Fernando González (born 1980), Chilean tennis player
*Francisco Gonzalez (born 1955), Paraguayan tennis player
*Francisco González, Spanish moto racer
*Gilberto González (born 1970), Venezuelan triathlete
*Javier González (born 1962), Mexican race car driver
*Jorge Luis Gonzalez (born 1964), Cuban boxer
*José González, Cuban athlete
*Jose Huertas Gonzalez, Puerto Rican professional wrestler
*Juana Miguelina Gonzalez (born 1979), Dominican Republic volleyball player
*Mario González, Mexican boxer
*Mario González (born 1975), Cuban breaststroke swimmer
*Ricardo (Pancho) Gonzalez (1928 – 1995), Mexican-American tennis player
*Radamés González (born 1956), Cuban marathon runner
*Ramón González (born 1966), Cuban javelin thrower
*Raúl González (born 1952, Mexican race walker
*Raúl González (born 1967), Cuban boxer
*Raúl González, Spanish handball player
*Rodrigo González (born 1968), Mexican freestyle swimmer
*Tomás González (born 1959), Cuban track and field sprinter
*Víctor González, Uruguayan cyclist

In baseball

In baseball, González may refer to the following people:
*Adrian Gonzalez (born 1982), American baseball player
*Alexander González (born 1977), Venezuelan baseball player
*Alexander Scott Gonzalez (born 1973), American baseball player
*Fernando González, Puerto Rican baseball player
*Geremis Segundo González Acosta (born 1975), Venezuelan baseball player
*José Rafael González (born 1964), baseball player
*Juan Alberto González Vázquez (born 1969), Puerto Rican baseball player
*Juan M. Gonzalez (born 1982), Venezuelan baseball player
*Luis Alberto González (born 1979), Venezuelan baseball player
*Luis Emilio Gonzalez (born 1967), American baseball player
*Luis Enrique Hernandez Gonzalez (born 1983), Puerto Rican baseball player
*Raúl González, baseball player

In football (soccer)

In football (soccer), González may refer to the following people:
*Adrián González (born 1988), Spanish footballer
*Francisco González Lucas (born 1983), Spanish footballer
*Francisco Javier González Pérez (born 1969), Spanish footballer
*Juan Diego Gonzalez-Vigil Bentin (born 1985), Peruvian footballer
*Luis Oscar "Lucho" González (born 1981), Argentine footballer
*Mariano Nicolás González (born 1981), Argentine footballer
*Raúl González Blanco (born 1977), Spanish footballer
*Rónald González Brenes (born 1970), Costa Rican footballer
*Sebastián Ignacio González Valdés, Chilean footballer

In swimming

*Erika González (born 1972), Mexican freestyle swimmer
*Rodrigo González (born 1968), Mexican freestyle swimmer

In the arts

In the arts, González may refer to the following people:
*A. Andrew Gonzalez (born 1963), fantasy artist
*Francisco González Gamarra (1890 – 1972), Peruvian composer, painter, and sculptor
*Jessyel Ty Gonzalez (born 1983), American photographer
*Juan González (born 1949), American journalist
*Julio González (sculptor) (1876-1942), a Spanish abstract, cubist painter and sculptor

In music

In music, González may refer to the following people:
*Alejandro González (born 1969), Mexican musician
*Iván González (born 1975), Puerto Rican DJ and musician
*Jaslene Gonzalez, winner of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8
*José González (born 1978), Swedish singer-songwriter
*Jose Patino Gonzalez, Flamenco guitarist, inventor of the capo.
*Juan de Marcos González (born 1954), Cuban bandleader
*Quique González (born 1973), Spanish singer-songwriter
*Rodrigo González, Mexican musician
*Rodrigo Andrés González Espindola (born 1968), German musician
*Rubén González (1919 – 2003), Cuban pianist
*Scheila Gonzalez (born 1971), American jazz saxophone player

In literature

In literature, González may refer to the following people:
*Ángel González (born 1925), Spanish poet
*Francisco González Bocanegra (1824 – 1861), Mexican poet
*Francisco González González (born 1922), Spanish poet and historian
*Francisco González Ledesma (born 1927), Spanish journalist and novelist
*Francisco González Prieto (1859 – 1937), Spanish writer
*Juan Ignacio González del Castillo (1763 – 1800), Spanish playwright
*Manuel González Zeledón (1864 – 1936), Costa Rican writer and diplomat
*Maria Teresa Maia Gonzalez, Portuguese writer

In film and television

*Bianca Gonzalez, Filipino TV host
*Francisco González, Latin American voice actor
*José González, cinematographer
*Rick Gonzalez (born 1979), American actor
*Robert Gant (born 1968), American actor born as Robert Gonzalez
*Raúl González, Venezuelan TV host
*Raúl González, comedian
*Víctor González, Latin American cinematographer
*Víctor Manuel González Reynoso (born 1973), Mexican actor

In politics

In politics, González may refer to the following people:
*Charles A. Gonzalez (born 1945), Texas politician
*Emiliano González Navero (1861 – 1934), former president of Paraguay
*Felipe González, former prime minister of Spain
*Francisco Gonzalez, member of the 15th Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico.
*Francisco González de la Vega e Iriarte (1901 – 1976), Mexican politician
*Henry Barbosa Gonzalez (1916 – 2000), Texas politician
*Juan Gualberto González (1851 – 1912), former president of Paraguay
*Juan Natalicio González Paredes (1897 – 1966), former president of Paraguay
*Luis Ángel González Macchi (born 1947), former president of Paraguay
*Luis Gonzalez, governor of the Venezuelan state of Trujillo
*Manuel González (1833 – 1893), President of Mexico
*Manuel González Prada (1844 – 1918), Peruvian politician
*Matt Gonzalez (born 1965), American Green Party politician
*Raúl Maravilla González, Secretary of Justice of the Philippines

In other fields

*Andrew Benjamin Gonzalez (1940 – 2006), linguist, writer, educator, and Lasallian Brother
*Elián González (born 1993), Cuban child who was the center of a custody battle
** Juan Miguel González, father of Cuban raft boy Elián González
*Guillermo González Camarena (1917-1965, Mexican engineer)
*Juan E. González, scientist and educator
*Juan González de Mendoza (c. 1540 – 1617), Spanish sinologist
*Paula González, SC, PhD (born 1932), environmentalist, educator, cofounder of Ohio Interfaith Power and Light
*Víctor González, legal representative of Coro TV
*Víctor González Torres (born 1947), Mexican businessman


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