Carroll (surname)

Carroll (surname)

Carroll is an Irish surname, and may refer to:


* Adam Carroll (1982–), Northern Irish racing driver
* Ahmad Carroll (1983–), American professional football player
* Aileen Carroll (1944–), Canadian politician from Ontario
* Alfred Carroll


* Beeson Carroll
* Ben Carroll, Irish musician
* Benajah Harvey Carroll
* Bill Carroll (musician), American musician
* Bill Carroll (contemporary), Canadian radio and television personality
* Billy Carroll
* Brian Carroll (1981–), American soccer player
* Bob Carroll (author)
* Bob Carroll (singer/actor)
* Bob Carroll (TV writer)


* Charles Carroll (1723–1783), American statesman from Maryland, delegate to the Continental Congress
* Charles Carroll (1737–1832), American politician, delegate to the Continental Congress
* Charles H. Carroll (1794–1865), American politician, representative from New York 1843–1847
* Chuck Carroll
* Clay Carroll
* Clinton Derricks-Carroll
* Sean Carroll


* Daniel Carroll (1730–1796), American politician from Maryland, signer of the Declaration of Independence
* David Carroll (musician, arranger, conductor, and musical director
* David Carroll (1950-1992), American actor
* David Carroll, accused of murdering his foster son Marcus Fiesel
* Deborah Carroll
* Diahann Carroll (1935–), American actress and singer
* Dina Carroll


* Eddie Carroll
* Edward Gonzalez Carroll
* Ernie Carroll


* Francis Carroll
* Frank Carroll (contemporary), American figure skating coach
* Fred Carroll


* Gabriel D. Carroll
* George Carroll


* Harry Carroll (1892–1962), American musician and songwriter
* Helena Carroll (contemporary), Scottish stage actress
* Henry Carroll (1937–), Canadian politician from Manitoba
* Henry O'Carroll, 1928 U.S. Olympic soccer player


* Jack Carroll (1942–), Canadian politician from Ontario
* Jamey Carroll
* James Carroll
**James Carroll (author), American
**James M. Carroll
**James P. Carroll, noted American author, novelist, and columnist for the Boston Globe
**James Milton Carroll, Baptist pastor, leader, historian, and author
**James Carroll
**James Carroll (Politician)
* Jason Carroll
** Jason Michael Carroll
* Jeff Carroll
* Jill Carroll
* Jim Carroll (1950–), American author and punk musician
* Joan Carroll (1932–), American actress
* Jock Carroll (1919–1995), Canadian journalist
* Joe Barry Carroll
* John Carroll (disambiguation):
**John Carroll (bishop) (1735-1815), American bishop
**Sir John Carroll (astronomer) (1899-1974), British scientist
**John Carroll (actor) (1906-1979), American actor
**John A. Carroll (1901-1983), American jurist & politician - Colorado
**John Carroll (basketball) (born c. 1950s), American basketball coach
**John Carroll (hurler) (born 1978), Tipperary hurler
**John B. Carroll (1916-2003), American cognitive scientist
**John Carroll (Manitoba politician)
**John Carroll (priest) (1735–1815), American Jesuit priest, Archbishop of Baltimore
**John Lee Carroll (1830–1911), American politician, Governor of Maryland 1876–1880
**John Carroll (VC) (1891–1971), Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross
**John Carroll (1965–), American contestant on the television series "Survivor" in 2002
**John Bissell Carroll
**John M. Carroll (1823-1901), American politician, New York House Representative
* Jon Carroll
* Jonathan Carroll (1949–), American author of fantasy fiction
* Joseph Carroll
* Josie Carroll
* Julian Carroll (1931–), American Governor of Kentucky 1974–1979


[] Kevin Carroll (1964-present) American musician residing in Austin, TX


* Lara Carroll
* Lee Carroll, American New Age channeller
* Leo G. Carroll (1892–1972), British actor
* Lewis Carroll, pseudonym of British author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832–1898)
* Liane Carroll
* Liz Carroll (musician), Canadian fiddler


* Madeleine Carroll (1906–1987), English actress
* Mark Carroll disambiguation
* Mary Carroll (20th century), Australian netball player
* Matt Carroll (1980–), American basketball player
* Matt Carroll (producer) (1944–) Australian film and television producer
* Mella Carroll
* Michael Carroll (lottery winner)
* Michael Carroll (space artist)
* Michael Patrick Carroll
* Mike Carroll


* Nancy Carroll (1903–1965), American actress
* Nyla Carroll (born 1965), New Zealand long-distance runner


* Pat Carroll (born 1927), American actress
* Pat Carroll (1853-1916), American baseball player
* Pat Carroll (born 1982), American basketball player
* Patrick Carroll (born in 1991), Irish actor
* Pete Carroll (1951–), American football coach
* Peter Carroll (c. 1952–), modern occultist and author
* Philip J. Carroll (1938–), American businessman and government advisor


* Rick Carroll
* Ron Carroll, also known as "The Minister of Sound" (contemporary), American singer, songwriter and producer
* Ronnie Carroll (contemporary), British jazz singer and entertainer
* Robert L. Carroll
* Robert Todd Carroll (contemporary), American professor, author, and keeper of the "Skeptic's Dictionary" website
* Rory Carroll
* Roy Carroll, Northern Irish footballer

* Sean B. Carroll (contemporary), American biologist and author
* Sean M. Carroll, theoretical physicist
* Shelley Carroll
* Sidney Carroll
* Sean Carroll, (born 1995), English Child


* Thomas King Carroll
* Tom Carroll
* Tommy Carroll
* Tonie Carroll, Australian rugby league footballer
* Trent Carroll


* Vinnette Justine Carroll


* Warren H. Carroll (contemporary), American historian, author, and professor
* Wes Carroll (born 1970), American percussionist
* William Carroll (1788–1844), American, Governor of Tennessee 1821–1827 and 1829–1835
* William H. Carroll, American Civil War Confederate general

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