Audit (disambiguation)

Audit (disambiguation)

Audit may refer to:

*Audit - an evaluation of an organization, system, process, project or product
* Auditor of a Student Society, especially in Ireland, having a similar etymology.
*Academic audit - the completion of a course of study for which no assessment is completed or grade awarded
*Clinical audit - the process formally introduced in 1993 into the United Kingdom's National Health Service
*Computer security audit - a process that can verify that certain standards have been met
*Configuration audit (as part of configuration management)
*Conformity assessment audit (ISO, HACCP, JCAHCO)
*Environmental audit
*Financial audit - the examination by an independent third party of the financial statements of a company or other organization
*Helpdesk and incident reporting auditing
*Information technology audit - an examination of the controls within an entity's Information technology infrastructure
*Internal audit - a management-oriented discipline
*Management system audit (quality audit, safety audit, environmental audit)
*Performance audit - an examination of a program, function, operation or the management systems and procedures of a governmental or non-profit entity
*Quality audit - a systematic, independent examination of a quality system
*Security audit (not computer-related)
*Software audit - multiple meanings
*Audit (telecommunication) - multiple meanings
*Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

Auditing may refer to:

*Auditing - the act of conducting an audit
*Auditing (Scientology) - a procedure in Scientology

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