Argus (disambiguation)

Argus (disambiguation)

Argus primarily refers to one of several figures in Greek mythology.

"The Argus" is the name of several newspapers.
*The Cape Argus is a newspaper printed in Cape Town

Argus may also refer to:
*Argus (bird), pheasants from the genera "Argusianus" and "Rheinartia"
*Argus butterflies, various unrelated butterflies with eyespots
** Nymphalidae: e.g. in "Erebia" and "Junonia"
** Polyommatinae: e.g. in "Aricia", "Plebeius"m "Polyommatus"
*Argus distribution, a probability distribution used in particle physics
*Operation Argus, a 1958 test to create electron belts using atomic bombs
*Cape Argus Cycle Race, the largest individually timed cycling event in the world
*Argus monitor, (Varanus panoptes) a species of lizard
*Argus Media Ltd

In technology:
*Argus (automobile), a German automobile manufactured between 1901 and 1909
*Argus (camera company), a brand of camera
*Argus Motoren, a German aircraft engine manufacturing firm
*ARGUS Software, a real estate appraisal software company
*Argus (monitoring software), a network and systems monitoring application
*Audit Record Generation and Utilization System, a fixed-model real-time flow monitor
*ARGUS, an aqueous homogeneous nuclear reactor at the Russian Research Centre, Kurchatov Institute
*Argus Rentals, a car rental company
*Argus Health Systems, a pharmacy benefit management company
*argus (ta), an automotive test software, developed at gedas deutschland GmbH and successfully used in Volkswagen concern in Europe (VW, Skoda, Audi (till 2006))
* ARGUS coastal imaging system in use to monitor the health of sandy beaches.

In sport:
* Original "Argus" system and Amended "Argus" system, two systems for determining the Premiers of the Victorian Football League's competition in 1901, and from 1902 to 1930 respectively

In entertainment:
*"Argus" (album), a 1972 album by Wishbone Ash
* Argus (arcade game), a prototype-only arcade video game by Gottlieb also known as "Protector"
*Argus (comic), fictional character who has associated with The Flash in the DC comics universe
*Argus (warcraft), the ancestral homeland of the Eredar race in fictional Warcraft Universe
*Argus Filch, a fictional character in the Harry Potter series
*Argus, a deity of the Mortal Kombat series
*, a private military contractor of the Splinter Cell series
* "Argus", the 15th colossus from the video game Shadow of the Colossus
* Argus is a model of Mech in the Battletech universe and makes one of its first appearances in Mechwarrior 4
* "Argus (or "Argos") no Senshi" is the original Japanese title for the arcade and NES game Rygar.

Argus may also refer to one of several ships or vehicles:
*CP-107 "Argus", a Royal Canadian Air Force maritime patrol aircraft
*HMS "Argus", one of seven ships of the British Royal Navy
*RFA "Argus" (A135), an aviation training ship in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
*USS "Argus" (1803), a brig of the United States Navy
*Fairchild Argus, a British version of the C-61 Forwarder light military transport aircraft

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The Argus (Song)- By Ween on the album Quebec

*Argos (disambiguation)

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