Argos (disambiguation)

Argos (disambiguation)

Argos may refer to:

City Name


*Argos is a city in the northeast Peloponnese in Greece. It shares this name with several other smaller towns in Greece:
** Argos (Kalymnos), a village on Kalymnos in the northern part of the Dodecanese
** Argos (Kassos), a village on the island of Kassos in the southern part of the Dodecanese
** Argos Amphilochicum, an ancient settlement in Aetolia
** Argos Ippatum, an ancient settlement in Epirus
** Argos Orestiko, a town in the southwest-central part of Kastoria
** Argos Hippium, a Greek colony near the present Foggia, Italy.

Outside of Greece

* Argos, Indiana, a town in the United States

In Greek mythology

* Argus (Argos), the son of Zeus and Niobe; Zeus' first child by a mortal
* Argos (dog), the hero Odysseus' faithful dog in Homer's "Odyssey"
* Argus Panoptes, a hundred-eyed giant who guarded Io
* "Argos", the son of Jason and Medea
* "Argos", the shipwright who built the "Argo", on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed

Other uses

* ARGOS (satellite) P91-1 ARGOS or the Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite, US Air Force research and development space mission
* Argos (EGFR Inhibitor), an inhibitor of the "Drosophila" EGFR pathway that neutralizes Epidermal growth factor
* Argos (retailer), a major UK catalogue retailer
* Argos (company), a major Colombian cement manufacturing company
* Argos (Stargate), a fictional planet in the Stargate SG-1 universe
* Argos Foundation, a charitable educational organization based in Florida
* Argos Comunicación, a Mexican television and film company
* Argos System, a satellite-based system for environmental data collection
* "Argos", the short name for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League
* Argo (oceanography), a network of free floating temperature and salinity sensors.
* Eddie Argos, the lead singer of English indie rock band Art Brut
* ARGOS DSS, a Decision Support System (DSS) for enhancing Crisis Management for incidents with CBRN releases.

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*Argus (disambiguation)
*Argosy (disambiguation)

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