Independence (disambiguation)

Independence (disambiguation)

Independence is the self-government of a nation, country, or state by its residents and population.

Independence may also mean:

;In mathematics:
*Independence (mathematical logic), Logical independence
*Linear independence
*Statistical independence:*Conditional independence

;Places in the United States of America
*Independence, Alabama
*Independence, California, in Inyo County
*Independence, Calaveras County, California
*Independence, Teller County, Colorado
*Independence, Pitkin County, Colorado
*Independence, Indiana
*Independence, Iowa
*Independence, Kansas
*Independence, Kentucky
*Independence, Louisiana
*Independence, Minnesota, in Hennepin County
*Independence, St. Louis County, Minnesota
*Independence, Mississippi, in Tate County
*Independence, Missouri
*Independence, New York
*Independence, Ohio, in Cuyahoga County
*Independence, Defiance County, Ohio
*Independence, Oregon
*Independence, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
*Independence, Washington County, Pennsylvania
*Independence, Texas
*Independence, Virginia
*Independence, Barbour County, West Virginia
*Independence, Clay County, West Virginia
*Independence, Jackson County, West Virginia
*Independence, Preston County, West Virginia
*Independence, Wisconsin

;Places in Other Countries
*Independence and Mango Creek - adjacent villages (considered as one community) in Belize
*Independence, Tuvalu, a former name for island of Niulakita

;Other Uses:
*Bit-sequence independence
*"Independence," a song by Gang of Four from their 1983 album "Hard"
*Independence Air, a low-cost airline
*Independence Brewing Company, a microbrewery in Austin, Texas
*Independence-D, and independent music festival in Japan.
*Independence Day (disambiguation):*Fourth of July (US holiday)
*Independence River, a tributary of the Black River in New York
*Resolution independence
*Any of the 5 US Navy ships named "USS Independence"
*SS Independence, American passenger ship
*Independence (audit)
*"Independence" (film), a 1987 Western film

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