List of Old Gowers

List of Old Gowers


This is a List of Notable Old Gowers - former pupils of University College School.
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*Thomas Adès, composer (OG ?-1988)

*The Very Rev. Dr. Hermann Adler (OG 1852-54), Chief Rabbi of UK

*The Rev. Canon Ainger, Alfred Ainger (OG 1847-49), Master of the Temple

* Moses Angel, according to "A Tradition for Freedom" he founded "The Jewish Chronicle".

*Richard Arnell, (OG 1927-35) Composer

*Sir Eric Ash CBE FRS FEng FIEE, (OG ?-?) Distinguished electrical engineer and Rector of Imperial College (1985-93).

*Walter Ashburner DCL (OG 1877-80), Professor of Jurisprudence, University of Oxford

*Professor William Edward Ayrton, FRS, (OG 1859-64), physicist


*Major General MP Babbage (OG 1834-40).

*The Hon Apurv Bagri (OG 1972-79), Deputy Chairman of governing body of London Business School, Managing Director of Metdist Group, Board member of Dubai Financial services authority, trustee of the Royal Parks Foundation, a commissioner of the Crown Estate Paving Commission, and a trustee of Asia House, visiting Professor at Cass Business School and a member of the Governing Council of the City University, London, member of the UCS coroporation, and son of Raj Bagri, Baron Bagri.

*The Most Rev. E.G. Bagshawe (OG 1836-38), Archbishop of Selucia. Might have been Edward Gilpin Bagshawe in which case he was also RC Bishop of Nottingham.

*Walter William Rouse Ball, (OG ?-?) mathematician and historian, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. His bequests founded the Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics and Rouse Ball Professor of English Law, both senior chairs at the University of Cambridge. The Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford is named after him as well, possibly due to another bequest.

*Commander William Eric Banks C.B.E. (OG ?-?) (Commander of H.M.S. Firedrake).

*Sir Roger Bannister (OG 1944-46), runner and neurologist

*Professor Dennis Neville Baron (OG 1936-41).

*Air Vice-Marshal William Edward Barnes (OG 1911-14).

*John Barrett (tennis), BBC tennis commentator, "voice of tennis" since 1991, previously had competed at Wimbledon and represented Britain in the Davis Cup.

*Lucas Barrett, (OG ?-?) English geologist and naturalist.

*Sir G.C.T. Bartley (OG 1852-59), MP

*Professor Henry Bassett DSc, PhD, D ès Sc (OG 1892-98), Professor of Chemistry at the University of Reading from 1912-46.

*Tony Bastable, (OG 1955-?) former ITV presenter and independent producer.

*Walter Bayes, (OG ?-?) Artist and art critic, part of the Camden Town Group.

*Victor Bayley CIE, CBE. FICE (OG 1891-98). Railway Engineer - Constructor of railway through the Khyber.

*George Arthur Beggs (Og 1893-1901).

*Robert Anning Bell RA (OG 1876-78), painter and illustrator

*Hymen William Benjamin (OG ?-?)

*Dr G.T. Bennett, anthropologist.

*Nicolas Bentley, illustrator

*Arthur Berry (OG 1877-79), Vice-Provost of King's College, Cambridge

*John Hamilton Betts (OG 1903?)

*Eric Latham Beverly (OG 1928-36) Chairman of Council (1979-1980), CBE, D.F.C., F.R.A.e. S.

*Louis Bielinky (OG 1931-40).

*Raymond William Birch C.B.E. (OG 1913-19).

*Major General Horace Leslie Birks CB DSO (OG 1912-14).

* CC Bishop (OG 1917-22), Rugby player for England.

*Dirk Bogarde, Actor (OG ?-? Junior Branch only)

*Sir Chris Bonington (OG 1944-52), Mountaineer

*Dion Boucicault (OG ?-?) Irish author and playwright. Helped to get the first dramatic US copyright law passed in 1856, and was involved in the setting up of the UK royalty system. The Templeman Library.

*Sir Alfred Gibbs Bourne KCI.E., FRS (OG 1872-76), Director of the Indian Institute of Science

*H. Clarence Bourne CMG (OG 1872-75), Colonial Secretary of Jamaica

*Robert Lawrence Bowes, Wing Commander (OG ?-?)

*Major David Charles Bowser - film maker? (OG 1913-16).
*The Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Braddon KCMG, (OG 1843-44), Premier of Tasmania

*Major General Sir J Rose Bradford KCMG, CB, FRS, MD (OG 1875-80) Possibly Sir John Rose Bradford, Bart.– If so, President of the Royal College of Physicians

*Professor Paul Brand CBE, (OG ?-?) orthopaedic surgeon who helped thousands of sufferers of leprosy. Emeritus Clinical Professor of Orthopaedics, University of Washington, international president of the Leprosy Mission, Hunterian Professor of the Royal College of Surgeons.

*Elmore W. Brewerton FRCS, (OG 1882-6).

*Oscar Frank Brown C.B.E. (OG 1897-06)

*William Speirs Bruce (OG 1885-7?), Polar scientist and oceanographer.

*Sir George Buchanan CB MD FRCP (OG 1878-85), Chief Medical Officer for England, 1879 - 1892.

*Herrick Bunney, organist, Professor of the Organ at the Royal College of Music 1967-76. Made Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in 1996. Awards included the Dannreuther Prize for a performance of the Rachmaninov Third Piano Concerto under Sir Malcolm Sargent.

*The Rt. Hon. Lord Burnham, Baron Burnham (OG 1847-50), Principal proprietor of 'The Daily Telegraph"

*Professor Benedict Delisle Burns (OG 1922-31), author of "The Mammalian Cerebral Cortex".

*Sir Edward Henry Busk, MA, LL.B (OG 1852-59), Vice-Chancellor of the University of London

*Ingram Bywater (OG 1853-56), Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford University


* Gerald Campion, Actor, most famous for playing Billy Bunter.

* Henry Clifford Care, CB (order of the bath), cricket blue 1911, Cambridge University Chess Blue, Government Finance Minister..

*The Rev. Cannon S.C. Carpenter, Spencer Carpenter, Bachelor of Divinity (OG 1886-96), Master of the Temple, Vice-Principal of Westcott House, Cambridge Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge.

*The Rev. Joseph Estlin Carpenter (OG 1854-60), Principal of Harris Manchester College, Oxford of Oxford University.

*G.S. Carr (OG ?-?) Mathematician.

* Richard D'Oyly Carte, Impresario, producer (in partnership with Gilbert and Sullivan). He owned and built the Savoy Hotel and Savoy Theatre.

*Joseph Chamberlain (OG 1850-52), Colonial Secretary, leader of the Imperialist Liberals and father of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain

*Dan Chambers (OG 1985-87), TV producer and former director of programmes for Channel Five

*The Rt. Hon. Sir Arthur Charles,PC, (OG 1848-54), Judge of the High Court

*André Chevrillon (OG 1876-77), member of the French Academy

*Sir William Christie (astronomer)?, Astronomer Royal in 1881-1910. Biographical details don't seem to mention his education below university level, but as he actively participated in UCS fundraising and applied to be a member of the corporation, he may well be an Old Gower.

*Sir JRA Clark (Bart?) (OG ?-?) FRCS CB CMG

*Sir Wilfred Collett KCMG (OG 1870-73), Governor of British Guiana 1914-1918

*Sir William Job Collins KCVO, MD, MS, FRCS, MP (OG 1869-76), Member of Parliament, Chairman of L.C.C, Surgeon, two term Vice-Chancellor of the University of London (1907-9, 1911-12).

*C.H.J. O'Neill Conroy KC, OBE (OG 1886-88), Attorney-General for Newfoundland.

*Sir Daniel Cooper, Bart., KCMG, G.C.M.G (OG 1835-39), First Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, New South Wales. He was also a member of the sub-committee of four that completed the drafting of a bill to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia.

*Allan Corduner, (OG ?-?) actor, played Sir Arthur Sullivan in the film "Topsy-Turvy". [2]

*Lord? W.H. Cozens-Hardy KC, (OG ?-?) Commander of the RNR in World War One

*Joe Craig, Novelist

*Sir Frank Crisp (OG 1857-59), Company Lawyer

*Sir David Crouch, (OG ?-?) Conservative MP.

* Eric Crozier, Opera Producer


* Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail.

*The Hon Sir Lionel Davidson (Politician) KCSI (OG 1877-84), Leader of the House, Madras Legislative Council, Vice-President of Executive Council of Governor of Madras.

*Sir Michael Day OBE (OG 1946-52), Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality

*Paul Jose De Mayo F.R.S. (OG ?-?)

*William Frend De Morgan (OG 1849-55) Artist/potter and novelist

*Hugh Dennis, (OG 1974-1980) Actor ("My Hero", "Have I Got News for You", "Mock the Week")

*Nick Denton, (OG ?-?) Internet businessman.

*Julian Diggle (OG ?-?) Percussionist

*Jonathan Djanogly, MP (2001-present) Shadow Solicitor General and Shadow Minister for Trade and Industry (2005-)

*The Hon Sir Henry Doulton (OG 1833-36), Inventor and manufacturer of pottery. Winner of the Albert Medal.

*H John Dunster (OG ?-?) UK representative to the UNSCEAR (atomic Radiation), Director of NRPB (National Radiological Safety Board), Deputy Director General of the Health and Safety Executive.

*Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence, Bart. (OG 1847-52), Professor at University College London. There is to this day a Durning-Lawrence Professor of the History of Art at UCL, and the main hall at UCS is officially known as the Durning-Lawrence Hall.

*Sir Joseph Duveen, Bart, later Joseph Duveen, 1st Baron Duveen of Millbank (OG 1877-80), One of the most influential art dealers of all time and a philanthropist


*W. McAdam Eccles MS FRCS (OG 1882-84), surgeon.

*Richard Eckersley, deconstructionist graphic designer, appointed a Royal Designer for Industry in 1999.

*The Rt. Hon. (OG ?-?) Albert James Edmondson, 1st Baron Sandford, Conservative politician.

*Sir Barrow Ellis KCSI,(OG 1883-37), Member of Governor-General's Council and of the Council of India


*Sir George Faudel-Phillips, Bart. (OG 1853-55), Lord Mayor of London 1896-97

*Sir John Ambrose Fleming, (OG ?-?) Electrical engineer

*Percy Flemming MD, FRCS (OG 1872-79), Professor of Ophthalmology, University College Hospital

*The Hon Sir Walter Morley Fletcher KBE CB FRCP FRS (OG 1886-91), physiologist, Secretary of the Medical Research Council, Senior Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge.

*Shayne Fontayne (OG ?-?) Guitarist.

*Ford Madox Ford (OG 1888-90), Novelist, Editor.

*George Forrest, (OG ?-?) Wykeham Professor of Logic, University of Oxford, founder member of British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles.

*Sir Michael Foster KCB, FRS, MP (OG 1849-52), Physiologist, Professor and MP

*The Hon Sir T. Gregory Foster Bart, Ph.D (OG 1881-4), Vice-Chancellor of the University of London, the first Provost of University College London.

* Percy F. Frankland, FRS, Chemist.

*Daniel Franklin (OG ?-?) Journalist and editor.

*Josh Franklin (OG 2001-2008) Professional footballer

*Maj.-Gen Sir T. Fraser KCB, CSI, CMG (OG 1876-82)

*Jonathan Freedland, (OG ?-?) British newspaper journalist, "The Guardian" newspaper.

*Professor Percy Furnivall FRCS (OG 1878-83), Hunterian Professor of Pathology and surgery, Royal College of Surgeons. Champion Bicyclist of the World 1885.


*Simon Garfield, (OG ?-?) Journalist, "The Observer", and author

*Alex Garland, (OG ?-?) Novelist, writer of "The Beach"

*Samuel Gee (1839 – 1911) Physician and paediatrician

* Air Vice-Marshall Leonard William George Gill (Bill Gill) (OG 1932-35), Order of the King of Bohemia, British Air force officer.

*Charles Gifford (Canadian politician) (OG ?-?)

*Paul Gilroy, (OG ?-?) Giddens Professor at the London School of Economics & writer.

*David Ginsburg, (OG ?-?) Labour, later, SDP MP.

*Oliver Gledhill, (OG ?-?) Cellist, regularly broadcast on Classic FM.

*Paul Gorman, (OG ?-?) Journalist and director.

*Sir John Grandy, (OG ?-?) GCB GCVO KBE DSO KStJ, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Chief of the Air Staff from 11 April 1967 to 31 March 1971. Governor of Gibraltar from 3 October 1973 to 30 May 1978.

*Sir Alan Greengross, (OG ?-?) Former Conservative Leader on the Greater London Council, Vice-Chair of the Council of University College London.

*J.G. Greenwood, (OG 1835-37) Principal of Owens College, Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University (UK) and possibly founded it

*Maurice Greiffenhagen RA (OG 1872-76), Artist

*Raymond Gubbay, (OG ?-?) impresario.

*The Rt. Hon. William Court Gully, 1st Viscount Selby, PC, QC, (OG 1848-49), Speaker of the House of Commons

*Thom Gunn, (OG ?-?) Poet

*Robert Gunther (OG ?-?) founded the Museum of the History of Science.


*Sir Francis Seymour Haden, (OG ?-?) English etcher, writer and surgeon

*Roger Leighton Hall, CNZM, QSO, (OG 1952-55) New Zealand playwright.

*Professor W.D. Halliburton MD, FRS (OG1872-77), Professor of Physiology, King's College London

*Laurence Halsted (OG 1984- ), British Fencer

*H. W. Halton (OG 1877-80), Vice-President Court of Appeal, President Mixed Tribunal, Cairo

*Numa E. Hartog (OG 1857-61), First Jewish Senior Wrangler, prominent figure in the movement to remove Jewish disabilities. His evidence before a committee of the House of Lords helped considerably to secure the passing of the Universities Tests Act in 1871.

*Sir Philip J Hartog KBE, CIE (OG 1874-80), Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dacca

*His Excellency Viscount Hayashi (OG 1867-68), Japanese Ambassador to the Court of St. James's

*Sir Harry Haward (OG 1877-81), Controller of the L.C.C., Electricity Commissioner

*Professor Clive Hawood (OG 1897-03).

*Sir John Heathcote-Amory, Bart (of Tiverton)(OG 1843-45), Textile Baron, builder of Knightshayes Court

*Dr Bernard W. Henderson (OG 1883-89), fellow of Exeter College, Cambridge, classical historian.

*Professor S.J. Hickson FRS (OG 1873-76), Victoria University of Manchester

*Dr Alexander Hill MA, MD, FRCS (OG 1870-72), Master of Downing College, Cambridge, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge (1897-99).

*G.F. Hill CB (OG 1882-4), Director of the British Museum.

*Surgeon Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Hill, KCB, KCMG, CVO, FRCS, (OG 1871-81), Director-General of the Admiralty Medical Department, Hon. Surgeon to H.M. the King

* Sir Malcolm Hilbery, Judge.

*Jeremy Hillman, (OG ?-?) Editor of BBC world, previously BBC New York Bureau Chief.

*Mayer Hillman, (OG ?-?) Senior Fellow Emeritus of the Policy Studies Institute. Author.

*The Rt. Rev. J.E. Hine DD, MD (OG 1870-74), Bishop of Zanzibar, Archdeacon of Lincoln

* David Hobman CBE, Founder Director of Age Concern.

*Frank Holl, (OG ?-?) English painter

*Professor Peter Holland, (OG ?-?), former Director of the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon and Professor of Shakespeare Studies at the University of Birmingham. Then in 2002, Peter became the McMeel Family Professor in Shakespeare Studies in the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame. He has been a Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

*Nigel Holloway (OG ?-?)

*Tom Hood, (OG ?-?) Humourist

*Geoffrey Howard, English cricketer and cricket administrator.

*Sir Henry Greenway Howse MS, FRCS (OG 1856-58), President of the Royal College of Surgeons

*Dr Tristram Hunt, (OG ?-1992) TV historian

*Major General Hutchinson (OG 1839-41), probably Charles Scrope Hutchinson, Inspector of Railways for the board of trade.

*Richard Holt Hutton (OG 1835-41), Editor of "The Spectator"

*Leonard Huxley LL.D. (OG 1872-77), Editor of "The Cornhill Magazine"


*Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading (OG 1873-74), Lord Chief Justice, Foreign Secretary (briefly), Leader of the House of Lords, solicitor and attorney general (held separately), Ambassador to the USA, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Viceroy of India.


* Professor Anthony Trafford James, CBE FRS, Non-Executive Director of the Wellcome Trust, honoured for services to UK research, involved with the development of gas-liquid chromatography.

*William Stanley Jevons, (OG ?-?) Logician & Economist

*Sir David Brynmor Jones, PC, QC, MP (OG 1862-69), writer of parliamentary reports.

*Stephen Joseph OBE, Executive Director of Transport 2000 (OG 1988-2005?).

*Judge Jules, (OG ?-?) Dance music DJ


*David Katz, (OG ?-?) Music Journalist

*Sir Brian Keith QC, (OG ?-?) Justice of the High Court.

*Arthur Edwin Kennelly, (OG ?-?) American electrical engineer

*Dairoku Kikuchi, (OG ?-?) Japanese mathematician and Minister of Education

*Gottfried Kinkel (OG 1859-62), Professor of Greek, University of Zürich. May be a relation of Gottfried Kinkel

*Dr Geoffrey Klempner, (OG ?-?) Philosopher, Director of Studies, International Society for philosophers, author of books.

*G.W. Knox (OG 1856-59), President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales

*Brian Kuttner, mathematician, one of the leading exponents of summability theory.


*Martin Lamble, (OG ?-?) musician Fairport Convention

*Adam Law, (OG 1970-1975) physician/scientist.

*Edmund Leighton, (OG ?-?) artist.

*The Rt. Hon. Frederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton (OG 1839-43), Artist and President of the Royal Academy

*Cecil Arthur Lewis, (OG ?-?) one of the 4 founders of the BBC, won an Oscar for adapting the screenplay of "Pygmalion".

*Geoffrey Lewis Lewis, (OG ?-?) linguist. Emeritus Professor of Turkish at Oxford University and Emeritus Fellow of St Antony's College.

*Martin Lewis, (OG ?-?) Humorist, Producer, Broadcaster

*The Rt. Hon. Nathaniel Lindley, 1st Baron Lindley, PC, (OG 1837-45), Master of the Rolls, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

*Dennis Lloyd (OG 1929-31, Chairman of Council 1971-79), The rt. Hon Lord Lloyd of Hampstead QC, Quain Professor of Jurisprudence University of London, Chairman of the National Film School 1970-1988, chairman of the British Film Institute 1973-1976.

*Simon Long (OG ?-?) Journalist


*Professor D.S. MacColl (OG 1873-76), Keeper of the Wallace Collection.

*Sir Philip Magnus, Bart., (OG 1854-58), English educationalist (first Director of the City and Guilds Institute) and MP

*H.J. Manning

*Sir Edward Manville M.Inst. E.E., (OG 1874-78), Chairman of the Imperial Council of Commerce

*Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge, (OG ?-?) former Chairman and Chief Executive of British Airways.

*Lieutenant Horace Robert Martineau (OG ?-?) recipient of the Victoria Cross

*The Rt. Rev Dr. John Howard Bertram Masterman DD, (OG ?-?) Suffragan Bishop of Plymouth and author.

*John Preston Maxwell, (OG ?-?) Missionary, President of the Chinese Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

*David McCallum, (OG ?-?) Actor

*Justin H. McCarthy MP (OG 1871-73), Member of Parliament and author and possibly son of Justin McCarthy

*Sir Andrew McFadyean, (OG ?-?) senior civil servant, General Secretary to the Reparation Commission 1919, Chairman of S.G. Warburg and Co, Chairman of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

*J Allan McNab ( 1948-55)President, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants 1995-6

*The Rt. Hon. J.W. Mellor KC, MP (OG 1844-51), Chairman of Committees, House of Commons

*Frederick de Sola Mendes, (OG ?-?) Rabbi.

*Sir W.S. Meyer GCIE, KCSI. (OG 1873-76), Member of the Governor-General's Council, First High Commissioner for India

*Max Minghella (OG 1999-2004), Actor

*Dharmash Mistry (OG ?-1988), Managing Director of Emap Digital

*SirE.W. Moir Bart. (OG 1875-77), Engineer

*Professor F.C. Montague MA (OG 1871-74), Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, Historian

*Sir Theodore Morison KCSI, KCI.E., CBE. (OG 1874-77), Member of the Council of India, Principal of Armstrong College

*The Rt. Hon. John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn, PC, OM, [(OG 1853-54), Secretary of State for India

*Richard Morrison, (OG ?-?) Arts Editor of "The Times",1990-99

*The Rev William Stainton Moses, (OG ?-?) Christian Spiritualist Leader and medium, President of the London Spiritualist Alliance (1884-death).

*Rodrigo Moynihan, Artist.

*Alexander Muirhead, (OG ?-?) Developed the fist electrocardiogram, one of the developers of wireless telegraphy.


*Sir Nathaniel Nathan (OG 1851-58), Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago, 1901-1903

*Sir W. Phené Neal (OG 1876-80), Lord Mayor of London 1930-31

*Ronald Neame (OG ?-?) British screenwriter and director



* Professor Karl Pearson FRS (OG 1866-73), Founder of Department of Applied Statistics of University College London which was the first statistics department in the world. He was a major contributor to the development of statistics. Contemporary and close friend of Kikuchi Dairoku.

* Arthur Pearson, later Arthur Pearson-Gee, Karl Pearson's older brother
* Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS, Mathematician, Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford. Winner of De Morgan Medal (See Notable Staff for De Morgan himself). Sir Roger has the honour of holding a Chair and medal named after two different people involved with the school (a pupil and a teacher). Author of popular physics books.

* 1st Baron Perring Ralph Edgar Perring, Lord Mayor of London, 1962-63.

* Sir Claude Phillips (OG 1856-58), Keeper of the Wallace Collection

* Professor Vivian de Sola Pinto, poet, literary critic and historian. He appeared for the defence (Penguin Books) at the Lady Chatterly's Lover trial.

* Dan Plesch, writer, broadcaster & senior associate of the Foreign Policy Centre

* Sir Angus Prevost, Bart., (OG 1847-52), Governor of the Bank of England

* Richard Bissell Prosser, Engineer and inventor.

* Augustus Pulszky LL.D (OG 1858-60), Professor of Law, University of Buda-Pesth


* Professor J.P. Quilliam, Peter Quilliam, General Secretary of the British Pharmacology Society (1968-71), Professor of Pharmacology King's College London, Chairman of the BMA Board of Science, Trustee of the University of London.


* Sir Walter Raleigh (OG 1877-79), Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford

*Alec. L. Rea (OG 1887-94), Dramatic Producer.

* Sir Boverton Redwood, 1st Baronet Boverton (OG 1857-61), Prominent chemist and petroleum expert, co-founded the B & R Redwood consulting practice. He also co-founded, and became the first President of, the Institution of Petroleum Technologists, now known as the Institute of Petroleum, in 1913. He was instrumental in persuading the Royal Navy to change from coal fired ships to oil fired ones.

* Sir Josiah Rees, (OG 1835-38), Chief Justice of Bermuda

* Sir Aurelian Ridsdale, politician and chairman of the British Red Cross Society, 1912–1914

* Leo Robson, Noted Hegelian academic and former editor of the Warwick Boar.

* William Romilly, 2nd Baron Romilly, (OG 1843-50), He may have had something to do with the 1867 Reform Act.

* James Rosenfeld, Noted Academic and Philanthropist

* Henry Ling Roth (1855 – 1925), Anthropologist, active in Australia (brother of Walter Roth)

* Walter Roth, Anthropologist, The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology in Georgetown, Guyana has been named in his honour.

* Edward John Routh RS, Mathematician, winner of the Adams Prize in 1877, fellow of the Royal Society, also contributed to Routh-Hurwitz theorem and Routh stability criterion.

* Dick Rubenstein, Major, SAS war hero.

* Sir C.A. Russell QC, (OG 1862-71), was probably Charles Russell QC who defended at least one of the three social campaigners in the famous case of Eliza Armstrong (1885): social campaigners proved the existence of under age prostitution by "buying a girl", they were then prosecuted.

* The Rt. Hon Brer Ruthven, Viscount Ruthven of Canberra, Publisher.

* 1st Viscount Samuel, Herbert Samuel (OG 1884-88), Leader of the Liberal Party, Home Secretary and High Commissioner for Palestine

* Gordon Samuels AC CVO QC Governor of New South Wales (1996-2001)

* David Say (The Right Reverend Richard David Say, KCVO, DD), bishop of Rochester (1961-1988).

* Lt.-General Sir Robert I. Scallon KCB, KCI.E., DSO (OG 1869-73)

* Ben Schott, author of Schott's Miscellanies

* Admiral Sir Percy Scott, Bart., KCB. (OG 1865-66), Often regarded in the Royal Navy as "the father of modern gunnery". Scott was also instrumental in developing other equipment for the fleet such as the masthead flashing lamp (and possibly the masthead semaphore) and the shutter "for the emission of signs" to put on the searchlights so they could be used to send Morse Code. He was Military Commandant of Durban when martial law was declared during the Boer War. In a controversial letter to "The Times" he foresaw the vulnerability of battleships to new technology such as submarines. He was made Head of the anti-submarine department of the Admiralty months into the First World War. He is one of three Naval officers who (working independently) are credited with the development of depth charges. [ [ Admiral Sir Percy Scott ] ] , [ [ Johnson ] ] , [ [ ::The Admiralty and the Submarine Service:: ] ]

* Will Self, Writer

* Sir Francis Michie Shepherd KBE, British Ambassador to Persia 1950-52, Ambassador to Poland 1952-54.

* Sir Arthur Everett Shipley FRS (OG 1877-79), Master of Christ's College, Cambridge 1910-1927, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge 1917-1919.

* Major General T.H. Sibley (1834-41).

* Walter Sickert A.RA (OG 1870-71), Artist and critic

* The Hon Sir Percy Simmons KBE (OG1885-90), Chairman of L.C.C.

* Lieutenant General Eric Miall Smith, exact details unknown, Killed in the first world war.

* Kenneth Snowman CBE, Chairman of Wartski, appeared as himself in the James Bond film "Octopussy".

* Professor Edward Adolf Sonnenschein, Litt. D. (OG 1867-68), Philologist, Professor of Classics and Dean of the Faculty of Arts in the University of Birmingham

* Stephen Spender, Poet

* Marion Harry Spielmann (OG 1872-66), Historian of "Punch", editor of "The Magazine of Art".

*Major General Henry H Stansfield. (OG ?-?)

* The Rt. Rev. Edward Steere (OG 1842-44), Bishop of Central Africa.

* Frederic George Stephens, 'Nonartistic' member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood & Art critic.

* Colonel H.F. Stephens (OG 1877-83), Railway engineer and manager.

* The Rt. Hon. Lord Wandsworth Sydney Stern, 1st Baron Wandsworth, (OG 1857-58), MP and banker, left much of his estate for the founding of an orphanage, but instead the trustees founded Lord Wandsworth College.

* Greville Stevens, England Cricketer, Ashes winner, Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1918, at UCS scored 466 in a house match.

* Desmond Surfleet, Middlesex Cricketer.

* Manfred John Susskind. Fred Susskind (OG 1902-09), South African test match cricketer.

* The Most Rev. Arthur Sweatman (OG 1848-50), Archbishop of Toronto and Primate of all Canada

* Maj.-Gen. Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton, sometimes spelled Ernst Dunlop Swinton KBE, CB, DSO (OG 1878-83), On outbreak of World War One became, Assistant Secretary (Military), Committee of Imperial Defence and War Cabinet. Directed the creation of the first successful Tank in 1916, (he is sometimes referred to as the "originator" of the tank (see Landships Committee), later Chichele Professor of Military History, University of Oxford.

* David Sylvester, art critic and curator.

* James Joseph Sylvester (OG 1828), attended aged 14 at a time when the distinctions between the school and college were blurred, [British Society for the History of Mathematics] professor of mathematics at the Royal Military Academy, inaugural professor of mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, Professor at Oxford University and private tutor to Florence Nightingale.


* His Excellency Count Hayashi Tadasu, Japanese Foreign Minister, and Ambassador to the Court of St James. Signed the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1902.

* Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor OM FRS (OG 1899-1905?), Physicist and Mathematician, part of British delegation to the Manhattan project, has been described as "one of the greatest physical scientists of the 20th century".Fact|date=May 2007

* Gordon Thomson (rower) (OG 1893-99), Gold medalist in the Olympic Games of 1908 (coxless pairs) and rowed for Cambridge.

* Matthew Taylor (politician), MP (1987-present), Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman (1999-2003), Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party (2003-2005)

* James Thomas (Australian politician), engineer and politician.

* Sir Hamo Thornycroft RA, (OG 1863-68), Artist and sculptor (works included the statue of Oliver Cromwell outside the Palace of Westminster).

* Captain Norman Todd - Captained the first commercial flight of a British Airways concorde.

* Wilfred Trotter MS FRCS (OG 1888-90), pioneer in neurosurgery, Hon. Surgeon to His Majesty the King.

* Professor William Bradshaw Tuck, Professor (Chemistry) Middlesex Hospital Medical School (1937).

* Dr Mark Turin (OG 1981-91), linguistic anthropologist, directs the Digital Himalaya project which is jointly based at the University of Cambridge and Cornell University.

* Raymond Turk (OG 1946-56), novelist, poet and dramatist.


* The Hon Sir Thomas Urwick (OG 1877-84), British Member of the Reparations Commission, Paris.


* John William Van Druten (OG 1911-17), Playwright.

* Sir Julius Vogel KCM.G, Two-time Prime Minister of New Zealand, (Chairman of Old Boys Dining Society 1877)

* Geoffrey Vos QC, Chairman of the Bar Council
* Ed Vulliamy, Journalist and author


* Dan Wagner, Internet Entrepreneur.

* Sir Francis Walshe, Neurologist.

* Charles Warton, MP, Attorney general of Western Australia.

* Edwin Waterhouse (OG 1855-57), President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and the Waterhouse in PricewaterhouseCoopers

* Julian Lloyd Webber, Cellist

* Sir Arnold Wesker FRSL Honn. Litt. D, Dramatist.

* Philip Wicksteed, Economist and Clergyman.

* Professor O. K. Williamson MA, MB (OG 1876-82), University of Witwatersrand

* Professor Robin Wilson, mathematician, Gresham Professor of Geometry and son of Harold Wilson.

* Guy Wingate, Brand Strategic and media producer.

* Jonathan Wittenberg, Masorti Rabbi

*Roland De Wolfe, Professional gambler.

* Clive A Woolf OBE, (OG 1943-46) Solicitor honoured for representing death row inmates in Caribbean (pro bono) on their appeals to the Privy Council.



* Sir Alfred Yarrow, Bart., FRS (OG 1855-58), Ship building industrialist and philanthropist


* Oliver Zangwill Professor of Psychology, University of Cambridge.


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