Stories of Hope and Forgiveness

Stories of Hope and Forgiveness

Infobox Mission Hill episode
episode_name = Stories of Hope and Forgiveness
episode_no = 11
aired_as = 11
Alt. Title = Day of the Jackass

prod_code = S01E11
airdate = July 28, 2002
writer = Dan McGrath
director = Christian Roman

"Stories of Hope and Forgiveness" (or "Day of the Jackass") was the eleventh episode of "Mission Hill". It was written by Dan McGrath. It first aired on July 28, 2002.


Andy, oblivious to an ambiguous nation-wide crisis gripping the country, is asked to the Grammys by actress Becca Michelle Butterfield. Meanwhile, Toby is (slowly) pursued by a rabid dog, and Posey meditates in an attempt to find nirvana. When circumstances result in Andy's being handcuffed to a fence, Kevin must attend the Grammys in his stead.


*"Arctic Cat" by The Gloria Record is playing on Jim's car radio before the DJ comes on with Grammy news.


*Becca Michelle Butterfield is patterned after Sarah Michelle Gellar, who appeared in "I Know What You Did Last Summer", the title of which was also parodied in this episode ("I Still Have Some Issues With What You Did Last Summer" and "It's Just Like Last Summer, What With The Killing And All").
*It is heavily implied that the nation-wide crisis has much to do with an incident where Dennis Rodman is evacuated by helicopter from a ship for unspecified reasons.
*The sign on one of the protestors reads "$ for peace, not for liquor" giving some hint as to the nature of the crisis. "Money for liquor" is also mentioned in a newscast as a phrase common to the crisis.
*When Posey finally reaches the secret to enlightenment during her meditation, it is revealed at the last minute to be Ronald McDonald.
*Becca Michelle Butterfield presents an award for "Best Pop Song by the Offspring of a Rock Legend". The nominees for this category appear to be Sean Lennon, Jakob Dylan, Lil Ice Cube, Junior Walker Jr. and Catherine "Bonzo" Bonham. Though some of these people are fictional, two are indeed the children of prominent rock artists and they both have pursued careers in music. These two individuals are Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon; Jakob Dylan, son of Bob Dylan. The other three names refer to Ice Cube, Junior Walker and John Bonham, respectively.
*Celebrities caricatured within the episode include Steven Spielberg, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith,Marilyn Manson, Dennis Rodman, Beck, Dolly Parton, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien.
*When Posey embarks on her journey to Nirvana, her interaction with her "Inner Being" is a reference to the New Age belief of "Christ Consciousness"
*At the end of the episode, Becca accepts the Nobel Peace Prize in Stockholm, Sweden. However, in real life, unlike the other Nobel Prizes, the Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway.

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