O'Hara is an Anglicized form of the Irish name Ó hEaghra. The death of the eponyum is mentioned in the Annals of the Four Masters - 926. Eaghra Poprigh mac Saorghus, lord of Luighne, in Connaught ... died.


O'Hara as a surname

Fictional characters

  • Chief O'Hara (Disney Comics), Disney comic book character
  • Chief Miles O'Hara, character from the Batman TV show
  • Jack "Butcher" O'Hara, the Green Beret in the game series Commandos
  • Juliet O'Hara, a main character in the American comedy-drama television series Psych
  • Miguel O'Hara is an alternative futuristic version of the comic book superhero Spider-Man
  • Neely O'Hara, character in Valley of the Dolls
  • Scarlett O'Hara, literary protagonist in Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind
  • Spike O'Hara, the main character in the NES game Ghoul School
  • Dana O'Hara, protagonist of the song Letter to Dana by Finnish power metal group Sonata Arctica, from their album Ecliptica.

Place names

Other uses

See also

  • Ohara (disambiguation)
  • O'Hare (disambiguation)

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