1838 in Australia

1838 in Australia

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Governors of the Australian colonies:
*Governor of New South Wales - Sir George Gipps
*Governor of Queensland - "(office first formed in 1859)"
*Governor of South Australia - Captain John Hindmarsh to 16 July then from 17 October Lieutenant Colonel George Gawler
*Governor of Tasmania - Captain Sir John Franklin
*Governor of Victoria - "(office first formed in 1851)"
*Governor of Western Australia as a Crown Colony - Captain James Stirling


* January 1 - John Pascoe Fawkner founded "The Melbourne Advertiser", the Port Phillip district's first newspaper.
*January 26 - The 50th anniversary of the colony of New South Wales was celebrated with a regatta on Sydney Harbour and other festivities.
*January 31 - Lord Glenelg, Secretary of State for War and the Colonies sent Governor Gipps the report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Aborigines (British Settlements). The report recommended that Protectors of Aborigines should be engaged. They would be required to learn the Aboriginal language and their duties would be to watch over the rights of Aborigines, guard against encroachment on their property and to protect them from acts of cruelty, oppression and injustice. The Port Phillip Aboriginal Protectorate was established with George Augustus Robinson as chief protector and four full-time protectors.
* June 10 - 28 Indigenous Australians were killed at the Myall Creek massacre.
* December 1 - The first annual Hobart Regatta is held.

Arts and literature

*"The Guardian: a tale" published in Sydney by Anna Maria Bunn - the first Australian novel written by a woman


* December 7 - Thomas Bent, one of Australia's more colourful politicians, and Premier of Victoria, is born in Penrith, New South Wales.
* December 15 - John King, the sole survivor of the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition, is born at Moy in the county of Tyrone, Ireland.

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