Oscar Tang

Oscar Tang

Oscar L. Tang is a Chinese-born American financier who is notable as a philanthropist for education and art. He donated millions of dollars to the Metropolitan Museum of Art,[1] Skidmore College,[2] and the Gordon Parks Foundation,[3] In 2008, he gave $25 million to Phillips Academy in what was the school's largest ever single contribution.[4] Tang resides in New York City.

This 962 A.D. painting by Chinese artist Dong Yuan is one of the earliest landscapes which created the illusion of depth and distance on a silk canvas. Tang bought it for New York's Metropolitan Museum in 1997.


Early years

Tang was born in Shanghai, China, and his family fled from the country when the Communist revolution took over in 1949. He enrolled at Phillips Academy in Andover as a tenth grader and graduated in 1956. His future wife, Frances Young, attended Andover's sister school, Abbot Academy, and she went on to Skidmore College. Tang was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon at Yale University and received a Bachelor of Science degree. In 1960, Tang married Frances Young.[5] Tang received an M.B.A degree from Harvard Business School. His wife graduated from Skidmore in 1961.

Business career and family

In 1970, Tang founded an investment firm known as Reich and Tang in New York City. He headed the firm until 1993. The firm was highly profitable. It is now part of the investment bank Natixis. After the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, Tang worked with other high-level Chinese-Americans, including Yo-yo Ma and I.M. Pei, to "encourage rapport and understanding between two countries."[6] His wife Frances Young Tang was a philanthropist who specialized in landmark preservation. In 1992, she passed away at the age of 53 from cancer.[7] His daughter Dana Tang married Andrew Haid Darrell in 1998.[8]


Phillips Academy

In 2008, he gave $25 million to Phillips Academy.[4] It was the largest single donation in the school's 230-year history.[4] The gift was used to support "need-blind admission" allowing smart students from less affluent families to attend the elite boarding school, according to headmaster Barbara Landis Chase.[4] In total, Tang had contributed $41 million to Phillips Academy, helping boost the school's endowment over $800 million.[4] Before being instated as the President of the Phillips Academy Board of Trustees, he was a charter trustee since 1995 and a major school volunteer for over two decades. He was instrumental in preserving the buildings and campus of the former Abbot Academy, which merged with Phillips Academy, when there had been discussion about razing the no-longer-used structures; Tang's philanthropy gave funds for preservation of these buildings.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tang is a member of the board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.[9] He gave $14 million in 1997 to enable the museum to purchase rare and valuable Chinese paintings.[10] His gift included 11 major paintings from the C.C. Wang collection and additional funding toward Chinese art galleries.

Skidmore College

Tang gave $10.2 million for the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College in 2000.[2] In addition to being a trustee at Skidmore, he is also a trustee of the China Institute in America.


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