Mosaic (disambiguation)

Mosaic (disambiguation)

Mosaic is decorative art involving small pieces of glass, stone, or other material.

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  • Mosaic (genetics) or mosaicism, the presence of two populations of cells with different genotypes in one individual
  • A mosaic crystal is one in which the unit cells are not identical
  • Mosaic virus, a virus which attacks ornamental and crop plants
  • A habitat (ecology) mosaic, made of multiple habitat types
  • Mosaic theory, a finance concept
  • Colobura dirce, a species of butterfly known as Mosaic

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Religion and Culture

  • Matters relative to Moses, the early Biblical Hebrew religious leader, lawgiver, prophet, and historian
    • "Mosaic religion", an obsolete synonym for Judaism
    • Mosaic law relating to the laws of Moses
  • Mosaic (church), pastored by Erwin McManus, in Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Cultural mosaic, the co-existence of ethnic groups, languages and cultures within Canada
  • An alternative term, used by the Barna Research Group, for what is popularly called the Millennial Generation


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