Olous or Olus (Ancient Greek: Ὄλους,[1][2] or Ὄλουλις[3]) is an ancient, sunken city situated at the present day town of Elounda, Crete, Greece.



After continuing boundary disputes with the hillfort of Lato,[4] the citizens of Olous eventually entered into a treaty with those of Lato. [5] There was a temple to Britomartis in the city, a wooden statue of whom was erected by Daedalus, the mythical ancestor of the Daedalidae, and father of Cretan art.[6] Her effigy is represented on the coins of Olous.[7]

Present conditions

Archaeologists discovered ancient texts within the ruins linking the town the ancient cities of Knossos and the island of Rhodes. The sunken city can be visited by tourists swimming in Elounda Bay. Today, the only visible remnants of the city are some scattered wall bases.

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