Olympic Green Hockey Field

Olympic Green Hockey Field
Olympic Green Hockey Field during the 2008 Summer Olympics

The Olympic Green Hockey Field (simplified Chinese: 北京奥林匹克公园曲棍球场; traditional Chinese: 北京奧林匹克公園曲棍球場; pinyin: Běijīng Àolínpǐkè Gōngyuán Qūgùnqiú Chǎng) was one of nine temporary venues used for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It hosted the field hockey competitions during those games.

It covered an area of 11.87 hectares with 2 courts and could seat 17,002 fans. It was dismantled after the Games.


Coordinates: 40°0′56″N 116°22′15″E / 40.01556°N 116.37083°E / 40.01556; 116.37083

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