Bulgarian Royal Family

Bulgarian Royal Family

The Bulgarian Royal Family is a line of the Kohary branch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha which ruled Bulgaria from 1887 to 1946. The last tsar, Simeon II, became prime minister of Bulgaria in 2001 and remained in office until 2005. Members of the Royal Family hold the titles Prince (Princess) of Bulgaria and Duke (Duchess) in Saxony with the style of Royal Highness.

Main members

The Bulgarian Royal Family includes:

* HM The Tsar
* HM The Tsaritsa
** HRH The Prince of Turnovo (The Tsar's first born son)
** HRH The Princess of Turnovo (Prince of Turnovo's wife)
*** HRH Prince Boris (The Prince of Turnovo first born son)
*** HRH Prince Beltran (The Prince of Turnovo second born son)
** HRH Prince of Preslav (The Tsar's second born son)
** HRH Princess of Preslav (Prince of Preslav's wife)
*** HRH Princess Mafalda (The Prince of Preslav first born daughter)
*** HRH Princess Olimpia (The Prince of Preslav second born daughter)
*** HRH Prince Tassilo (The Prince of Preslav son)
** HRH Prince of Panagiurishte (The Tsar's third born son)
** HRH Princess of Panagiurishte (Prince of Panagiurishte's wife)
*** HRH Prince Mirko (The Prince of Panagiurishte first born son)
*** HRH Prince Lukás (The Prince of Panagiurishte second born son)
*** HRH Prince Tirso (The Prince of Panagiurishte third born son)
** HRH Prince of Vidin (The Tsar's fourth born son)
** HRH Princess of Vidin (Prince of Vidin's wife)
*** HRH Prince Umberto (The Prince of Vidin first born son)
*** HRH Princess Sofia (The Prince of Vidin first born daughter)
** HRH Princess Kalina (The Tsar's daughter)
* HRH Princess Marie Louise (The Tsar's sister)

Tsardom of Bulgaria

The ruling members were:

* Ferdinand I (1887–1918)
* Boris III (1918–1943)
* Simeon II (1943–1946) — later (2001-2005) Prime Minister of Bulgaria (Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)

ee also

*Theoretical succession order: Line of succession to the Bulgarian Throne

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