Boso of Tuscany

Boso of Tuscany

Boso (885–936) was the count of Arles (895–911 and 926–931, as Boso II) and Avignon (911–931), and margrave of Tuscany (931–936). He was the younger son of Theobald of Arles and Bertha, illegitimate daughter of Lothair II of Lotharingia. His elder brother was Hugh, king of Italy.

Boso supported his brother's Italian designs. Hugh responded by appointing him margrave of Tuscany when he deposed Lambert in 931. Boso was also very active in Lorraine, opposing Henry I of Germany. He was finally deposed and arrested in 936 to be replaced by Hugh's son Humbert.

He married Willa, daughter of Rudolph I of Burgundy, and had two daughters:
*Bertha or Gersenda, married firstly Boso of Provence and secondly Raymond II of Rouergue
*Willa, married Berengar II of Italy

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