Lambert of Tuscany

Lambert of Tuscany

Lambert (died after 938) was the second son of Adalbert II of Tuscany and Bertha, daughter of Lothair II of Lotharingia. He succeeded his elder brother, Guy, as count and duke of Lucca and margrave of Tuscany on his death in 928 or 929 without heirs.

In 931, before 17 October, Hugh, King of Italy, disowned and removed Lambert, giving Tuscany and the familial possession of Lucca to his brother Boso. Hugh was Guy and Lambert's half-brother, as they had the same mother. When Guy died, Hugh married Guy's widow, Marozia. As Guy's half-brother, Hugh's marriage to Guy's widow was illegal under canon law (it is illegal to marry your brother's widow), so to avoid prosecution, he needed to remove possible opponents, and the removal of Lambert may have been for this purpose.

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