Gray (surname)

Gray (surname)

Gray is a surname usually of Scottish origin, and may refer to many people.

Also, there are many people in Ireland with the last name "Gray" that are not of Ulster-Scot heritage. It can be an anglicanized version of of the native Irish MagRaith (other versions of this Irish name are McGrath, (Mc)Grew, McGray, (Mc/O')Graigh and others).


* Alasdair Gray (b. 1934), Scottish writer and artist
* Alexander Gray (1896-1980), British Air Vice Marshal
* Alexander Gray (poet) (1882-1968), Scottish economist and poet
* Alfred Gray (1939-1998), American mathematician
* Alfred M. Gray, Jr. (b. 1928), American general
* Andrew Gray, 1st Lord Gray (c. 1390-1469), Scottish nobleman, politician and diplomat
* Andy Gray - see Andy Gray (disambiguation)
* Anne Gray (b. 1961), Australian climber
* Archie Gray (1878-?), Scottish footballer
* Asa Gray (1810-1888), American botanist
* Avis Gray (b. 1954), Canadian politician


* Barry Gray, British composer
* Barry Gray (radio), American radio personality
* Billy Gray, American actor
* Bowman Gray, Sr., American businessman
* C. Boyden Gray, American lawyer
* Bruce Gray, Puerto Rican-Canadian actor
* Bruce Gray (sculptor), American sculptor


* Carl R. Gray, American railroad president
* Charles Gray:
**Charles Gray (actor), British actor
**Charles Gray (British judge), British judge
* Charles McNeill Gray, American politician
* Charlotte Gray, disambiguation page,
* Chris Gray (American football)
* Clifton Daggett Gray, American Baptist, President of Bates College
* Coleen Gray, American actress


* Dan W. Gray, American politician
* Dave Gray, major league pitcher
* David Gray
**David Gray (mass murderer); see Aramoana massacre
**David Gray (poet) (1838-1861)
**David Gray (musician)
**David Gray (snooker player)
* Dean Gray, pseudonym
* Dick Gray, Irish-American baseball player.
* Dobie Gray, American musician
* Dolores Gray, American musical theatre actress
* Dorian Gray, fictional character in Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray"
* Dulcie Gray, British actress
* Dunc Gray, Australian cyclist


* Eddie Gray
**Eddie Gray (footballer), Scottish footballer,
**Eddie Gray (NASCAR), American race car driver,
* Edmund Dwyer-Gray, Irish-Australian politician
* Edward Leslie Gray, Canadian politician and member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta
* Edward Whitaker Gray (1748-1806), British botanist,
* Effie Gray, wife of John Ruskin and John Everett Millais
* Eileen Gray, Irish furniture designer and architect
* Elisha Gray, American electrical engineer
* Elizabeth Gray, Canadian radio broadcaster
* Elspet Gray, Scottish actress
* Erin Gray, American actress
* Evan Gray, New Zealand cricketer


* Farrah Gray
* Frank Gray
* Frank Gray (researcher)
* Frank Gray (politician)
* Fred Gray


* Gary Gray
* F. Gary Gray
* Gary LeRoi Gray
* George Gray
**George Gray (diplomat), staff member of the U.S. High Commissioner of the Philippines during World War II
**George Gray (game show host), host of "The Weakest Link"
**George William Gray, developer of cyano-biphenyl liquid crystals used in LCDs
**George Gray (senator) (1824–1925), U.S. Senator from Delaware
**George Gray (wrestler) (born 1960), also known as “One Man Gang”
**George Robert Gray (1808–1872), zoologist
**George Kruger Gray (1880–1943), English artist and coin designer
* Gilda Gray
* Glen Gray
* Gustave Le Gray


* Hamish Gray, Baron Gray of Contin
* Hanna Holborn Gray
* Harold Gray, American cartoonist
* Harry Gray (business) (born c. 1920), American business executive
* Harry Gray (chemist), American chemist
* Henry Gray (1827–1861), anatomist
* Henry Gray (politician), American Civil War general and Confederate congressman
* Henry Peters Gray
* Herb Gray, politician
* Herb Gray (football player), football player
* Horace Gray


* The Honourable Sir Ian Campbell-Gray
* Iain Gray
* Isaac P. Gray


* James Gray (disambiguation)
**James Gray (judge) the U. S. Libertarian judge and politician
**James Gray (UK politician) the British politician
**James Gray (researcher) the researcher for Microsoft
**James Gray (movie maker) the filmmaker
**James Gray, Canadian musician (Blue Rodeo, Stratochief)
**James L Gray, Scottish turbine design engineer
**James Lorne Gray, Canadian president of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.
**James Gray (film director)
**James H. Gray
**James M. Gray, (1851 – 1935), Bishop in the Reformed Episcopal Church, Bible scholar, preacher, and poet
**Jim Gray (computer scientist), (James N. Gray) lost at sea
**James P. Gray, presiding judge of the Superior Court of Orange County, California
* Jamie Gray, Scottish murderer
* Jason Gray-Stanford, Canadian actor
* Jerry Gray, American football player
* Jerry Gray (arranger), (1915-1976), arranger, composer, and conductor
* Jim Gray (sportscaster), an American sportscaster
* Jim Gray (UDA member), Leader of the Ulster Defence Association in Northern Ireland
* Jody Gray, Composer
* John Gray:
** John N. Gray (born 1948), British political philosopher and professor
** John Gray (U.S. author) (born 1951), author best known for his book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"
** John Gray (North Dakota), (1877-1952), North Dakota State Treasurer
** John Gray (New Zealand) (fl. 1854–1855), member of the New Zealand Parliament
** John Edward Gray (1800–1875), British zoologist
** John Gray (American Revolutionary War) (1764–1868), U.S. soldier, supposedly the longest surviving veteran of the war
** John MacLachlan Gray (born 1946), Canadian playwright, composer, and performer
** John Gray (poet) (1866–1934), English poet and priest
** John Gray (director) (fl. 1982–present), U.S. writer and director
** John Gray (Canadian author) (fl. 2003–present), biographer and former newspaper bureau chief author
** John Gray (banker) (c. 1755–1829), president of the Bank of Montreal
** John Gray (ice hockey), ice hockey player in the World Hockey Association
** John Hamilton Gray (Prince Edward Island politician) Canadian politician and one of the Fathers of Confederation
** John Hamilton Gray (New Brunswick politician), Canadian politician, jurist and one of the Fathers of Confederation
* John de Grey, Bishop of Norwich in the English county of Norfolk
* Johnny Gray, American 800m runner
* Joseph Anthony Gray, US Congressman from Pennsylvania
* Joseph M. M. Gray, Chancellor of American University from 1933 until 1941
* Julian Gray, English football player


* Kay Gray, Wisconsin wine grape
* Kelly Gray, American soccer player
* Kelly Gray (musician), American producer and guitarist


* Lawrence Gray, American actor
* Lee Gray, American D.J.
* Les Gray, English singer
* Linda Gray, American actress
* Lord Gray, title in the Peerage of Scotland
* Louis Harold Gray, British physicist


* Mackenzie Gray, Canadian actor
* Macy Gray, American R&B, soul, and neo soul singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress
* Marlin Gray, American murderer
* Martin Gray
** Martin Gray (photographer), American anthropologist and photographer
** Martin Gray (Holocaust survivor), Polish emigrant who served in the Red Army and NKVD
** Martin Gray (footballer) (born 1971), English former footballer
* Matt Gray, English footballer
* Mel Gray, American football kick returner
* Michael Gray English football full-back
* Michael Gray, British DJ and house music producer
* Mike GrayAmerican writer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film producer and director
* Morris A. Gray, Canadian politician


* Noah Gray-Cabey, American television actor
* Noel Gray, Australian radio and television engineer, RADAR Artificer, and businessman


* Pat Gray, American radio personality
* L. Patrick Gray, Acting director of the FBI from 1972-73
* Paul Gray:
** Paul Gray (civil servant) current chairman of HM Revenue & Customs, a British government department.
** Paul Gray (IT) pioneer in the IT field.
** Paul Gray (musician) bassist of The Damned.
** Paul Gray (songwriter), Australian singer, songwriter and record producer.
** Paul Edward Gray, fourteenth president of MIT.
** Paul Gray, American musician
* Paul Edward Gray, American engineer
* Percy Gray, American artist
* Pete Gray, One Armed baseball player
* Peter Gray, American psychologist
* Peter W. Gray, American lawyer, judge, and politician


* Quinn Gray, American football quarterback


* Richard Gray, video game designer
* Richard E. Gray, NASA test pilot
* Robert Gray (sea-captain), American merchant sea-captain
* Robert Gray (poet), Australian poet
* Robert Hampton Gray, Canadian Naval pilot
* Robert Isaac Dey Gray, Canadian lawyer, judge, and politician
* Robert Whytlaw-Gray, German chemist
* Auld Robin Gray, title of a Scots ballad by the Scottish poet Lady Anne Lindsay
* Robin Gray (Australian), New Zealand politician
* Robin Gray (New Zealand), New Zealand politician
* Rocky Gray, American musician and songwriter
* Ron Gray, Canadian politician
* Ross F. Gray, American soldier

* Sally Gray, English actress
* Samuel Gray, Australian politician
* Simon Gray, English playwright
* Spalding Gray, American actor, screenwriter and playwright
* Stephen Gray (scientist) (1666 - 1736), English astromoner and scientist
* Stephen Gray (writer) (b. 1941), South African author
* Steven Gray (footballer) (b. 1981), Irish defender for Derry City F.C.


* T. M. Gray, American horror novelist and illustrator
* Tamyra Gray, American actress and singer
* Thomas Gray, British poet and scholar
* Thomas Gray (VC), British soldier
* Thomas Cecil Gray, British Anaesthetist
* Thomas Lomar Gray, British engineer
* Tom Gray, bluegrass musician
* Tony Gray, West Indian cricketer


* Valerie Gray, fictional character from the television series Danny Phantom
* Veleka Gray, American actress
* Vincent C. Gray, American politician
* Vivean Gray, British Actress


* Walter de Gray, English prelate and Politician
* Wardell Gray, American jazz bebop saxophonist.
* Wayne D. Gray, cognitive science professor
* Wayne R. Gray. American businessman
* William G. Gray, author and occultist (1913-1995)
* William H. Gray (congressman), former American congressman
* William M. Gray, hurricane expert
* William Anstruther-Gray (senior). Scottish soldier and politician
* William John St Clair Anstruther-Gray, Scottish Politician
* Willoughby Gray, English actor

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* Gray (disambiguation)
* Grey (disambiguation)
* McGrath

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