Lee (surname)

Lee (surname)

The surname Lee can be one of the following:
*Lee (English name): An English surname.
*Lee (Korean name): A Korean name
*A common transliteration of Li, one of several Chinese names. (For Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese, Lee is more common transliteration of surname than Li.)
*Similarly, in Vietnamese the common surname is , or .

Lee may refer to:


* Ann Lee, leader of the Shaker movement
* Arthur Lee, delegate to the Continental Congress from Virginia, early U.S. ambassador
* Barbara Lee, current U.S. Representative from California's 9th District
* Charles Lee (Attorney General), United States Attorney General
* Fitzhugh Lee, general, diplomat, and Governor of Virginia
* Francis Lightfoot Lee, delegate to the Continental Congress from Virginia, Virginia senator
* Henry Lee (disambiguation)
* James Lee, Canadian politician
* John Lee, Baron Lee of Trafford, British Liberal Democrat politician
* John A. Lee, New Zealand politician and writer
* John Michael Hubert Lee, retired Labour politician in the United Kingdom
* Lee Hsien Loong, third Prime Minister of Singapore
* Lee Kuan Yew, first Prime Minister of Singapore
* Lee Teng-hui, first democratically elected President of the Republic of China
* Mary Lee (1821–1909), an Irish-Australian suffragist and social reformer in South Australia
* Richard Henry Lee, President of the Continental Congress
* Sheila Jackson-Lee, current U.S. Representative from Texas's 18th District
* Martin Lee, the founding chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party. A member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong!


* Albert Lee, English guitarist
* Amy Lynn Lee, American singer
* Ann Lee (singer), English pop singer
* Arthur Lee (musician), American frontman for Love
* Bill Lee (musician), American musician
* Brenda Lee, American singer
* Geddy Lee, Canadian rock music bass guitarist and singer
* Graham Lee (Australian musician), Australian rock musician and record producer
* Graham Lee (musician), Principal Trombone for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
* Kam Lee, American death metal Massacre singer
* Lee Dorrian, British Cathedral and ex-Napalm Death singer
* Lee Hyori, Korean pop singer
* Peggy Lee, singer
* Rita Lee, Brazilian (with American ancestry) Rock singer/composer
* Sook-Yin Lee, Canadian musician, filmmaker, actor and media personality
* Tommy Lee, American Heavy metal musician

Film and television

* Ang Lee, Taiwanese film director
* Bernard Lee, actor best known for portraying M in the James Bond films
* Bobby Lee, a comedian on MADtv
* Brandon Lee, actor
* Bruce Lee, Chinese American martial artist and martial arts actor
* Christopher Lee, English actor
* Dorothy Lee, 1930s American actress-comedian
* Lee Eun-ju, Korean actress
* Jason Lee, actor
* John Lee (actor), Australian actor
* John Rafter Lee, actor/voice actor who is best known for his portrayal of the mysterious Trevor Goodchild in Peter Chung's "Æon Flux"
* Pinky Lee TV daytime kid show 1950's
* Richard R. Lee, San Francisco Bay Area TV producer, director and host for "Sidewalks Entertainment"
* SaRenna Lee
* Sophie Lee, Australian actress
* Spike Lee, African-American movie director
* David K. Lee, YouTube video comedian
* Stephen Lee, English TV Presenter and Newsreader, currently at ITV


* Bill Lee (author), Chinese American writer and ex-member of the Joe Boys
* Harper Lee, American novelist
* Jae Lee, comic book artist
* Jim Lee, Korean American comic book artist and publisher
* John B. Lee, Canadian author and poet who is presently Poet Laureate of Brantford, Ontario
* Laurie Lee, English poet, novelist, and screenwriter
* Robert Edwin Lee, American playwright


* Andy Lee (American football), American football punter for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL
* Bill Lee (left-handed pitcher), Major League Baseball pitcher
* Bill Lee (right-handed pitcher), Major League Baseball player from 1934 to 1947
* Brett Lee, an Australian cricketer
* Cliff Lee, Major League Baseball pitcher
* Derrek Lee, American baseball player
* Graham Lee (jockey), successful horse jockey in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
* Jeanette Lee (pool player) (born 1971), American pocket billiards player, a.k.a. "The Black Widow"
* Kieran Lee, an English footballer for Manchester United
* Phillip Lee, an Australian rugby league player
* Richard Lee, an English goalkeeper for Watford FC
* Sammy Lee, an English football player and manager
* Sean Lee, an american football linebacker for the Penn State University football team
* Shane Lee, a former Australian cricketer
* Stephen Lee, an English professional snooker player
* Young-Pyo Lee, South Korean fullback/wingback currently plays for Tottenham Hotspur


* Charles Lee (general), a general in the American Revolutionary War
* Joey Lee (general), a general in the Chinese Rebellion War
* Edwin Gray Lee, Confederate Brigadier general in the American Civil War
* Henry Lee III, also called "Light Horse Harry Lee", cavalry officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, governor of Virginia
* Hubert L. Lee, American Medal of Honor recipient
* John C. H. Lee, U.S. Army General
* Mary Anna Custis Lee, wife of General Robert E. Lee
* Robert E. Lee, Confederate general in the American Civil War
* Samuel Philips Lee, Union admiral in the American Civil War
* William C. Lee, American U.S. Army soldier and general
* William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, Confederate cavalry general, planter, and member of the U.S. Congress
* Willis A. Lee%2C Jr., a U.S. Navy admiral in World War II


* Harold B. Lee, 11th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


* Henry Lee (forensic scientist), one of the world's foremost forensic scientists
* John 'Babbacombe' Lee, English murderer

cience and academia

* Alexander Lee, historian and political theorist
* Benjamin W. Lee, Korean American theoretical physicist
* Henry Lee (economist), political economist from Massachusetts
* John Lee (astronomer), English philanthropist, astronomer, mathematician, antiquarian and barrister
* John Lee (pathologist), English consultant histopathologist at Rotherham General Hospital
* John Lee (University Principal), the Principal of the University of Edinburgh from 1840 to 1859
* Richard Borshay Lee, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto
* Stephen Lee (chemist), Professor of Chemistry at Cornell University
* Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and director of World Wide Web Consortium


* Kai-Fu Lee, American information technology executive and founding president of Google China
* Patrick Lee, CFO and billionaire in Hong Kong. Owns a wealth of $1.7 billions as stated in the Forbes list.

Other people

* Ralph Lee, puppet-maker

Fictional characters

* Rock Lee, fictional character from the popular anime/manga series "Naruto"
* Bill Lee (Stargate), fictional character in the science fiction television series "Stargate SG-1"
* Lee Chaolan, fictional character the "Tekken" games
* Linali Lee, fictional character from the anime/manga series "D. Gray-man"
* Jann Lee

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