Lee may refer to:


*Lee (given name)
*Lee (surname)
*Lee (English name), in English-speaking countries, a common family name and given name which means meadow or forest clearing
*Lee (Korean name), a Korean family name
*Lee (Chinese name), commonly transliterated as Li, a Chinese family name

Fictional characters

* Lee Adama, a character on the television show "Battlestar Galactica"
* Lee Chaolan, a character in the "Tekken" series
* Jann Lee, a character in the "Dead or Alive" video game series
* Rock Lee, a character in the manga and anime series "Naruto"
* Lee, a character in the "Street Fighter" video game

Place and river names

Great Britain

* Lee, Buckinghamshire
* Lee, Devon
* Lee-on-the-Solent
* Lee, London
* River Lee (England)

United States of America

* Lee, Florida
* Lee, Illinois
* Lee, Indiana
* Lee, Massachusetts
* Lee, Nevada
* Lee, New Hampshire
* Lee, New York
* Lees Station, Tennessee, also called Lee
* Lee Vining, California
* Fort Lee, New Jersey
* Fort Lee, Virginia
* Mount Lee, in California

Other countries

* Electoral district of Lee, South Australia
* Lée, France
* River Lee (Ireland)

Other uses

* "Lee", a song by Moxy Früvous from their album "You Will Go to the Moon"
* Lee Current, a sailing term describing when the current in the water is going in the same direction as the wind
* Lee (Jeans), a clothing brand
* Lee side, the side of a ship which is downwind, the side away from windward
* Lee University, private coeducational university located in Cleveland, Tennessee
* Lee waves, periodic changes of pressure in a stream of air when the wind moves over mountains
* Cyclone Lee, the name for a potential tropical cyclone that may occur in the Atlantic Ocean in 2011

ee also

* LEA (disambiguation)
* Leah (disambiguation)
* Leigh (disambiguation)
* Ly

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