Medial arcuate ligament

Medial arcuate ligament
Medial arcuate ligament
The diaphragm. Under surface. (Med. arcuate ligament visible at bottom center left.)
Latin ligamentum arcuatum mediale
Gray's subject #117 404

The medial arcuate ligament (also medial lumbocostal arch) is a tendinous fascia that arches over the psoas major muscle as it passes through the diaphragm.


The medial arcuate ligament is an arch in the fascia covering the upper part of the psoas major. It is attached to the side of the body of the first or second lumbar vertebra; laterally, it is fixed to the front of the transverse process of the first and, sometimes also, to that of the second lumbar vertebra.

It lies between the lateral arcuate ligament and the midline median arcuate ligament.

The sympathetic chain enters the abdomen by passing deep to this ligament.

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