List of Silla people

List of Silla people

This is a partial list of people who lived in Silla, 57 BCE (traditional date) - 935 CE.


* Adalla, eighth ruler of Silla (r. 154-184).
* Ajagae, 9th-century rebel leader.


* Bak Hyeokgeose, legendary founder of the Silla kingdom.
* Beolhyu, ninth ruler of Silla (r. 184–196).


* Cheomhae, twelfth ruler of Silla (r. 247–261).
* Choe Chiwon, 9th-century philosopher.


* Geom Mojam, 7th-century rebel leader.
* Girim Isageum, fifteenth ruler of Silla (r. 298–310).
* Gyeon Hwon, rebel leader who went on to found Hubaekje.


* Heulhae, sixteenth ruler of Silla (r. 310–356).
* Hyecho, 8th-century monk and traveller.


* Ichadon, 6th-century monk and martyr.
*Ilseong, seventh ruler of Silla (r. 134-154).


* Jang Bogo, 9th-century military leader.
* Jima, sixth ruler of Silla (r. 112–134).
* Jinpyo, 8th-century monk.
* Jobun, eleventh ruler of Silla (r. 230–247).


* Kim Dae-Mun, 8th-century historian.
* Kim Heonchang, 9th-century rebel leader.
* Kim Inmun, 7th-century aristocrat.
* Kim Mu-ryeok, 6th-century general.
* Kim Yushin, 7th-century general and leading political figure.


* Michu, thirteenth ruler of Silla (r. 262–284).


* Naehae, tenth ruler of Silla (r. 196–230).
* Naemul Maripgan, seventeenth ruler of Silla (r. 356–402).
* Namhae, second ruler of Silla.


*Pasa, fifth ruler of Silla.


* Seol Chong, 8th-century scholar and son of Choe Chi-won.


*Talhae, fourth ruler of Silla (r. 57-80).


* Uisang, 7th-century monk and friend of Wonhyo.


*Wang Geon, general who went on to found Goryeo.
* Woncheuk, 7th-century monk who spent much of his career in Tang China.
*Wonhyo, eminent 7th-century monk and scholar.


*Yi Alpyeong, village chief of ancient Saro.
*Yi Sabu, 6th-century general.
*Yuri Isageum, third ruler of Silla (r. 24-57).
*Yurye Isageum, fourteenth ruler of Silla (r. 284–298).

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