List of Goryeo people

List of Goryeo people

This is a list of notable people from the Goryeo dynasty, a period in Korean history lasting from 936 to 1392.


"For a chronological list of rulers, see List of Korean monarchs"

#Emperor Taejo (918–943)
#Emperor Hyejong (943–945)
#Emperor Jeongjong (945–949)
#Emperor Gwangjong (949–975)
#Emperor Gyeongjong (975–981)
#Emperor Seongjong (981–997)
#Emperor Mokjong (997–1009)
#Emperor Hyeonjong (1009–1031)
#Emperor Deokjong (1031–1034)
#Emperor Jeongjong (1034–1046)
#Emperor Munjong (1046–1083)
#Emperor Sunjong (1083)
#Emperor Seonjong (1083–1094)
#Emperor Heonjong (1094–1095)
#Emperor Sukjong (1095–1105)
#Emperor Hyejong (1105–1122)
#Emperor Injong (1122–1146)
#Emperor Euijong (1146–1170)
#Emperor Myeongjong (1170–1197)
#Emperor Sinjong (1197–1204)
#Emperor Huijong (1204–1211)
#Emperor Gangjong (1211–1213)
#Emperor Gojong (1213–1259)
#Emperor Weonjong (1259–1274)
#King Chungnyeol (1274–1308) (Chungnyeol was the first king of Goryeo to bear the title "Wang", which means "King")
#King Chungseon (1308–1313)
#King Chungsuk (1313–1330; 1332–1339)
#King Chunghye (1330–1332; 1339–1344)
#King Chungmok (1344–1348)
#King Chungjeong (1348–1351)
#King Gongmin (1351–1374)
#King U (1374–1388)
#King Chang (1388–1389)
#King Gongyang (1389–1392)

Military officials

*Sin Sung-gyeom, who died saving the life of Taejo.
*Pak Sul-hui
*Seo Hui
*Gang Jo
*Yang Gyu
*Gang Gam-chan, remembered for his victories in the Third Goryeo-Khitan War.
*Gang Min-cheom
*Kim Jong-hyeon
*Yoon Gwan
*Jeong Jung-bu
*Yi Ui-bang
*Gyeong Dae-seung
*Yi Ui-min
*Choe Chungheon, military dictator.
*Choe U, military dictator. Choe Chungheon's son.
*Bae Jung-son
*Kim Tong-jeong
*Kim Bang-gyeong
*Choe Mu-seon, scientist and military commander.
*Choe Yeong, rival to Yi Seonggye in the waning days of Goryeo.
*Yi Ja-chun, father of Yi Seonggye.
*Yi Seonggye, who overthrew Goryeo in the late 14th century and established the Joseon Dynasty.


*Yi Ja-Gyeom
*Kim Seon
*Choe Seung-ro
*Choe Chung
*Kim Busik
*Choe Yun-ui
*An Hyang
*Yi Seung-hyu
*Jeong Mong-ju
*Yi Saek
*Gil Jae
*Jeong Dojeon
*Gwon Geun

Buddhist monks

*Daegak Guksa
*Myo Cheong
*Kim Yun-hu
*Sin Don

Popular leaders

*Kim Sa-mi
*Mangyi-Mangsoyi Sibling

Collaborator of Yuan

*Wang Go
*Wang Toghtua Bukha
*Qi Empress
*Hong Bok-won, a Goryeo commander who later served as an administrator of the Mongol Empire.

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