Jima of Silla

Jima of Silla

Infobox Korean name
rr=Jima Isageum, Jimi-wang
mr=Chima Isagŭm, Chimi-wang
hangul=지마 이사금, 지미왕
hanja=祗摩泥師今, 祇味王

Jima of Silla (?-134, r. 112-134) was the sixth ruler of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He is commonly called Jima Isageum, "isageum" being the royal title in early Silla. As a descendent of Silla's founder Hyeokgeose, his surname was Bak.


Jima was the eldest son of the previous king, Pasa Isageum, and Lady Saseong. He married Lady Aerye, of the Kim clan.


Relations with Baekje, another of the Three Kingdoms, were peaceful during his reign, with the continuation of a truce established by Jima's predecessor Pasa. When the Malgal attacked from the north in 125, Jima requested aid from Baekje, and Giru sent an army to successfully repel the invaders.

Relations with neighboring Gaya confederacy were also peaceful, after Jima's unsuccessful invasion attempts across the Nakdong River in 115 and 116.

In 123, he established relations with the Japanese kingdom of Wa.

Jima died without a male heir to the throne.


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