Giru of Baekje

Giru of Baekje

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Giru of Baekje (?-128, r. 77–128) was the third king of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.


He was the eldest son of King Daru and became the heir to the throne in the year 33.


Little is known about the details of his reign. The Samguk Sagi records several natural disasters, including earthquake, drought, and typhoon, thought to indicate ill omen for the kingdom.

He began to invade outskirts of the rival Korean kingdom Silla in 85, but signed a peace treaty in 105. Baekje and Silla were at peace thereafter. In 125, Giru sent help to Silla at Jima's request, to repel a Malgal invasion.


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