Compression may refer to:

In physical science
  • Compression (physical), the result of the subjection of a material to compressive stress
  • Compression member, a class of structural elements, of which a column is the most common specific example
  • Compressibility, a measure of volume change resulting from pressure
  • Gas compression, raising the pressure and reducing the volume of gases
  • Compression ratio, a figure of merit of an internal-combustion engine
  • Compression (geology), a system of forces that tend to decrease the volume of rocks
In information science
In engineering
  • Gain compression, in electronic amplifiers, a reduction in differential or slope gain resulting from device non-linearity
In medicine
  • Brain compression, a potentially fatal condition where pressure is exerted on the brain by internal bleeding
  • Compression bandage, a bandage that uses compression to reduce the flow of blood
In mathematics
  • Compression (phonetics), running syllables together in informal speech
  • Compression (zoology) when an animal, or part of an animal, is shorter or narrower compared with other animals in the same group; e.g. the body of a lizard may be "compressed" (flattened) so it can better fit into crevices under rocks

See also

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  • Decompression (disambiguation)
  • Expansion (disambiguation)

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