Departments of Mauritania

Departments of Mauritania

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Departments of Mauritania

The Regions of Mauritania are subdivided into 44 departments. The departments are listed below, by region:


Adrar Region

Departments of Adrar

Assaba Region

Departments of Assaba
  • Aftout Department
  • Boumdeid Department
  • Guerou Department
  • Kankossa Department
  • Kiffa Department

Brakna Region

Departments of Brakna
  • Aleg Department
  • Bababe Department
  • Bogué Department
  • M'Bagne Department
  • Magtar Lahjar Department

Dakhlet Nouadhibou

Dakhlet Nouadhibou department
  • Nouadhibou Department

Gorgol Region

Departments of Gorgol
  • Kaedi Department
  • M'Bout Department
  • Maghama Department
  • Monguel Department

Guidimaka Region

Departments of Guidimaka
  • Ould Yenge Department
  • Sélibaby Department

Hodh Ech Chargui Region

Departments of Hodh Ech Chargui
  • Amourj Department
  • Bassikounou Department
  • Djigueni Department
  • Néma Department
  • Oualata Department
  • Timbedra Department

Hodh El Gharbi Region

Departments of Hodh El Gharbi
  • Ayoun el Atrous Department
  • Kobenni Department
  • Tamchekket Department
  • Tintane Department


Inchiri department
  • Akjoujt Department


Nouakchott department
  • Nouakchott Department

Tagant Region

Departments of Tagant
  • Moudjeria Department
  • Tichit Department
  • Tidjikja Department

Tiris Zemmour Region

Departments of Tiris Zemmour
  • Bir Moghrein Department
  • Fderîck Department
  • Zouérat Department

Trarza Region

Departments of Trarza
  • Boutilimit Department
  • Keur Massene Department
  • Mederdra Department
  • Ouad Naga Department
  • R'Kiz Department
  • Rosso Department

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