Tunisia national rugby union team

Tunisia national rugby union team

Rugby team
country =Tunisia

imagesize = 100px
union = Tunisian Rugby Federation
nickname =
captain =
caps =
top scorer =
coach = flagicon|RSA Chester Williams
from =
pattern_la1 =
pattern_b1 =
pattern_ra1 =
leftarm1 = FF0000
body1 = FF0000
rightarm1 =FF0000
shorts1 = FFFFFF
socks1 = FF0000
pattern_la2 =
pattern_b2 =
pattern_ra2 =
leftarm2 =
body2 =
rightarm2 =
shorts2 =
socks2 =
first = ru-rt|NED 12 - 0 ru|TUN
(1 July, 1979)
bigwin = ru-rt|TUN 52 - 5 ru|KEN
(20 September, 1997)
bigloss = ru-rt|ESP|1977 62 - 0 ru|TUN
(22 September, 1979)
World cup apps =
year =
best =
The Tunisia national rugby union team is the national team of Tunisia, a third tier rugby union nation. They first started competing in 1979 and they competed, unsuccessfully in the African qualification for the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Tunisia also competes annually the Africa Cup.


Tunisia played their first match on July 1 of 1979 where they faced the Netherlands, losing 12 points to nil. Subsequent matches were played against teams such as Serbia & Montenegro, Spain and West Germany.

The side continued to play these sides throughout the early 1980s. Their first win came in 1982, when they beat Portugal, defeating them, 16 points to 13. A period from 1982 through to 1983 saw the team undefeated for a number of games. Tunisia went on to find fair success during the middle of the decade, winning a host of games. Tunisia played some of the stronger rugby union nations towards the end of the decade, for example, Italy, Romania and the United States, though Tunisia lost the matches, they performed well against the likes of Italy.

Tunisia went on to find moderate success throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s. They saw similar results through the latter stages of the 1990s, winning a fair amount of their games, they competed mainly against sides such as Zimbabwe and the Netherlands.

Tunisia participated in round 2 of the 2007 Rugby World Cup Africa qualification.

World Cup Record

* 1987 - Not invited.
* 1991-2007 - Did not qualify.

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* [http://rugbydata.com/tunisia Tunisia] at Rugbydata.com

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