Algeria national rugby union team

Algeria national rugby union team

The Algeria national rugby union team is one of the newest at world level, having played its first game, at 24 February 2007, in Tunis, with Tunisia national rugby union team. The new born team won by 8-7. The Algerian players are all playing in the rugby French Championships. The current coach of the Algeria national rugby union team is Morad Kellal. Algeria as yet to establish a Rugby Union Federation before being admitted to the FIRA.

World Cup record

The team has neither qualified for or being invited to any of the Rugby World Cups, because of its relatively recent foundation. Nevertheless, its expected to enter the 2015 Rugby World Cup qualifyings.

Current Squad

# Azzouz Aib : Millau Fédérale 1
# Fouad Adjimi : Cergy Pontoise Fédérale 2
# Jilali Aib : Millau Fédérale 1
# Boumedienne Allam : Blagnac pro D2
# Medhi Ameur : Perpignan Espoirs
# Kader Ammar : Bègles Bordeaux Espoirs
# Ali Belhocine : Domont Fédérale 1
# Nasser Benhammor : Cahors Fédérale 1
# Nabil Benhamouda : Brives Espoirs
# Abdelkader Benhassen : Gennevilliers Fédérale 1
# Fayçal Bettayeb : Chambéry Féderale 1
# Adel Bouchor : Parc Aix Reichel
# Karim Boudi : Massy Fédérale 1
# Nadir Boukaloua : LOU Reichel
# Foued Dembri : Corbeille XIII Fédérale 1
# Mohamed Dougarem : Domont Fédérale 1
# Mehdi Helali : Beaurepaire Fédérale 1
# Said Hireche : Stade Français Espoirs
# Samir Khamouche : Castres Espoirs
# Djamel Bouabdallah : La Seyne / Mer Fédérale 1
# Rachid Ourak : Saint Saturnin Fédérale 1
# Abdelkader Salhi : Stade Français Espoirs
# Salim Tebani : Rumilly Fédérale 1
# Aziz Yanina : Newbridge RFC, Éire Leinster league 2

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