Tameichi Hara

Tameichi Hara

Infobox Military Person
name=Tameichi Hara
lived=1900 – 1980

allegiance=Empire of Japan
rank= Captain
commands=navy|Empire of Japan
unit= Destroyer "Amatsukaze" 1st Destroyer Squadron Cruiser "Yahagi"
battles=World War IIBattle of the Java SeaBattle of Midway
Battle of the Eastern SolomonsBattle of the Santa Cruz Islands
Naval Battle of GuadalcanalBattle of Vella GulfNaval Battle of Vella LavellaBattle off HoraniuBattle of Empress Augusta BayOperation Ten-Go

Tameichi Hara (原 為一 "Hara Tameichi" 1900–1980) was an Imperial Japanese naval commander during the Pacific War and the author of the IJN manual on torpedo attack techniques, famous for his high skill (particularly in torpedo warfare and night fighting). A Samurai descendant, Hara graduated from the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy at Etajima in 1921 (class number 49). In 1932 Hara was assigned as a surface warfare instructor and in the middle of the same year his naval doctrine was accepted. At the beginning of the war he was a captain of destroyer "Amatsukaze", but for most of the war he was a destroyer squadron commander, aboard "Shigure". Hara's conception was first used in the battle of Guadalcanal.

On 13 November 1942, Hara’s destroyer, "Amatsukaze" sank the USS "Barton" during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. Hara, as commander of the "Amatsukaze", participated also in the Battle of the Java Sea, the sinking of the submarine USS "Perch" and the occupation of Christmas Island. While serving with the "Shigure", Hara was involved in several of the naval engagements during the latter part of the Solomon Islands Campaign. Hara's last sortie was as captain of the "Yahagi", the light cruiser which accompanied "Yamato"'s fateful last mission as part of Operation Ten-Go, which he survived. He ended the war at Kawatana training young men to attack invaders dressed as women and priests. He later commanded merchant ships which transported salt. His memoirs were later translated into English and became an important reference for the Japanese perspective for historians writing about the Pacific Campaign of World War II.


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first = Tameichi
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