Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze

Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze

"Amatsukaze" with a torpedo. On 16 January, 1944 it was damaged by the submarine USS|Redfin|SS-272|2.

On 6 April 1945, "Amatsukaze" was attacked by USAAF B-25s, six miles east of Amoy (coord|24|30|N|118|10|E). Her crew managed to beach the ship and the salvage of ship was abandoned on 8 April. On 10 April, the ship was scuttled by charges placed on the ship.

Commanding Officers

* Chief Equipping Officer - Cmdr. Tameichi Hara - 19 April 1940 - 26 October 1940
* Cmdr. Tameichi Hara - 26 October 1940 - 10 January 1943
* Cmdr. / Capt. Masao Tanaka - 10 January 1943 - 10 January 1944 (Promoted to Captain on 1 November 1943.)
* Lt. Cmdr. Akiji Suga - 10 January 1944 - 16 January 1944 (KIA)
* Capt. Takanobu Sasaki - 16 January 1944 - 2 September 1944
* Capt. Ichizou Hasebe - 2 September 1944 - 10 February 1945
* Lt. Cmdr. Tomoyuki Morita - 10 February 1945 - 10 April 1945

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