Japanese destroyer Shigure

Japanese destroyer Shigure

"Shigure" was a ).

Commanding Officers

* Chief Equipping Officer - Lt. Cmdr. Shuichi Sugino - 26 August 1935—7 September 1936
* Lt. Cmdr. Shuichi Sugino - 7 September 1936—1 December 1936
* Lt. Cmdr. Minoru Yokoi - 1 December 1936—1 December 1937
* Lt. Cmdr. Tamotsu Tanii - 1 December 1937—2 August 1938
* Lt. Cmdr. Tomonari Ogata - 2 August 1938—1 April 1940
* Lt. Cmdr. Kiyoshi Kaneda - 1 April 1940—1 September 1941
* Lt. Cmdr. / Cmdr. Noboru Seo (Promoted 1 November 1942) - 1 September 1941—20 November 1942
* Lt. Cmdr. Kamesaburou Yamagami - 20 November 1942—18 December 1943
* Lt. Cmdr. Shigeru Nishino - 18 December 1943—30 November 1944
* Lt. Cmdr. Manubu Hagiwara - 30 November 1944—24 January 1945

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* [http://www.combinedfleet.com/shigur_t.htm CombinedFleet.com: "Shigure" history]
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