Party for the Open Society

Party for the Open Society
Party for the Open Society
Strana pro otevřenou společnost
Founded 1998
Ideology Social liberalism

The Party for the Open Society (in Czech Strana pro otevřenou společnost, SOS) is a tiny social liberal political party in the Czech Republic.

Origin of the party was the Civic Movement (Občanské Hnutí), a liberal group founded in 1991 inside Civic Forum. In 1993 the party was renamed into the Free Democrats (Svobodní Demokraté). After failure in local elections in 1994 the party merged with the Liberal National Social Party to the Free Democrats-Liberal National Social Party (Svobodní Demokraté - Liberální strana národně sociální). After the merged party's failure in 1996 parliamentary elections and political disagreements over the nationalism of members of the old CSNS, many Free Democrats left the party in 1997, and in 1998 formed the current Party for the Open Society. At this time SOS has 120-150 members.

Their programme mentions sustainable development as the most important point. During Czech legislative election, 2006 SOS had several members as candidates on Green Party list, none was elected. In 2006 SOS has local organisations in four regions (out of 13) and in Prague. The current number of active members is not published, but the party website is kept up-to-date. SOS did not field an independent electoral list for the 2010 parliamentary elections, urging its supporters once again to support the Green Party.

The independent senator Soňa Paukrtová was formally nominated for re-election by SOS and was re-elected 28 October 2006.

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