A neurite refers to any projection from the cell body of a neuron. This projection can be either an axon or a dendrite. The term is frequently used when speaking of immature or developing neurons, especially of cells in culture, because it can be difficult to tell axons from dendrites before differentiation is complete.

Neurites are often packed with microtubule bundles, the growth of which is stimulated by Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), as well as tau proteins, MAP1[disambiguation needed ], and MAP2.[1]

The neural cell adhesion molecule N-CAM simultaneously combines with another N-CAM and a fibroblast growth factor receptor to stimulate the tyrosine kinase activity of that receptor to induce the growth of neurites.

There are several software kits available to facilitate neurite tracing in images (see external links).

Weak endogeneous electric fields may be used to both facilitate and direct the growth of projections from cell soma neurites, EFs of moderate strength have been used to direct and enhance neurite outgrowth in both murine and xenopus models. Co-culture of neurons with electrically alligned glial tissue also directs neurite outgrowth, as it is rich in neurotrophins that promote nerve growth.

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