Tate (surname)

Tate (surname)

Tate is a surname, and may refer to

* Allen Tate, American poet
* Brent Tate, Australian rugby league player
* Catherine Tate, British comedian
* Carla Tate, the female lead character from the movie "The Other Sister
* Cebe Tate, American farmer
* Chris Tate, fictional character from "Emmerdale"
* Darwin William Tate, American politician
* Doris Tate, American campaigner, mother of Sharon Tate
* Drew Tate, American football player
* Emory Tate, American chess master
* Erin Tate, drummer
* Ernie Tate, Canadian communist
* Frank Tate, disambiguation
* Fred Tate, English cricketer
* Geoff Tate, American singer
* George Henry Hamilton Tate, American zoologist
* Grady Tate, American jazz drummer
* Henry Tate, English sugar manufacturer, founder of Tate & Lyle, sponsor of the Tate art galleries
* Howard Tate, American singer
* James Tate, one of several people including
**James Hugh Joseph Tate (1910-1983), American politician
**James Tate (writer) b. 1943, American poet
* Jeffrey Tate, English conductor
* Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate, American composer
* Joan Tate, translator
* Joe Tate, English footballer
* John Tate (disambiguation), one of several people including
**John Tate, American boxer
**John Torrence Tate, American mathematician
* Larenz Tate, American actor
* Lionel Tate, American convicted murderer
* Maurice Tate, English cricketer
* Max Tate, fictional character from "Beyblade"
* Nahum Tate, Irish poet
* Nat Tate, fictional artist created by William Boyd
* Nick Tate, Australian actor
* Norman Tate, American long and triple jumper
* Patti Tate, American campaigner, sister of Sharon Tate
* Paul Tate, US Army Colonel, father of Sharon Tate
* Pop Tate, fictional character from "Archie Comics"
* Ralph Tate, British botanist
* Reginald Tate, British actor
* Sharon Tate, American actress, murdered in 1969
* Tate brothers, including Larenz Tate
* Terry Tate, office linebacker
* William Tate, American colonel who led a French invasion of Britain in 1797
* William Tate, British painter of Bath and Manchester in the early 1800's
* Zoe Tate, fictional character from "Emmerdale"
* Sky Tate, fictional character.
* Yuuichi Tate, Fictional character.

ee also

* Tate
* McMann and Tate, fictional advertising agency
* Tate (god)
* Tait


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